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certed 2.50ct Sapphire in Platinum with 1ct of diamonds
A Stunning Glowing Blue Sapphire weighing 2.50cts, Certed by GIA, surrounded with 1cts of Diamonds, set in a Platinum ring (estate piece). Note that the carat weight of the Sapphire as well as the diamonds and the fact that it is Platinum is stamped on the inside of the band. Approx ring size is 6-1/4; can be resized to fit as desired (within reason). (rs-24b-01) $11,500 (Calculations show this is at about 70% off of the retail estimate - therefore a savings of 30%)
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hot magenta pink 5+ct sapphire with 1cts diamonds set in 18kt ring
Photos cannot do this Pink Sapphire/Ring Any Justice! The color is a Glowing Magenta Pink and lively, flanked by two Natural Diamonds. The Sapphire is a whopping 5.33cts and is certed by AGL. The Diamonds are SI1/G-H in color and weigh 1ct in total weight, so therefore, 0.50cts each. Set in a newly designed custom 18kt Yellow Gold Ring - approx ring size is 8 and should be easily sizeable. Pink Sapphires of this size are in demand and have increased in price over the past few years. The total estimated retail price for this is approximately $40k. When we saw this large Sapphire, we knew that the designer must have had this for some time as the price didn't truly reflect pricing of the center Sapphire at todays prices; perhaps it had been hidden away in inventory/the vault for some time. So here is another steal from All That Glitters. Calculations based on the current pricing of a 4-5ct Pink Sapphire at the 2024 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show indicate that the retail price of just the Sapphire is slightly over $35k. (Calculations show a savings of about 30% off of the estimated retail.) Photos cannot capture the real beauty or true color of this piece. This is a Must See (and a Must Wear!) (dei-24-01) $28,000
AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) published an entire article about Pink Sapphire earlier this year, and the eye catching first few lines were: "Pink sapphires have garnered significant market traction worldwide, particularly among luxury brands expanding their offerings of precious colored gemstone jewelry."
Expect prices to keep increasing in this color, especially for larger sized gems - which the center Sapphire in this ring certainly is!
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1.80ct Natural Alexandrite with 1.32cts diamonds in Pt ring
1.80ct Natural Alexandrite with 1.32cts diamonds in Pt ring
A large 1.80ct Natural Alexandrite Oval set with 1.23cts of Diamonds in a Platinum Ring (estate piece; approx ring size 5 - sizeable). Weight of the Alexandrite, the diamonds and metal type are all stamped on the inside of the band. Ideally, we would like to see this recut slightly to improve the brilliance and perhaps improve the saturation, but there is not sufficient material in the pavilion to keep the outer dimensions so it would continue to fit into the existing opening in this ring. Natural Alexandrite has gone up dramatically in the past few years. What is on the market typically hasn't been thrilling us due to size, being overly dark, poor cutting, clarity issues and especailly pricing. Regardless of how poor we feel Natural Alexandrite faceted gems might be out there, they continue to sell and at high prices.

As always, one needs the right wavelengths in order to view color changes/shifts in gems and not all are dramatic changes. This does go form a variation of green to a purply color. While visiting with a goldsmith, we showed him this ring and between the diffused daylight from a window and his other lights, he was impressed with the color change. We have a price on this entire ring where in the current market you couldn't purchase just the Alexandrite. It is also a plus that it is set in a Platinum ring and has essentially one and a quarter carats worth of diamonds! Just to set this piece with all the gemstones is a costly undertaking. In one ring that we created in the past, we had lots of colored accent gems as well as diamonds, and it cost over $1000 wholesale to set all the gems.

Alexandrite, Ruby and a few other gemstones can be quite a challenge to obtain accurate color renditions regardless of the device being used. Unfortunately, though we sometimes believe we have obtained a good shot with accurate color, when the photo is transferred to another device or even uploaded to a website, the color can be quite different from what the eye sees or the original photo. With websites, some of this is based on the codecs that different websites use, and with devices, it is frequently related to what people has selected for color display, etc.

