Fine Mineral Specimens

This doubly-terminated and complete floater crystal weighs 154 gram (770 carats) Kunzite Crystal from the Oceanview Mine in California. Mined in the vicinity of the Big Kahuna Pocket, late 2010 We have seen many crystals coming from this locality on the market and in museums. They have sold for what we are asking for this piece, and this beauty is head and shoulders above the others in quality, size, clarity, etc. Down one axis one sees a light green; rotating it 90degrees, one sees a medium purple; down the C axis one sees a glowing blue purple but one needs to literally use a bright flashlight to see the color - even holding it to the bright sky will not show the color. This fact of having such a deep C axis is a wonderful indication of how deeply saturated faceted gemstones would be if cut from this piece. What got our attention initially, besides the great crystal structure, is that one has a natural window on one side where one can see internally into the crystal - and there is very little internally for this type of mineral, making this a great piece to actually be faceted, producing the top top top color possible in Kunzite. Our estimate is about 115cts or more in faceted gemstones. The piece measured approximately 4-1/2 inches long.

The photos on our website do not do the crystal justice as our cutter noted - rotating the crystal shows green, purple and blue!) To quote the cutter in an emails - that thing is amazing! clearly several stones from that crystal and oriented down the axis will be the way to go but will wait and see after I figure what needs to be removed and mark out the saw cuts etc. or I can just place it next the other crystals in my collection.... Both All That Glitters and the cutter still question whether this natural beauty should be faceted or left as a crystal...

