Gemstones - Opal

The Trade is Seeing Some Large Fine Quality Opal
After looking at literally thousands of pieces, only a few meet criteria
for the All That Glitters Collection
Below are two examples, followed by an even large piece below showing Incredible Play of Color!
large fine opal large fine opal
A - Large 13.57ct Elongated Pear Opal - as you can see, the colors are Phenomenal! Upon request, we do have a video availalbe, though it is not the high quality videos we attempt to create. (psp-24-01) $2035
B - A 15.83ct Pear Shaped Opal, showing lots of Play of Color, another great example. Upon request, we do have a video availalbe, though it is not the high quality videos we attempt to create. (me-24-01) $2375
large fine opal
Fine 23.42ct Cushion Opal with high dome showing incredible swarths of all kinds of colors! Upon request, we do have a video availalbe, though it is not the high quality videos we attempt to create. (psp-24-02) $3513
pear shaped opal
1.40ct Pear Shape Opal with Lots of Life/Color! From the well-known Ethiopian deposit. SOLD! (vst-14a-02p)
group of fancy ethiopian opal
Four pieces believed to be from the same rough, with very different characteristics - all unique and priced to sell. Photo was taken using a flash, which is the norm when photographing Opals for us. It allows the capture of some of the play of color, but the predominant colors might be different due to angle and wavelengths within the light source vs. overhead lights.
From left to right, they are as follows:
14.80cts: A large white bodied Opal with lots of reddish orange, green and some yellow. Not as intensely flashy as the two smaller gems here, but evident. Lots of color and very well priced for such a large Opal. (opal-16-01a) $1,480
5.93cts: An elongated oval with an unusual bluish grey body color. Not the most lively play of color, but orange, green and yellow are evident. (opal-16-01b) $445
3.75cts: Neon green is the most predominant color seen in this Opal, with some orange and yellow. (opal-16-01c) $575
1.50cts: A smaller Opal with a grey blue body color and lots of color play with orange and yellow being more predominate but great flashes of neon green too! (opal-16-01d) $375
unique ethiopian opal
Very unique and of natural design, this 12.48ct Ethiopian Opal stands out among all other Opals and for obvious reasons. The pattern and play of color, as well as size, will create interest among not only collectors but those who can design a piece of jewelry as unique as this Opal itself! (kjcl-15b-11) $1,248
group of fancy ethiopian opal
Interesting parcel of one-of-a-kind Ethiopian Opal, 5 pieces, with each piece being unique for some reason.
From left to right, they are as follows:
3.29ct: White bodied Opal on top, more transparent on the bottom - both sections lively with play of color. A translucent green swirl separates the two sections. $758 (kjcl-15b-09a) SOLD! (Canada)
5.31ct: Smoky Grey body color with strong play of color in wide patches of yellow, orange and green. $797 (kjcl-15b-09b)
4.82ct: Brown to black body with orange, green and gold swatches. The other side is more typical of opal body color, with lots of color in smaller sizes. $723 (kjcl-15b-09c)
5.74ct: Medium grey blue body color with all variations of color play. Looks like a Black Opal. $1,148 (kjcl-15b-09d)
7.94ct: Chocolate brown body around the periphery and milky blue off center. Shows red, orange and gold wide flashes of color. True red in opal is not very common and this certainly has it! $1,389 (kjcl-15b-09e)
A large tongue shaped Opal that screams design a unique piece for me! Weighs 8.94cts and show color throughout with some broad red orange flashes near the bottom as it goes slightly more transparent in that area with less play of color.
(zlmy-13-02c) $894
This wonderful 6.77ct Ethiopian Opal shows that sought after Honeycomb pattern. This piece seems to look different on each surface it is placed on. We have taken a photo to show how variable this can look. A wonderfully interesting and large Opal which shows various Play of Colors - only $677. (zlmy13-01b) SOLD!
A relatively small Opal in weight but because Opal is light, it still have a very decent surface area and of course, very nice Play of Color! This 1.81ct beauty is $455 (zlmy-13-02b)
A Surprised Deep Below the White Opal and Mud!
Hidden in a piece of Opal rough, below the hard mud and typically white Opal that one could see on the surface, was a large area of Yellow Transparent Opal! So transparent, that we could facet it and not only does it sparkle like a regular faceted gemstone, but under some lights and at the right angle, you can see some Play of Color! Our cutter faceted a 6.62ct Trilliant gemstone from that section of rough and the color is this glowing Golden Yellow! Priced presently at $993. (Not the best photo and it is more transparent when viewed with the eyes. In one corner there is a wisp of orange making it even more interesting and unique) (zlmy-13-02a)
Large newly cabbed (just a few days ago) by our local cutter 11.29ct Ethiopian Opal measuring approximately 20mmx13mm. This is a unique piece in size and in coloring, as some might call it a bicolor. About 60% of this gemstone is white Ethiopian Opal and the other 40% is a yellowish with a tiger pattern. We have seen Honeycomb and other patterns, but not a tiger pattern. There is play of color across the piece and lots of wonderful flashes of color. The photo above is a very decent photo shows a body color of more blue on top and a darker yellow on the bottom; in reality, it is the more white opal on top and light yellow on the bottom. The display of color similar to the above is there under the proper lighting conditions. Note if you look really closely at the striping on the side, it is actually what is called the "honeycomb" pattern seen in this material. It can cost more if the Opal has the honeycomb pattern.... You won't find anything of this size and play of color in a store. You won't find a unique piece like this with the striping as well as the play of color - at least not that we have seen previously You won't find a better price! (zlmy-13-01a) $750 Not the best video, but you can view it below.