Due to the wides range of wholesale prices and qualities of Natural Alexandrite seen in the trade currently, it is difficult to determine the estimated retail price for this piece; however, at this price, the Platinum Ring and Diamonds might be a freebie as the center Alexandrite might be selling elsewhere at the price for this whole ring and from what we have recently seen at the 2024 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, some wholesale Alexandrite of this size is selling at the price of what we are offering this ring at...pricing of Natural Alexandrite is across the board on the wholesale and retail level currently and is not expected to decrease, which has been noted in numerous trade articles over the past two years regarding the prices of fine colored gemstones. (rs-24a-01) $18500
Estimated 9ct Checkerboard Tanzanite Estate Ring - 1/2+ troy ounce Gold and Diamonds!
An Estate Piece with a large estimated 9ct Checkerboard Tanzanite in a 16gram 14kt yellow gold ring (that is over 1/2 a troy ounce), brushed gold on the sides, highly polished elsewhere, with 6 diamonds weighing an approximate total of 42pts (0.42cts) and approximately VS and white. Could be worn by either a man or woman - but would be large on some hands. It is approximately a size 7. We have obtained a faceting diagram of a similar checkerboard design and have used that information to estimate the weight of the Tanzanite - and it does indeed come out to be about 9 carats as was indicated to us initially. This can easily be sized, but if it is going up a size or more, the gemstone will have to be removed during the process. It can be sized perhaps slightly up or down without removal. Our recommendation is to wear it as is if possible.

We have also made some calculations on what the retail price of this would be in a store, and have used similar products found on the Stuller website to make these calculations - and they appear below. We have also calculated the estimated cost to create this piece for a customer at the All That Glitters pricing which is always less than retail.

Estimated Retail Calculations Show Pricing to be:
Tanzanite - $16,000 (see image grab further below)
Gold Ring (based on $2,040/t.oz) - $3,700
Diamonds - $700
Cost to Set - $400 (rough estimate - difficult technique to set both the Tanzanite and the flush surface diamonds)
TOTAL: $20,800

All That Glitters Calculation to Reproduce for Retail Customer:
Tanzanite - $6,300 (Visit our Tanzanite page to view our Tanzanite Pricing)
Gold Ring (based on $2,040/t.oz) - $2,500
Diamonds - $470
Cost to Set - $268 (rough estimate - difficult technique to set both the Tanzanite and the flush surface diamonds)
TOTAL: $9,538

All That Glitters Savings: $11,262

Retail prices might vary, but the calculations for the gold ring, diamonds and cost to set should be pretty accurate. The price of the Tanzanite could vary. We estimated the price per carat from All That Glitters to be $700/ct - for a larger gem and nice color, this is a great price.

If ring is not sold in a certain timeframe, we will consider recovering the gold content, using the diamonds on future projects and selling the Tanzanite as a loose gem.

(wsan-23-01B) SOLD!
GIA CERTED/Laser Inscribed 1.06ct Diamond, VVS2/J - Estate Engagement/Wedding Band
An Estate Piece consisting of both the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band. One doesn't have to keep these pieces intact - the important gemstone in these two pieces is the Center Diamond - Remove that and put into any ring you wish and use the other diamonds as accents.

The Center Diamond is VVS2 in clarity, so extremely HIGH on the Grading Scale. The color is J which is still white but showing some color. It is GIA Certed - so you have no issues knowing the Clarity, Color, Dimensions, Weight, Cutting, Polish and other nfo. You know that the Diamond is the one in the cert, as on the girdle it has the GIA Cert Number etched by laser!

14 karat white gold engagement ring, set with a cushion modified brilliant cut diamond , weighing 1.06ct, of J color and VVS2 clarity, that is laser inscribed and accompanied by a GIA certification #2155377248. Recent measurements estimate the center diamond is accented by approx. 0.74 ct. total weight of round brilliant cut diamonds, of SI clarity or better and of white color. Accompanied by a 10 karat white gold wedding band that is set with more round brilliant cut diamonds - these diamonds are numerous but insignificant in size compared to those around the main diamond in the engagement ring and is a nice match and enhances the engagement ring; nice to have the wedding band available too! Ring size 4 approx (will remeasure if necessary upon request, but can be sized if desired or dis-assembled to create another ring/band if desired - the important gemstone is the 1.06ct GIA Certed Diamond!

