Fine Mineral Specimens

wonderful pakistani aquamarine crystal
wonderful pakistani aquamarine crystal Front wonderful pakistani aquamarine crystal Approx 90 deg from front view wonderful pakistani aquamarine crystal Back
wonderful pakistani aquamarine crystal Approximately 90 degrees from the front (and in the opposite direction from photo #2) wonderful pakistani aquamarine crystal Top view wonderful pakistani aquamarine crystal
This incredible water clear and clean specimen was saved from cutting in the past. It has it's own custom made base, and still has some of the attached mineralization in which it grew. From the collection of an internationally known collector and dealer. (finmin-13-01) $3500
Mineral specimens, like fine gemstones, have been constantly increasing in price, and have climbed dramatically over the past year. Specimens like this will continue to climb as more of the world population obtains more buying power....
Unique sliced piece of Coprolite from the bad lands of the United States (NW Wyoming), showing some nice color. The images below show both the polished section in the top row of one sliced piece of Coprolite and the back of the piece in the second row. What is Coprolite? It is millions of years old - we will let you use a search engine to learn more....
Purchase either piece or both pieces together - $175, save $50.
colorful coprolite colorful coprolite
colorful coprolite colorful coprolite
A - Coprolite from NW Wyoming (blston-14-01a) $100
B - Coprolite from NW Wyoming (blston-14-01b) $125
Purchase either piece or both pieces together - $175, save $50
green mica
Believed to be a type of Mica, this shines like a metallic green. While in Tucson, we attempted to perform Raman Spectroscopy on it, but there was no flat surface and no information was obtained. It does flake and looks like Mica, but we are not sure of the origin. The color also indicates that the color could be due to Chrome, but a Chelsea Filter does not show red.
This 25ct yet to be determined mineral is $20 including shipping/insurance via USPS Priority Box. Note - U.S. Shipping Only; Inquire for International Shipping.
garnet cluster specimen
Deep Red Garnet Cluster and two naturally terminated Topaz Crystals - Pakistan. Wonderful to view with a magnifying glass and loupe. Garnet Crystals are amazing! $55
Two Fine Specimens from the Shigar Valley, Skardu District, Pakistan
aquamarine crystal on matrix bicolor tourmaline crystal on matrix
A - Approximately 4 x 2 cm Aquamarine crystal with mica from the Shigar Valley (Pakistan); wonderful crystal structure. Color is very pale and essentially colorless; could be called Goshenite, but there is a small tinge of color, so this Beryl would probably be called Aquamarine by many. (minminr-13-01) $675
B - Approximately 5 x 2.5 cm Bicolor (watermelon?) Tourmaline on matrix (including Purple/Pink Lepidolite, possibly either Black Tourmaline or very dark Smoky Quartz and other associated pegmatite minerals - there are numerous smaller Tourmaline crystals on the piece), Shigar Valley, Pakistan (minminr-13-02) $925
For a quick sale - Both pieces for only $900
aquamarine crystal on matrix aquamarine crystal on matrix
Pakistani Aquamarine Cluster weighing 975cts as seen. Measures approximately 48x91x70mm. Called The Aquamarine Cross because of the shape of the Mica matrix. No problems or issues. A super piece. (pakmin-13-01) $790
Incredible Quartz Crystal with Scene
unusual etched quartz crystal with a scenic landscape
Click the image above for a more detailed image!
An incredible terminated quartz crystal from Brasil (Bueno'polis) with etching on the back that seems to show a mountainous scene with shrubs and trees. Naturally frosted on the back. Ones sees this in some minerals, but talented carvers have carved the backs of transparent material producing the same affect. This is natural and what a beauty! (brazimp-13-02) $2,950
Malachite Stalactite - Africa (the Congo)
malachite stalagtite malachite stalagtite
malachite stalagtite
A 1048ct Malachite Stalactite from the Congo (African). Comes with a wooden stand allowing one to display it. A really nice example! One of the ends does show what is inside - the wonderfully colorful banding of Malachite! We have seen small slices of this material and they were selling for about $30 a slice, and if one wanted to, many sliced could be cut from this piece, as well as some interesting doubles because of the two pieces that are grew attached to each other. We would not recommend destroying this specimen even though it would certainly mean a profit in the end. Approximately 5-1/2" long. (ch-13-01) $975
smoky quartz/amethyst scepter smoky quartz/amethyst scepter
A unique piece that comes from Ankazobe , Antananarivo Province in Madagascar. A Smoky AND Amethyst Quartz 135ct Scepter. Usually, it would be one or the other, but not both! Lots of interesting inclusions and we would not be surprised if one could find some water or liquid in some areas. Measures approximately 40mm from top to bottom. (pm-13-01) $350
Petrified Wood From Cherry Creek, Nevada!
cherry creek petrified wood cherry creek petrified wood
cherry creek petrified wood
A wonderful slice of Petrified Wood from Cherry Creek, NV that when we saw it, we had to have it! A nice natural design consisting of tans, beige, black, white, creams and even orange! Slice has not been polished and looks better when wet. If one were to spray on silicone, this would make the item look wet and bring out even more beauty, This is also a reversible process. There are a few areas where one can see crystal growth as in the photo directly above. (aggal-13-01) $250 including shipping!
