Available Facet Rough

We have the following rough available:

Lab Grown/Synthetic Alexandrite
(Czochralski Pull Method)
Two New Pulls Have Arrived - Six Years in the Waiting....
One has been sliced in half and then trimmed to provide smaller pieces for those who wish to facet!
The other is a full pull as received and is for sale at a great price per gram for those who desire to slice/trim as they wish.

Chrome YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet)
(Czochralski Pull Method)
Two Crystals of Beautiful Chrome YAG have both been sliced and then trimmed to create smaller pieces for sale.

CTH YAG (Chromium, Thulium and Holmium)
(Czochralski Pull Method)
A large 1.5kg CTH YAG Crystal came into the All That Glitters Inventory - and we have sliced it, creating four nice slices. Two slices are available as is for purchase and two have been trimmed to provide smaller pieces. The larger untrimmed slices are great for those who wish to trim as they wish.

Umbalite (Tanzania) - Color Shifting

Vietnamese Spinel

African Red Garnet

We have been told that there will be no more Lab Grown Alexandrite, Chromium YAG or CTH YAG in the future...