Note that since we have dealt with colored gemstones for over 43 years now, and sometimes deal with diamonds (we mandate GIA Certs for all diamonds we sell), we are unfamiliar with retail pricing in either colored gems or diamonds - so did a google search for Retail price of GIA Certed Modified Cushion Brilliant, J Color, VVS2 clarity. We came up with the info via AI and we did a screen grab. Regardless of how many times we did this, we could only get a quote on a VS2 clarity and not a VVS2 clarity which is two full steps higher in clarity. The high end for retail for just the diamond would therefore probably be in the $6700 ballpark as estimated from what was seen on line; that is for the diamond only, not the gold engagement and wedding band or small diamond melee.
We have what we feel is a good price for this piece - which does not only include the major center diamond, but the two gold settings and associated diamonds.
(wsan-23-01A) ONLY $4,100

Note that the clarity described in this screen grab is Two Clarity Grades LOWER than the diamond noted here.
GIA Diamond Cert
art deco aquamarine pendant
Sharing a Custom Made Pendant that All That Glitters had been creating over the past few months. Customer had bought a custom Aquamarine from us, faceted in the U.S. from All That Glitters rough. Pendant is 14kt white gold, rhodium plated, with numerous diamonds (50)! Design was chosen for an Art Deco look for someone who attends re-enactments of that time period. Photos show the actual piece as well as the CAD rendering which the customer OK'd prior to continuing to manufacture/set the piece.
Yes! We do custom work, saving you approx 30-50% off expected similar work...
kunzite and diamond ring
kunzite and diamond ring - side view kunzite and diamond ring - side view
A nicely saturated fine pink Kunzite, of relatively small size, which makes the color/size very affordable without the gemstone being overpowering. Aquamarine, Morganite and Kunzite typically are very large in order to have a decent color, so whenever a small gem of this species is seen, darker than expected in a small size, we have to have it in inventory! This 8.70ct Oval Cut Kunzite is set in 14kt White Gold with 0.13cts of Diamonds.
Price Available Upon Request
Montana Sapphire (U.S. Cut) set with blue and white Sapphire Melee - 18kt White Gold!
MT Sapphire ring
Top View

MT Sapphire ring
Offset Top View

MT Sapphire ring
Side/Top View

MT Sapphire ring
Rotated Side View

MT Sapphire ring
Side View


CAD-CAM Rendition

Top View

Montana Sapphire (H) (5.2mm) weighing 0.98cts and faceted in the US from All That Glitters rough!
8 White Sapphire Accents (N)
142 Medium Blue Sapphires (H) to match the center gemstone
(Costs to set all these gemstones was over $1000...)
18kt White Gold - Rhodium Plated
A U.S. gemstone and faceted in the U.S. also by one of our cutting masters!
A super piece for an everyday wear, special events or even as an engagement ring (and there is a special wedding band that was designed for this particular piece if desired).
Extra White and Blue Sapphire Melee accompany the piece.

Price Available Upon Request
Padparadscha Sapphire with Diamonds and Glowing Blue & Pad-like Sapphire Melee, set in 18kt White Gold!
pad diamond ring
Top View

pad diamond ring
Side View


CAD-CAM Rendition

Stone Map

GIA Certed Padparadscha Sapphire weighing 0.93cts (H)
(Photo does not do this gemstone justice, it is a very bright lively gem! The color on the office laptop matches what we see in person, but will most likely vary from display to display.)
18 Full Cut Diamonds, G-H/SI
20 Orangy Pink Sapphire Accents (N) to match the center Padparadscha
50 Glowing Blue Sapphire Accents (H)
18kt White Gold - Rhodium Plated
(Cost to set all these gemstones was just under $1000)
A beautiful bright brilliant GIA Certed Padparadscha Sapphire set in a very distinctive setting.
A super piece for an everyday wear, special events or even as an engagement ring (and there is a special wedding band that was designed for this particular piece if desired).
Extra Blue and Pad Sapphire Melee accompany the piece.
Price for Entire Ring is probably very close to what one might expect to pay for just the center gemstone in a retail environment!

Price Available Upon Request
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custom imperial topaz pendant with sapphires
"Fall in New England", Inspired by the Changing Leaves and the Masterful Color Display in Nature.

A Collaboration in Gems, Design, Precious Metal: All That Glitters/Katzenbach Designs

4.30ct Flame Shaped Red-Orange Topaz, Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais, Brasil); AGTA - N
(Topaz includes variations of Orange, Red, Peach and Melon and is
Accented/Enhanced by the Autumnal Colors of the Sapphire Suite)

131 Round Red/Orange/Yellow Sapphire Suite weighing a total of 3.27cts; ATGA - H

18kt Royal Yellow Gold

Comes with an 18" Black Leather Cord with 14kt Lobster Claw Clasp
(multi-wired gold chain was damaged in the Spectrum Award judging)

One of the many entries into the AGTA Spectrum Awards Contest - 2018!

