Natural Alexandrite

In the past 40+ years, we have only purchased a few Alexandrites for inventory. Previously, we stocked smaller ones from about 20pts up to 75pts, but the more rare and sought after pieces are larger - in the 1ct and up range.

We haven't had many larger pieces in inventory after all these years because the Alexandrites we have seen did not meet our criteria (and usually failed far more than just one of the five criteria we seek):

1.) Size
2.) Clarity
3.) Cutting
4.) Price
5.) MOST important, a very good Color Change!...

Tucson 2020 Update on Alexandrite:

As in the past, we have found Quality to be Lacking, as the material seen is too dark in even small sizes. As in the past, Alex found appears appears almost black even when closer than arms length! Prices are also crazy for this material and we wouldn't want this material in inventory at any price. Typically starting now at about the $6,000/ct figure for even small pieces, we saw a 31pt, emerald cut, that was very dark with a hint of purple coming from a few facets; the color change would also be overly dark to really observe the color. We were quoted $6,200/ct. After exclaming, "Wow" and saying Thank You, had to return to inquire and insure that the price we received was indeed the wholesale price. It was. Really? A 31pt almost black small Alexandrite at $6,200/ct? What is one going to ask on the retail market when a jewelry store offers this for sale? More importantly, even if selling this gemstone at almost nothing, who would want an overly dark Alex that really doesn't show any life or color unless one holds a light a few inches above it?! And, by the way, most are not even being certed...not that that is necessary or required, but is nice, especially if a larger Alex and a nicer one. This being said, one may come across a decent looking Alex at times and at a more realistic price, though very far and very few between. We do go for years at times without having any natural Alexandrite to even offer, as it must meet our criteria of size, cutting, clarity, color change and pricing - therefore, though Alexandrite will be seen at shows or when traveling abroad and having local dealers coming in from small towns or from the jungle/bush, the likelihood that something meets our buying/inventory criteria, is quite low.

Latest Pricing Seen in the Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows - 2023 (Wholesale)

If people thought that Natural Alexandrite was costly before, or fine color in general previously, the newest pricing seen is quite high as prices climbed due to demand for fine color in 2021/2022, slow production. Those in the trade, including the owner of All That Glitters, don't believe prices will go down. Fine colored gemstones, which are far more rare than diamond, were really on the low side for decades, and now are coming to a level where it makes more sense based on demand, rarity and the fact that nature is unpredictable. We really didn't see Alexandrite out there that looks like what exists in the All That Glitters Collection. Most of it is poorly faceted, some have inclusions, color change is not very good and usually one color is better than another. Also, most of the material is overly dark and color change cannot be seen (actually, the body color of the gemstone essentially looks black when held even a foot or so from the viewer - which in our opinion and most others opinions, makes a gemstone useless). Our exiting Alexandrite is lively and colors are obvious. Pricing on the wholesale level for a 1.03ct Round Brasilian Alex was at $23,000/ct. Though this might have been the highest price seen, it was a decent gem compared to what is seen out there in the trade, though again, on the dark side. Very small Alex of only 20-40pts is very high and again, typically poorly faceted and dark. We are talking thousands per carat for this small material.

We grabbed this image that was found on line in late 2020 - consider all previous pricing guides to be outdated if prior to 2021. Our pricing of our fine Alex is still below the expected wholesale price!
Alexandrite is a Type II Gemstone - and typically has inclusions:

