natual alexandrite - brasil natural alexandrite - brasil
A - Natural Alexandrite, believe to be from Brasil, changing from a Purple to a Blue/Green(Teal), 0.34ct Oval and priced well when compared to trade prices seen in Tucson 2023. GIA Certed, Natural Alexandrite, changing from Blue Green to Purple. (gg-23-01) $1879
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B - Natural Alexandrite, believe to be from Brasil, changing from a Purple to a Blue/Green(Teal), 0.41ct Oval and priced well when compared to trade prices seen in Tucson 2023. GIA Certed, Natural Alexandrite, changing from Blue Green to Purple. (gg-23-02) $2500
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With Alexandrite and a few other gemstones, especially color shifting or color changing gemstones, it may be difficult to obtain two accurate photos of the color shift/change. This is the case with these two particular Alexandrites. The purple is easily obtained with a camera, but the blue green/teal is much more difficult. You have our description of the color as well as the color description defined under the lights that GIA uses for Gem ID. We are in agreement that we see a blue green or teal going to a purple - no other modifiers noted.
natural alexandrite
Natural Alexandrite, changing from a Greenish to a Purplish, large 0.88ct Oval. Very well priced when compared to trade prices seen in Tucson 2023. This has inclusions as this material frequently has, but the size, the color change and price attracted us as everyone wants a Natural Alexandrite and this is below the prices that are out there for this material - and prices have increased dramatically over the past several years. This has been certed by GIA, Natural Alexadrite, chaning from a Bluish Green to Grey-Purple - which we feel is accurate depending on the lights. The green on this stone varies depending on the wavelengths/lights available, as we have seen it a forest green to vivid green to bluish green; this can be a really fine green for Alexandrite depending on where it is viewed!. The color rendition on the cert (pdf) is unimpressive and not that accurate as to what we see, but this is usually the case on GIA Certs - color rendition is off and we frequently disagree with the actual color description - but again, color is all light dependent and the wavelenghts available! We have sent gemstones/certs back to GIA at times for them to look at the color again, and have received them back with a different color description and a much better photo representing the gem in the report/cert... (tri-23-01) $9300
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natural alexandrite 88pt
Above photo shot using phone under a dual LED light source (cool/daylight & warm/yellow)
natural alexandrite - green natural alexandrite- purple
A Brasilian Alexandrite Oval weighing 0.57cts and having a great green to bluish green color, turning to various colors depending on the lights, but have seen a sort of green/blue/grey purple which is difficult to describe. Of course, both colors will be vary depending on the type of lights and the wavelengths available. The photo showing the green color is acccurate, but the other color had to be modified as the camera wasn't picking up what the eye was seeing. GIA described the color change as Blue Green to Grey-Purple. For what this is and the current market on material which isn't as nice as this, this is a good time to add this to your collection or jewelry if you have wanted a nice Natural Alexandrite. (ggc-19-03) $3,700
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GIA Certed Fine Natural Alexandrite
1.00ct Oval Natural GIA Certed Alexandrite - We were fortunate to find one Alexandrite that met our criteria for inventory: Clean, Decent Cut, Sparkle, Eye Clean, Very Fine Color Change and an Affordable Price! This changes from a Green/Bluish Green to a Purple as noted in the accompanying GIA Cert. In ALL these years in the gemstone business, we have only had a handful of larger fine quality Alexandrite such as this. Again, the 2017 Tucson Show had very dark (almost black) Alexandrite, very poorly cut or included material, selling at high prices. Similar Alex to this newly acquired piece were non-existent and we wouldn't consider obtaining that lower quality for our inventory; plus the pricing was incredibly high, making this Alex not only an outstanding example, but also outstanding in price (way below the wholesale asking price of those we didn't look twice at). Alexandrite is one of those gemstones that is difficult to obtain accurate color photos. We obtained a good photo of the blue green, but decent photos of the purple were difficult. We've tried out best to be accurate in color as best as possible - one can have an idea of the color description and change by viewing the GIA Cert also. As always, should you purchase this Alexandrite, if you are not happy for any reason, you have our 100% Customer Satifaction Guarantee as well as our Lifetime Guarantee - see our 'Our Guarantees' link on the banner that appears on the top and bottom of all our pages! Priced VERY attractively - like most of our gemstones, below the wholesale as seen in Tucson - IF you can find such a fine piece. (strshn-17-01) SOLD! (Australia)
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Comments: Small photo above shows a line that may be visible to some customers. We currently do not have our GIA microscope to determine what is it, but it doesn't affect the value or integrity of the gem, and the owner of All That Glitters can't see it with 2.75x glasses. For those with 20/20 or better eyesight, this might be seen under the right lighting conditions and angle. We did note that if the issue is on the right hand side of the gemstone when viewed, we can see it under magnification; if the gem is rotated so that it is on the left hand side, we couldn't see it. (Magnification would be using glasses, a loupe, a microscope, camera or even a phone when talking a macro photo or a video.) Alexandrite is a Type II gemstone, which means that it usually contains some inclusions. This did not stop the purchase of this gem as it is the perfect size, a super color change, well cut for Alexandrite, well priced and has everything going for it. Just wanted to bring this to the attention of the retail public as the trade would not give this a second thought - we do hope to move most if not all of our Natural Alexandrite when we exhibit in Tucson once again, as the last time was in 1990! We are typically in Tucson annually, and for those who would like to see certain gemstones in person, contact us prior to the show to set up an appointment for a viewing of your favorite gems - they are ALWAYS better in person!