This crystal has been trimmed and gemstones are being faceted. The first one has been finished and can be seen on our Kunzite Photos Page as well as on a page dedicated to the faceting of this first gemstone from this crystal. You can follow 'some' of the numerous steps and days to produce the incredibly beautiful 41+ct blue purple Modified Trilliant Kunzite!
Kunzite Photo Page
Faceting a Famous California Kunzite
California kunite crystal
California kunite crystal
California kunite crystal
California kunite crystal
California kunite crystal
Somehow, the interesting large piece of Mookaite, was removed from the website. Perhaps this was done because we had thoughts of sending this out for carving. We have lots of carving material currently in other material, and since this has a nicely polished surface, some matrix on the sides and shows nice color, this would be a super piece for a paperweight on a desk or in a curio cabinet. This weighs a whopping 3,160cts and measures approximately 5.0"x3.25"x2.5"(deep). (arat-10-01p) $175
What is Mookaite? Here is one definition found on line via a Google Search: Mookaite (sometimes spelled Mookite, or just called Mook Jasper) is a colorful Jasper from Western Australia. It is a warm flood of reds, yellows and browns. It is formed as a sediment in erosion zones and as a filler in cracks. In Australia, Mookaite is considered to be a healing stone that bestows strength. It is said to shield the wearer from difficult situations and to connect us to loved ones who have passed away. Mookaite is named for where is was first found — in outcrops, principally on Mooka Station (a sheep farm of around 700,000 acres), on the west side of the Kennedy Range in Western Australia. According to locals, the Aboriginal word “mooka” means “running waters”, no doubt in reference to the many fresh water springs that feed Mooka Creek.
terminated scapolite crystal
A - A very fine example of a Terminated Scapolite Crystal from Karur (Tamil Nadu), India. We saw a similar crystal in one of the important shows in Tucson, and it was selling for about $2500 - perhaps it was from a special locality. An included specimen from African was seen in Tucson 201This crystal is clean and we will facet it sometime in the future. Measures approx 40mm from the bottom to the top. (rgk-12-01) $1,475
Natually Terminated and Etched Ametrine Crystals from the Famous Anahi Mine!
Only one mine produces this material and it is the Anahi Mine. All That Glitters Gemstones and Crystal appear in a New Trade Article analyzing a Unique Ametrine showing a 'stepped zone' feature, as well as a nicely saturated 50:50 Faceted Ametrine and a crystal from the source - the Anahi Mine. Read the technical study on these pieces!
ametrine ametrine
505cts measuring about 2.75" high. (jnfl-12-01a) $1,250 - Less than $2.50 per carat! 834cts measuring about 3.5" high. (jnfl-12-01c) $2,695
Sharp crystal faces as you can see, and lots of nice etching!
Gemewizard Article - The Natural Art of Ametrine
petrified wood eden valley petrified wood eden valley
A - Petrified Wood from Eden Valley, WY We purchased this item with the intent to have it carved. If not sold in a period of time, will be sent for carving. (tgsi-12-01a) $100 (believed to measure about 4")
B - Petrified Wood from Eden Valley, WY We purchased this item with the intent to have it carved. If not sold in a period of time, will be sent for carving. (tgsi-12-01b) $100 (believed to measure about 6")
California kunzite crystal California kunzite crystal
420cts - a doubly terminated floater of Kunzite from the OceanView Mine in CA. Looking down the C axis, one sees this wonderful deep bluish pink. A side view is less intense in color and frequently this material has the deep bluish pink donw the C, with a light purple and light blue green down the other axis. This has potential to be faceted or just kept as a fine specimen of Kunzite from this famous mine - found in the vicinity of the Big Kuhuna Strike within the past few years. (ovml-12-01) $2,700. See a similar Kunzite Crystal below which looks very similar to ours, and what it sold for. (The crystal below is larger, but our price also reflects this! The sale of the crystal was a few years ago.) Note- prices for Kunzite Crystals and Gemstones have been increasing because this mineral is not being found and hasn't been found for quite some time. This specimen is a very fine one when compared to what is being seen out there on the market.
incredible purple/blue/green kunzite crystal, oceanview mine, california
California yellow spodumene crystal
250ct Pale Yellow with a hint of Green Spodumene (Triphane) from the Pala Chief Mine in California. Description is similar to the one above. Would reccommend keeping this (and the one above) as a fine specimen of Spodumene from the CA mine. Terminations on both ends - though naturally etched. (ovml-12-02b) $750
California yellow spodumene crystal
200ct Pale Yellow Spodumene (Triphane) from the Pala Chief Mine in California. This is a floater being terminated/etched in a pockett. Clean too and if one one to facet a decent gemstone and close up the pavillion properly, the color will be better. Again, like the other crystals previously, this as a floater and is doubly terminated. (ovml-12-02a) $400
tourmaline and quartz cluster tourmaline and quartz cluster tourmaline and quartz cluster
A Very Unique Green Tourmaline Crystals which terminates in a cluster of Quartz Crystals. From the Peech Mine in Kunar Provice, Pakistan. This is approximately 2" in length. (pvgm-12-01b) $2,100
tourmaline crystal cluster on matrix tourmaline crystal cluster on matrix
Cluster of nicely terminated Tourmaline Crystals on matrix terminating in a green color as shown. This specimen is from the Astak Mine (Skardu District) Pakistan and fits into the palm of ones hand measuring a few inches across. Unlike many pieces seen from this area, this shows some color - most others appear black. (pvgm-12-01) $1,975
Specimen Cases with Gold and Diamonds from the Ikabaru Mine in Argentina. An example of the case is shown below - it is approximately actual size. We currently have 6 examples ranging from $600 up to $1700. Specimens of Gold and Diamond Crystals get larger and finer as the price increases. All of the Diamonds are indeed crystals and the Gold specimens will either show crystal faces or a dendritic form of gold. These make a great addition to ones collection as well as great gifts. The images of the Gold and Diamonds are magnified to show the strucure/shapes. The example of a full case shown below is approximately actual size, so one can get an idea of what it will look like in person. The largest pieces of gold and diamond are the most costly. Smaller, but still fine examples of Gold and Diamond, are the less expensive - as one would expect.
diamond and gold collector specimens
diamond and gold collector specimens Example of case-not full size
diamond and gold collector case diamond and gold collector case diamond and gold collector case
diamond and gold collector case diamond and gold collector case diamond and gold collector case
A - (tjb-12a-01a) $1,700
B - (tjb-12b-01d) $1,700 SOLD!
C - (tjb-12a-01b) $700
D - (tjb-12b-01b) $900
E - (tjb-12b-01c) $900
F - (tjb-12b-01a) $900
petrified wood slice
petrified wood slice petrified wood slice
petrified wood slice
A VERY Large Slice of Petrified Wood originating from Madagascar and measuring approximately 14.5" across and 13" top to bottom. The smaller photos above show some of the detail of the piece. In some of the nooks and crannies, there are crystals growing as well as some other unusual formations when one studies it more closely! (normad-12a-01) $775
(Shipping is $40 - should it cost any more than that, we will pick up the extra charges. Note - U.S. Shipping Only; Inquire for International Shipping.)
petrified wood slice
An approximately 7" across slice of Madagascar Petrified Wood showing growth rings in a section - not frequently seen! (normad-12b-01) $350
petrified wood slice
An approximately 7" across slice of Madagascar Petrified Wood - very colorful as one can see. (normad-12b-02) $300
tourmaline crystal and quartz specimen tourmaline crystal and quartz specimen
tourmaline crystal and quartz specimen
A Very Large Tourmaline Specimen from Madagascar with 4 or more Naturally Terminated Quartz Crystals on one side. The Tourmaline consisted of one large specimen with numerous smaller thinner Tourmalines along the sides. Prices of much smaller specimens have gone through the roof as far as pricing. This 3 inch high crystals weighs 1106cts! (mrhlndr-12-01) $3,400
purple sapphire on matrix - Madagascar purple sapphire on matrix - Madagascar
A Rare Natural Specimen of Sapphire (purplish in color) on matrix from Madagascar. The lustre(shine) that you see is natural and uncommon, as many Sapphires are tumbled in rivers and end up with a matte finish. This is still in the rock where it grew millions of years ago. Matrix measures approx 3". (lbs-12-01) $4,875
Location: Zazafotsy Quarry, Ihosy District (Madagascar)
We have seen an article written on this material in Gems and Gemology Magazine (GIA) but hadn't seen this in person. One of our decades old contacts from the Afghanistan/Pakistan area had several pieces to show us. We chose the best of the small parcel, which showed a double crystal with another small crystal evident - a real beauty to behold. These naturally occuring crystals actually contain an oil-like substance and as one moves the crystal, one can see the oil moving as well as bubbles/gas contained within. The oil/petroluem will fluoresce under ultraviolet lights! This is another Rare Find that was brought to light and soon disappeared due to Rarity, not to be seen again? For an estimate of size, the crystals measures about 1.5 inches in length. This is an exceptional and large example of this naturally occurring oddity. Locality is Wadh (town in the Khuzdar District of Balochistan, Pakistan). We found a video online that shows the Blue Glow of this oil under UV Light : Video
herkimer-like crystal with oil inclusion
56+cts (rms-12-01a) $1,100
tanzanite crystal tanzanite crystal
A 22.07ct Glowing Blue Clean Tanzanite Crystal of incredible shape and natural terminations. Crystals of this color, size, clarity, fine terminations, etc. are selling for very high prices, but we bought it at a really good price and offer this to our customers at a very afforable price for what this is. (afrgm-12-01) $3,100

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