1.80ct Natural Alexandrite with 1.32cts diamonds in Pt ring
1.80ct Natural Alexandrite with 1.32cts diamonds in Pt ring
A large 1.80ct Natural Alexandrite Oval set with 1.23cts of Diamonds in a Platinum Ring. Weight of the Alexandrite, the diamonds and metal type are all stamped on the inside of the band. Ideally, we would like to see this recut slightly to improve the brilliance and create perhaps a better color change, but there is not sufficient material in the pavilion to keep the outer dimensions and therefore continue to have it as the center gemstone in this ring. Natural Alexandrite has gone up dramatically in the past few years. What is on the market typically hasn't been thrilling us due to size, being overly dark, poor cutting, clarity issues and especailly pricing. Regardless of how poor we feel Natural Alexandrite faceted gems might be out there, they continue to sell and at high prices. There is a color change in this center gem, but as always, one needs the right wavelengths in order to a change and not all are dramatic changes. This does go form a variation of green to a sort purple. We have a price on this entire ring where on the current market you couldn't purchase just the Alexandrite. It is also a plus that it is set in a Platinum ring and have almost one and a quarter carats worth of diamonds! Just to set this piece with all the gemstones is a costly undertaking. Alexandrite, Ruby and a few other gemstones can be quite a challenge to obtain accurate color regardless of the device being used. Unfortunately, though we sometimes believe we have obtained a good shot with accurate color, when the photo is transferred to another device or even uploaded to a website, the color can be quite different from what the eye sees or the original photo. With websites, some of this is based on the codecs that different websites use, and with devices, it is frequently related to what people has selected for color display, etc. (rs-24a-01) $18500 (Due to the wides range of wholesale prices and qualities of Natural Alexandrite seen in the trade currently, it is difficult to determine the estimated retail price for this piece; however, at this price, the Platinum Ring and Diamonds might be a freebie as the center Alexandrite might be selling elsewhere at the price for this whole ring!)
natual alexandrite - brasil natural alexandrite - brasil
A - Natural Alexandrite, believe to be from Brasil, changing from a Purple to a Blue/Green(Teal), 0.34ct Oval and priced well when compared to trade prices seen in Tucson 2023. GIA Certed, Natural Alexandrite, changing from Blue Green to Purple. (gg-23-01) $1879
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B - Natural Alexandrite, believe to be from Brasil, changing from a Purple to a Blue/Green(Teal), 0.41ct Oval and priced well when compared to trade prices seen in Tucson 2023. GIA Certed, Natural Alexandrite, changing from Blue Green to Purple. (gg-23-02) $2500
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With Alexandrite and a few other gemstones, especially color shifting or color changing gemstones, it may be difficult to obtain two accurate photos of the color shift/change. This is the case with these two particular Alexandrites. The purple is easily obtained with a camera, but the blue green/teal is much more difficult. You have our description of the color as well as the color description defined under the lights that GIA uses for Gem ID. We are in agreement that we see a blue green or teal going to a purple - no other modifiers noted.

2023 Tucson Trade Prices for Natural Alexandrite, REGARDLESS of Size or whether there is a good color change (or much!), inclusions, cutting isssues, etc. are very high and the fine quality that All That Glitters has been seeking and typically stocks, makes our pricing seem ridiculously low - which of course, is our goal, to make fine colored gemstones affordable. Below, you will see two screen grabs showing what one is expected to pay for Natural Alexandrite. Both of these are screen grabs from May 2023 - one showing about a third of a carat round (the image looks as if the color has been modified to enhance) and the other was found doing a Google Search on Alexandrite.