Price Available Upon Request

AGTA 2018 Spectrum Awards Judging Card

custom imperial topaz pendant with sapphires
Pendant on Black

CAD-CAM Rendering for custom imperial topaz pendant with sapphires
CAD-CAM Early Rendering

CAD-CAM Rendering for custom imperial topaz pendant with sapphires
CAD-CAM Later Rendering

CAD-CAM Rendering for custom imperial topaz pendant with sapphires
CAD-CAM Rendition - Side View Showing Tiers

casting for custom imperial topaz pendant with sapphires
Completed Casting Ready for Gem Setting

Certed/Appraised Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring, approx 65pts, VS, H-I, estimated due to being set in Platinum/Iridium Ring, flanked by Tapered Diamond Baquettes weighing approx 15pts in total and of the same clarity/color. We decided we would have this certed and appraised before being offered for sale. The image displayed here is a scanned image from the actual cert.
Price Available Upon Request
View Cert & Appraisal

Great Gifts and Presents!
***Closeout ***
Alpaca Earrings - Abalone, Mussel or Colored Turquoise Chips

10 Pairs for ONLY $100!! (Think Holidays and Gift Giving)

Save approx $180 off retail prices seen

We have the styles shown below, as well as a few other styles, all in limited quantity. We cannot guarantee any particular style - will be a mix with possibly some duplicates.

Alpaca 1
Alpaca 2
Alpaca 3
Alpaca 4
Alpaca 5
Alpaca 6
Alpaca 7
These Alpaca earrings consist of a metal similar to silver. They tarnish with time and yet can be cleaned easily with soap. The inlay is abalone, mussel, colored epoxy or epoxy with turquoise (blue colored inlay as seen in the photos). Since this is natural shell, there is a beautiful mother of pearl look to these and a rainbow of color is displayed. The actual size of the earrings is slightly less than that displayed if your browser fills your computer screen. They are not heavy to wear and the kidney wires are surgical steel for those who might have an allergy to other types of metals. We purchased a large quantity some time ago when we were considering opening up kiosks in area malls. We have sold these items at shows and have seen them selling in malls or shops for $28 each. These items would be great for those looking for gifts, selling items in stores, fleamarkets, via the internet, etc.
dendritic agate pendant dendritic agate pendant
dendritic agate
Large Slice of Dendritic Agate set in a Sterling Silver Pendant - with chain (stamped 925). We have seen pieces like this Dendritic Agate in Tucson of similar size and quality wholesaling for up to $500 or more. When the quality of this piece was seen, along with it already set into a sterling silver frame and figaro chain....we had to have it! (qent-11-01) $425 Selling for hundreds below what one would expect....
Gibeon Meterorite Pendant
Gibeon Meterorite Pendant Back
Stainless Steel Pendants containing slices of the Gibeon Meterorite (Africa). The two reddish pieces above have been Rose Gold Plated and the silver colored one is Silver Plated. On the back is stamped Gibeon Meteorite. Any piece is $175 and INCLUDES postage via USPS Priority Box (insured) within the United States. (tms-13-02p)
So what is the Gibeon Meteorite? Read about it in Wikipedia - Gibeon Meteorite