large natural 1.56ct alexandrite with wonderful color change
Large Wonderful 1.65ct Cushion Shaped Natural Alexandrite - Great Color Change from Blue Green to Purple; eye clean, well cut and exceedingly fine in every way compared to most Alexandrites seen on the market. This rare gemstone is not just over the magic carat weight of 1ct, but it is even over 1.5cts! In Tucson over the past 7 years, we haven't see anything quite like this, as most Alexs are poorly cut, shallow, weak color change (or one color is better than the other), high prices, etc. Priced VERY attractively - like most of our gemstones, below the wholesale as seen in Tucson - IF you can find such a fine piece. Prices for anything in Alexandrite right now in the trade are much higher than in the past, but fine color and unenhanced gemstones like unheated corundum, have increased 30% in about a year; Alexandrite has increased about 40% - and the material we are seeing on the market is overly dark and included. (btree-16b-01) $28,000
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bright greenish-yellow chrysoberyl greenish yellow chrysoberyl
A - 2.66ct Oval Yellow (w/hint of green) Chrysoberyl, (egaj-15-20) $1,330
B - 3.02ct Deep Greenish Yellow Emerald Cut Chrysoberyl, (kjcl-15a-01) $2,265
yellow green chrysoberyl
Yellow Green Radiant Cut Chrysoberyl, 2.77ct (egaj-15-34) $2,495
4+ct glowing light medium yellow chrysoberyl
Chrysoberyl Cushion weighing 4.02ct with a glowing light to medium yellow color, (jdbkk-15-04) $3,015
fine 4.33ct chrysoberyl cushion
4.33ct Cushion Cut Chrysoberyl of a very nice yellow! (egaj-15-41) $3,248
Intense Yellow Chrysoberyl, 3.72ct Oval (awa-07-01) $3,720
Medium Yellow Chrysoberyl, 3.83ct Cushion (awa-07-03) $1,915
3.41cts of Light Yellow Chrysobery1, nicely faceted and clean as you can see. The photo isn't too far off from the color, but it is a light to medium lively yellow. (egaj-11-08p)
Oval: 1.47cts - $588; Cushion: 1.94cts - $970
3.57ct Oval Golden Yellow Chrysoberyl (bary-92-03) $1,428
chrysoberyl cat's eye natural cat's eye chrysoberyl
Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, 3.28ct - great size for jewelry, no blemishes, the exact color and sharp centered eye that one wants in this gemstone! Note not only the sharp eye, but because there were other lights available during photography, one can see a secondary line on the top. (left photo) Milk/Honey affect clearly seen also. Just a wonderful example and the largest/finest Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl we have had in inventory in over four decades! Below the wholesale price of the 2014 The Guide - as many of our fine gemstones. (egaj-15-45) $8,200
chrysoberyl cat's eye chrysoberyl cat's eye
Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl - 2.45ct Nice size, wonderful transparency, incredibly sharp eye. The photos do not do this gem justice! 7.4X5.9X6.0 (aw-04-03) $3,675
natural alexandrite cat's eye
Natural Alexandrite Cat's Eye, 1.53ct (egaj-15-21) $2,295
Not a very good photo, but described as a Green going to a Purplish Brown.
Very difficult to find a Green to Purple without the modifiers. Great price for what this is!
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chrysoberyl crystal
11.09ct Chrysoberyl Crystal from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Color is more of a yellow and it seems as if one can probably facet a gemstone from this piece - but it is a nice crystal with natural crystal faces on all surfaces. This displays half of the flower like crystal structure one expects from Chrysoberyl, but it probably grew next to another crystal and therefore didn't obtain the expected crystal habit, but it does have half the expecte crystalization and if one looks at it carefully, it is an entire crystal with all the expected faces considering of where it had probably been growing. It is difficult to get a good color rendition as well as to show the crystal structure of this piece. (egaj-11-12) $625

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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