Images and Info Found via a Google Search - May 2023
natual 1/2ct alexandrite
A fine blue green to purply Natural Alexandrite weighing 0.49cts. Prices have climbed dramatically over the past few years on this material, and still extremeley difficult to obtain good material as most is included, overly dark and the color change isn't worth noting. The blue green on this one is really strong and it will go to a purple color. Small but nice considering what is on the market and avaialble, but that can always be said of this material! (big-24-01) $2940 (Great price on this!)
natural alexandrite
Natural Alexandrite, changing from a Greenish to a Purplish, large 0.88ct Oval. Very well priced when compared to trade prices seen in Tucson 2023. This has inclusions as this material frequently has, but the size, the color change and price attracted us as everyone wants a Natural Alexandrite and this is below the prices that are out there for this material - and prices have increased dramatically over the past several years. This has been certed by GIA, Natural Alexadrite, chaning from a Bluish Green to Grey-Purple - which we feel is accurate depending on the lights. The green on this stone varies depending on the wavelengths/lights available, as we have seen it a forest green to vivid green to bluish green; this can be a really fine green for Alexandrite depending on where it is viewed!. The color rendition on the cert (pdf) is unimpressive and not that accurate as to what we see, but this is usually the case on GIA Certs - color rendition is off and we frequently disagree with the actual color description - but again, color is all light dependent and the wavelenghts available! We have sent gemstones/certs back to GIA at times for them to look at the color again, and have received them back with a different color description and a much better photo representing the gem in the report/cert... (tri-23-01) $9300
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natural alexandrite 88pt
Above photo shot using phone under a dual LED light source (cool/daylight & warm/yellow)
natural alexandrite - green natural alexandrite- purple
A Brasilian Alexandrite Oval weighing 0.57cts and having a great green to bluish green color, turning to various colors depending on the lights, but have seen a sort of green/blue/grey purple which is difficult to describe. Of course, both colors will be vary depending on the type of lights and the wavelengths available. The photo showing the green color is acccurate, but the other color had to be modified as the camera wasn't picking up what the eye was seeing. GIA described the color change as Blue Green to Grey-Purple. For what this is and the current market on material which isn't as nice as this, this is a good time to add this to your collection or jewelry if you have wanted a nice Natural Alexandrite. (ggc-19-03) $3700
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All That Glitters Quality and Pricing Comparison - See the Difference, Enjoy the Savings!
View the image below from a major U.S. company's Alexandrite and compare it to All That Glitters Alexandrite(s) further down the page....
(There is no comparison to what All That Glitters offers in both Quality (cutting, clarity, color change) and Pricing!)
Note - The prices listed above are trade prices (Wholesale) - an expected markup to the public would be 100%, twice what is displayed above. In order for All That Glitters to purchase an Alexandrite for inventory, it must meet our criteria of size, cutting, clarity, proportions and very important for this species, Color Change. Also say no to Alexandrites that are essentially too dark or black, have secondard colors of olive, khacky, brown or grey.... Pricing above is now outdated and one should expect these overly dark Alexandrites to perhaps be selling for 100% or more than the listed prices shown above. *** Screen Grab and Prices Display are from 2018 ***
large natural 1.56ct alexandrite with wonderful color change
Large Wonderful 1.65ct Cushion Shaped Natural Alexandrite - Great Color Change from Blue Green to Purple; eye clean, well cut and exceedingly fine in every way compared to most Alexandrites seen on the market. This rare gemstone is not just over the magic carat weight of 1ct, but it is even over 1.5cts! In Tucson over the past 7 years, we haven't see anything quite like this, as most Alexs are poorly cut, shallow, weak color change (or one color is better than the other), high prices, etc. Priced VERY attractively - like most of our gemstones, below the wholesale as seen in Tucson - IF you can find such a fine piece. Prices for anything in Alexandrite right now in the trade are much higher than in the past, but fine color and unenhanced gemstones like unheated corundum, have increased 30% in about a year; Alexandrite has increased about 40% - and the material we are seeing on the market is overly dark and included. (btree-16b-01) $28000
View GIA Cert

Pricing of Alexandrite on the retail level as well as current wholesale level, continues to shock us. From a dealer who have a few finer Alexandrites compared to the typical trade, the price of this just over 2ct Alexandrite is at $50,000/ct! Compare Natural Alexandrite of fine quality, color change, cutting, clarity, etc. in the All That Glitters Collection with the pricing seen out there! Easy to Make a Choice! (Screen grab below was done on June 15th, 2023)

natural alexandrite cat's eye
Natural Alexandrite Cat's Eye, 1.53ct (egaj-15-21) $2295
Unfortunately, not a great photo showing the color - Eye is nice and Sharp!
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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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