We had to have these when we went through a large lot, as these pieces reminded us of stormy clouds or even formations in distant galaxies making these unique pieces Picture Chalcedony. We have done some close-up photography and created Giclèe Museum Quality Canvas Prints to go with each of these pieces. Each canvas print is 12x9 inches, has a UV Coating so it will not fade in light and is stretched on 3/4" stretcher bars. These can be easily framed or just hung on the wall as is. Not only can you own and wear these items, but you have have a quality image to hang. What is a Giclèe? Click on the following link: Giclèe
chinese chalcedony bead chinese chalcedony bead chinese chalcedony bead
A - Chalcedony Bead (amc-12-01c) $350 Price includes a 12x9 inch High Quality, UV Protected, Giclèe Canvas on stretcher bars. Giclèe Image
B - Chalcedony Silver Pendant (amc-12-01a) $350 Price includes a 12x9 inch High Quality, UV Protected, Giclèe Canvas on stretcher bars. Giclèe Image
C - Chalcedony Silver Pendant (amc-12-01b) $350 Price includes a 12x9 inch High Quality, UV Protected, Giclèe Canvas on stretcher bars. Giclèe Image
Shipping for each giclee is a flat fee of $40 - U.S. ONLY. All That Glitters will pay shipping costs over $40!
thai hill tribe bracelet thai hill tribe sales woman
An interesting bracelet purchased from one of the hill tribes (see photo above - this is the actual woman who sold this piece). It is stamped Sterling in Chinese, but it is certainly not silver - many things are marked in China but the mark has no bearing on the actual true identity. This is an item that the woman would have purchased in a city, through barter, etc. In closer examination, this bracelet is related to the years of the Chinese calendar - looking quickly at the piece, one can see an ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, serpent/snake, horse, goat(?), monkey rooster, etc. (htribe-11-01) $30
Signed Decades Old Zuni Piece - Published!
native american silver jewelry
Sterling Silver with Turquoise, Zuni hand-made pin, signed by the maker - CJ. (Beautiful Vintage Needle Point Cluster, believed to be by Charlie John, well known Navajo Artist) Measures about 2 inches across. A wonderful piece found in our vaults after being stashed away. From the late 1980s - Contact Us for Pricing.
signed zuni turquoise pin
sapphire diamond cocktail ring
Stamped 14kt; Makers Hallmark Present; stamped Truebright also; early 1970s; white diamonds SI or better weighing approximately 1/2 ct total weight; estimated weight of Sapphires is 1-1/3cts total weight.
tourmaline and diamond ring
Stamped 14kt; Appears to be a custom piece due to the tooling marks in the back which were left from the goldsmith carving out the wax. Oval Pinkish Tourmaline measures approximately 11x9mm with approximately 1/3ct total weight of SI/white diamonds. Heavy gold. SOLD!
rutilated quartz bullet pendant rutilated quartz bullet pendant
A - Quartz with Rutile Bullet with custom 14kt yellow gold top/bale - $469 Note that there are a few more pieces available.
B - Rutilated Quartz Pendant with a Paudarco Amethyst, heavy 14kt gold - $1,479 (The above piece was designer for/by the owner of All That Glitters, but has never been worn . Only shown in a few shows and never offered for sale previously. Goldsmith said he wouldnt do another one as it was very time consuming and the gold content is very high! Believed to be quite heavy in gold...))
blue topaz
3.15ct Blue Topaz with 0.45ct Bright Pink Sapphires set in 14kt gold pendant - $395
Please contact us prior to purchase to insure that either of these pieces are available....
citrine earings round blue sapphire
A - Simple, citrine earrings - prongs are folded over, no seats cut - $80
B - Round Blue Sapphires set in 14kt yellow gold buttercups - $175