Large Superb Examples of Very Fine Opal from Ethiopian. Parcel weighs 32.10ct in total, making each piece approximately 6cts each. (uncost-14-01p) $450/ct
From left to right:
Cushion: 5.84cts
Pear: 4.90cts
Oval: SOLD! (Store in RI)
Pear: 6.72cts
Elong Cushion: 5.65cts
Elong Pear: 4.95cts
Cabbed OREGON Opal, 3pcs totaling 14cts (oropal-13-01p) $50/ct
Far left Opal has been Sold...
Two Yellow OREGON Opals Trilliant weighs 0.41cts and measures approx 6x6mm Large Faceted Oval, weighing 7.23cts and measures approx 19x12mm (oropal-13-01p) $150 (Note that the oval is rather shallow and the cutting is not very good, but it is a good sized piece; the price for these two pieces reflects that. The trilliant is a very decent piece)
Three very fine opals just back from the cutter. Really nice play of color. Largest one is a tapered oval/modified pear and measures about 12mmx7mm. Rounds are uncommon, but there is one here. The smallest one has some matrix and undercutting in one area on the edge which can be seen if viewed from the side. Setting in a in a bezel or perhaps putting a prong in that area, will resolve the issue. Color is great as is the price. Parcel weighs 2.23cts - $625 (akgje-13-01bp)
Opal is tricky when cutting from the rough and we thought we would obtain two very large and fine pieces. Unfortunately, we got much smaller pieces but still of very fine quality. We lost our shirt as they say on the rough because we didn't obtain the number and size hoped for...but what we did obtain, we are offering at a great price!
Video shot under relatively dim office fluorescent lights and doesn't show these pieces to their best advantage. In fact, the camera is blocking the light right about the Opals! If they look decent under these conditions, imagine what they would look like under proper lights or when being worn in jewelry! Photo was shot under the proper lights.
opal opal
A - 17.93ct Oblong Ethiopian Opal, much nicer play of color in person, large dome (akgje-13-01a) At $150/ct, total is: $2,690
B - 14.63ct Ethiopian Opal; Transparent with nice color under the right lights. Interesting wisps of white three-quarters from the bottom and at the top. The vertical white line in the center is due to lighting and does not appear on or in the gemstone. (akgje-13-01a) $975
opal opal
A - 5.20ct Ethiopian Opal with lots of play of color, photo does this no justice. Slight yellow color on the one side. (ethop-10p-01e) $780
B - 6.63cts total weight of two Ethiopian Opals. Unfortunately, the original large and costly piece of rough had issues and only these smaller pieces resulted. The squarish piece has color but there isn't much in the the ovally gem. Photo doesn't capture actual play of color which is still better than the photo. Cost of rough and cutting was approximately $1000. (ethop-10-03p) $150 - good for a collection or even setting into jewelry.
8.89ct Oval Ethiopian Opal with MASSIVE Play of Color, in a Pin Fire pattern. (sungem-12-01a) $4,890 A really good price on this as we have seen a similar piece in a store in CA and they paid $450/ct YEARS theirs wasn't studied and published in an online article! Published Gemstone:
Unraveling an Opal's Play of Color
11 pieces of Ethiopian Opal totaling 36.48cts. Photo does not do these pieces any justice. This is the last of our rough which was cabbed by one of our cabbers. $200/ct (ethop-10p-01p)
Two fine Ethiopian Opals weighing a total of 9.61cts. $300/ct Notice the interesting honeycomb pattern in the Opal on the right. (ethop-10p-02)
Large Ethiopian Opal weighing 10.66cts. A mix of greens and oranges, but not as intense, etc. as the ones above. You can see colors and that it is an opal, but more of a solid white body color and far less vivid colors. (etopex-11-01p1) $60/ct New Lower Price!!! For an opal of this size, it is a good buy... (For flashes of bright color, dancing rainbows, other examples of our Ethiopian Opal will fit the bill!)
Ethiopian Opal cabbed from All That Glitters rough. Photo shot under simple office fluorescent lights. Freeform weighing 9.91cts (ethop-10a) $743 Not as intense in color as the above pieces, but it is large and does display color.
Ethiopian Opal. The smallest one shows broad flashes of color, the largest one has smaller flashes of color. The middle one shown above has flashes of color, but not very strong. Cabbed in the US by our cutters.
2.72ct Fancy Triangle: $225/ct
4.75ct Triangular: $150/ct
7.42ct Lazy/Sleepy Pear: $200/ct (This shape is not a perfect pear shape and that was intentional. This Lazy or Sleepy Pear Shape will enable some interesting silver or gold work to be performed, creating a very unique piece.) SOLD!

Photos do not do these gems justice. As one can see from the pricing per carat, the two fine ones are on the left and right; the middle one is a nice Opal, but doesn't have as much play of color as its two companions.
intaglio butte opal intaglio butte opal
Carved Butte Opal from Idaho with a pair of Humpback Whales. A large piece weighing over 140cts. This material was mined in the Blue Mountains, Morrow County in Oregon. (wcm-14-01) $575

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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