santa rosa mine terminated tourmaline crystal santa rosa mine terminated tourmaline crystal
santa rosa mine terminated tourmaline crystal
A Blue, Blue Green to Green Santa Rosa Mine Tourmaline (Minas Gerais) - 40cts. Wonderfully Doubly Terminated piece. (sammin-13-01) $1649
amethyst crystals - mexico amethyst crystals - mexico
Two Amethyst Crystals from Cerro de la Concordia, Mexico. These crystals are water clean with a sort of glowing light purple (photo displays a darker color) - but they sparkle and glow in the sun. They seem to have grown floating in a pocket and have some other mineral on their bases - the large one actually has a terminated crystal on the base too! (dmrg-13-01) $225
striated agate slice
An Agate Slice from Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. This caught our attention immediately because of the unique striations running horizontal which is not common. Also, the aesthetically pleasing natural shapes and designs at the top as well as the intricate border jumps out. It is dyed (green) and can most likely be removed, but the coloring does show the striations to the best advantage. (rock3k-13-02) $210
unique agate slice Outdoors - on white paper unique agate slice Outdoors - transmitted light
unique agate slice unique agate slice
unique agate slice
People have said this part of the slice looked like ET....
An incredibly beautiful and unique, one of a kind Agate Slice from the Rio Grande do Sul area of Brasil, specifically from Salto do Jacui. In all these years in business, we hadn't seen anything like this, but we have seen some designer pieces where similar concentric circles have been cut out of agate and made into round pieces for high end jewelry or collectors - selling at about $400 each. (rock3k-13-01) $1,825 (Will remain in our West Coast Office, so only available during our winter stay) Comes with a custom wooden stand for display - perfect for the top of a desk, bureau or curio-cabinet.
amethyst cactus amethyst cactus
A - Amethyst Cactus (vstgm-13-01a) $175
B - Geode Slice similar to the above piece, but not amethyst. We liked the darker center surrounded by the clear area, which then goes translucent and terminates in quartz crystals at the edge. (vstgm-13-01b) $175
Amethyst Cactus Slices and Related Slices
amethyst cactus
First Row Close Up
Second Row Close Up
Third Row Close Up
Fourth Row Close Up
Amethyst Cactus from Brasil. $140 each or for a quick sale. All of these pieces have been picked form a large parcel, and we chose the best. Difficult to find such nice specimens. Make great gifts for the holidays, a collection, or for a jewelry stores case. If you would like all 15 pieces, contact us for a special price! (vstgm-13-01p)
tourmaline crystal in smoky quartz
A terminated Tourmaline Crystal in smoky quartz from theimp state of Minas Gerais in Brasil. The quartz faces have been polished, leaving the Tourmaline crystal untouched with the exception of the bottom so it sits nicely on a flat surface. It is approximately 2.5" or so from top to bottom. (brazexp-13-02) $1100
smoky quartz crystal with inclusions smoky quartz crystal with inclusions
142ct Slightly Smoky Quartz (Brasilian - Minas Gerais, specifically Diamantina) with lots of wonderful internal inclusions, including a spray of golden rutile which looks like a horse tail found in Demantoid Garnets, as well as small internal quartz crystals. There appears to be a grown line in the middle of the crystal where the inclusions have grown, and this happens on both sides of the zone. (brazimp-13-1b) $525
smoky quartz crystal with inclusions smoky quartz crystal with inclusions
203ct Smoky Quartz from Minas Gerais, Brasil (specifically Diamantina) with numerous inclusions, including the wonderful grouping you can see when one looks from the bottom into the crystal (rt hand photo). (brazimp-13-1a) $625
Unusual Quartz Geode with Tourmaline Crystals!
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
Ruler for Scale - A Hefty Piece and Fairly Thick!
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
Slice held up to daylight - Black Tourmaline commonly granular and some pieces missing, making an even more interesting piece!
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
quartz geode slice with tourmaline crystals
One of the open spots of the slice actually shows wonderful quartz crystallization!
When this was encountered, we had never heard of Tourmaline crystals being found in Quartz geodes. This was a surprise to find and we snapped it up. In conversations with others, it seems that it is known to occur but it not common. We are currently awaiting more information, as we have sent an email to GIA as well as a very well-known mineral dealer. We did hear back from a well-known mineral dealer who indicated that he thought this would sell for about $2,000. However, his email seemed to indicate that he might have been thinking this was a much smaller slice of a geode and we got the impression that he was comparing it to a sliced tourmaline crystal. Our feeling is that even with photos, he didn't grasp that this was a huge quartz geode that contained tourmaline crystals - probably because he had never seen or heard of such a thing either. As in other All That Glitters inventory, this is priced to sell and we don't hold items back for personal use or a collection, though this is certainly something that we had never seen before in the past. Priced inexpensively considering the size, uniqueness (one-of-a-kind?) and the weight!.... (micho-13-01) $750

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