antique estate garnet ring

Estate Piece - 0.97ct Blue Sapphire w/approx 0.75ct of very clean, white, nice diamonds, set in 14kt white gold; the white diamonds show up nicely. Note that the sapphire is a is a blue and is NOT as dark as pictured. Contact Us for Pricing.

Custom Designed, Hand-Made Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plate (No Tarnishing!) Set with All That Glitters Gemstones... Silver is the New Gold - with prices of gold being so high, silver is set to replace it in jewelry and price. The pieces below are all custom made, by hand, in sterling silver, and some are quite heavy. Silver, like gold, has been on the way up, hitting new highs. The time to buy, may be now.

custom owyhee jasper sterling earrings custom owyhee jasper sterling pendant
A - Cripple Creek Picture Jasper from Eastern Oregon (hmc-08-01) $215
B - Owyhee Picture Jasper from Montana - Approx 35x32mm weighing 41.34cts (remc-06-01c) $280
ocean jasper sterling pendant jasper sterling silver pendant
A - 9.58ct Ocean Jasper from Madagascar (vst-04e-02) $182
B - Believed to be a Jasper Cab in Green and White $225
Obtained some info - and it is very interesting! Mookaite is a stunning multi coloured stone which is found in the Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne Junction which is about 100 miles inland from the coastal town of Carnarvon in Western Australia. The name "mookaite" is derived from the locality where the rock is dug, namely Mooka Creek. Mookaite is actually a fossiliferous sedimentary rock & it is reasonably common to find cavities left by decomposed belemnite casts or in some rare cases , impressions of ammonites. This was found doing a quick search on Mookaite, but there is probably more information out there...
mookaite sterling pendant mookaite sterling earrings
A - 13.03cts Mookaite from Australia (vst-05a-02c) $249
B - 14.4cts of Mookaite from Australia (vst-05a-02a,b) $256
What is Mookaite? Here is one definition found on line via a Google Search: Mookaite (sometimes spelled Mookite, or just called Mook Jasper) is a colorful Jasper from Western Australia. It is a warm flood of reds, yellows and browns. It is formed as a sediment in erosion zones and as a filler in cracks. In Australia, Mookaite is considered to be a healing stone that bestows strength. It is said to shield the wearer from difficult situations and to connect us to loved ones who have passed away. Mookaite is named for where is was first found ó in outcrops, principally on Mooka Station (a sheep farm of around 700,000 acres), on the west side of the Kennedy Range in Western Australia. According to locals, the Aboriginal word ìmookaî means ìrunning watersî, no doubt in reference to the many fresh water springs that feed Mooka Creek.
drusy agate sterling pendant
Agate Drusy (obg-07-01b) $349 (heavy silver!) Note the glittering crystals in the center !
Chosen from a very large lot for banding, color, sparkle, etc. The best of the best!
drusy agate sterling pendant drusy agate sterling pendant
Agate Drusy (obg-07-01a) $256 Note the glittering crystals in the center ! Agate Drusy (obg-07-01c) $286 Note the glittering crystals in the center surrounded by a bright red rim!
drusy agate sterling pendant
Agate Druzy (obg-07-01e) $260 Note the glittering crystals in the center! Nice design under brighter lights...
lemon quartz sterling pendant large concave cut citrine in sterling
64.18ct Deep Lemon Citrine Concave Faceted! (nevst-05-01bp) Photos shows both the unset and set gemstone. $325
large lemon quartz sterling pendant large concave citrine in sterling
66.17ct Deep Lemon Citrine Concave Faceted! (nevst-05-01bp) Photos shows both the unset and set gemstone. $345
honey quartz in sterling pendant honey quartz sterling pendant
Honey Colored Quartz, slightly sleepy, but interesting color. Average weight is 21+cts (nevst-05-01a) $185 each
large lemon quartz sterling pendant lemon quartz sterling pendant
A - 42.86ct Concave faceted Lemon Quartz (nevst-05-01bp) $262
B - 18.76ct Facet Cut Lemon Quartz (nevst-05-01bp) $179
lemon quartz
A photo of the two above set stones before they became pendants!
topaz colored quartz set in sterling pendant topaz colored quartz set in sterling pendant
26.98ct Oval Topaz Colored Quartz $286
fossilized coral sterling earrings
Fossilzed Coral Earrings (hmc-08-02a) $259
agate set in sterling pendant
Unique Agate resembling an eye! $229
ouro preto topaz crystal set in sterling ouro preto topaz crystal set in sterling ouro preto topaz crystal set in sterling
A - Ouro Preto Doubly Terminated Topaz Crystal $159
B - Ouro Preto Doubly Terminated Topaz Crystal $159
C - Ouro Preto Doubly Terminated Topaz Crystal $159
ouro preto topaz crystal set into sterling silver ouro preto topaz crystal set into sterling pendent
Ouro Preto Doubly Terminated Topaz Crystal - VERY heavy silver with the back enclosed! $229 Ouro Preto Doubly Terminated Topaz Crystal $185
rainbow obsidian sterling pendant
Fine specimen of Rainbow Obsidian in a fancy shape Approx 33cts (tdw-07-01e) (Strong light is required to see the peacock-like colors of this material - photo shows piece lit with light and no light.) $287

Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces with Onyx, Aventurine (Green Quartz), Garnet, Hematite, Rose Quartz or Onyx

Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces
These Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces are 24 inches long and contain either all Fresh Water Pearls or Onyx, Aventurine (Green Quartz), Garnet, Hematite, Rose Quartz or Onyx along with the Fresh Water Pearls. The necklaces can be worn as a 24" necklace or as a 17" necklace AND a 7" bracelet. That's right! There are two clasps that allow the wearer to either have a long necklace or a choker together with a matching bracelet! The gold is 22-24kt overlay. They are strung on what seems to be multi-threaded silk. With care, they should last for years.
***** $30 each or 2 for $50 *****
Currently have one Rose Quartz necklace left. The only remaining necklaces in quanitity are the Onyx.
 Pearl/Hematite Necklace
Fresh Water Pearl/Hematite Necklace

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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