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Spessartite Garnet Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

An International Gem Society (IGS) Article

"Usually orange to reddish brown, gem-quality spessartite or spessartine garnets are somewhat rare. However, as blends with other garnet species, they include popular mandarin and malaya garnets as well as color change gems. Spessartites make very durable jewelry stones."

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The International Gem Society has perhaps one hundred or more photos of gemstones from the All That Glitters Collection, representing a particular species, specialty/unique cutting, unique colors or just fine examples of a gemstone. More are always being added.

In this Months Gem News on Spessartite, the International Gem Society has used a photo of two quite clean Spessartite Garnet Cabs from the All That Glitters Collection - Check It Out!