All That Glitters Jewelers Showcase

All That Glitters has teamed up with Stuller Settings (Nations Largest Supplier of Fine Jewelry, Findings and Mountings) to create a page to help our customers view potential settings for their All That Glitters purchases! For special gemstones that are fancy shapes or not calibrated for standard settings, we do use custom goldsmiths, but if gems are near calibration we have been using Stuller Settings for about 35 years or so... Stuller can also modify some of their existing settings to incorporate non-calibrated or fancy shaped gems at times, at an additional charge.

With the All That Glitters Jewelers Showcase:

  • View settings, select gold colors/purities as well as choose accent diamonds/gemstones, enter your finger size and more! (Note that the prices displayed will be typical retail prices)

  • All That Glitters prices are typically 70% of the displayed price and many times even less!
    SAVE $$$.

  • Colored gemstones are best purchased directly from the All That Glitters website as we can control the quality; we purchase as close to the source as possible, selecting those gemstones that meet our criteria for color, size, cutting, clarity and price and have 43 years in the gemstone trade!

  • One can now easily verify All That Glitters low pricing - for instance, due to the demand by stores, goldsmiths and the public, we carry one Lab Grown Gemstone (Alexandrite) - retail pricing is $495/ct... All That Glitters pricing for similar material is 60% to 80% OFF that price, typically ranging from about $100-$200/ct and we custom facet, with many being faceted in the United States!...

Enjoy the All That Glitter Savings on both Settings and Gemstones!

Enter the All That Glitters Showcase