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Cutting differently: Inside the whimsical world of fantasy gems

-- A Jewellery Business Article

"The role of a traditional gem cutter is no walk in the park. Whether faceting, cabochon, or carving, it is vital to arm oneself with patience, discipline, and, of course, a pair of practiced eyes to see a gemstone's full potential. Beyond this, these professionals must be armed with the proper tools......"

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All That Glitters - Cutting Differently

All That Glitters began experiementing with non-traditional methods of faceting/cutting over the past 15-20 years. We began utilizing fine quality blended Ametrine rough to create unique cuts, utilizing a number of Award Winning Cutters. Prior to that, most Ametrines seen were simple 50/50 split gemstones of Amethyst and Citrine and were simply flat faceted (standard cutting designs). With our innovative cutting, articles featuring All That Glitters Ametrines, as well as other gemstone material, began to be seen in the market as our photos circulated on the internet as well as in specific articles/magazines. You can see our innovative cutting in numerous varieties of gemstones by visiting our Sculpted/Carved/Grooved/Concave page. All of these items are currently On Sale for the Month of October. Some of the Published Ametrine is not priced, but free free to reach out for price quotes. Enjoy!