Certified Gemstones

We have several thousand fine quality colored gemstones for sale, many of which are unique, one of a kind or perhaps are unusual for some reason. Very few have been certed; frequently, there is no reason. We stand behind our gemstones and have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee (10 Days) and a LIFETIME GUARANTEE - see our policies page: Guarantee

Just because a gemstone in our inventory is not certed, actually has no reflection on the quality. Some of our gemstones were purchased already with certs, or we were traveling abroad and felt more comfortable obtaining a cert. Perhaps we were told it was unheated and we wanted to do a check upon our return from abroad (note that regardless if it were heated or not heated, we would be keeping it - heating is standard in the trade for certain gemstones, and we accept that as long as that is all that was done; there are also some purists or collectors who seek non-heated gemstones). We have also certed a few gems because we wanted another opinion on whether a gemstone was to perhaps be called a Ruby vs. a Sapphire (Pink, Magenta, Fuchsia, etc.). Many times we purchase as Ruby and sell as Sapphire (yes, Ruby and Sapphire are the same gemstone, the mineral Corundum, it is just the percentage of red that causes the differentiation. Europe and Asia identify Ruby as what most Americans in the business would call Sapphire.

deep bright pink sapphire
A Large 3.22ct Cushion Deep Bright Pink Sapphire (egaj-11-59) $14,089
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blue sapphire
A very large nice 3.82ct Cushion Shaped Sapphire of a Glowing Blue (egaj-11-39) SOLD!
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gia certed large blue sapphire
2.97ct Cushion Sapphire of a nice deep Glowing Blue. Approximately 7.70x6.69x6.24mm (egaj-11-60) $14900
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large natural 1.56ct alexandrite with wonderful color change
Large Wonderful 1.65ct Cushion Shaped Natural Alexandrite - Great Color Change from Blue Green to Purple; eye clean, well cut and exceedingly fine in every way compared to most Alexandrites seen on the market. This rare gemstone is not just over the magic carat weight of 1ct, but it is even over 1.5cts! In Tucson over the past 7 years, we haven't see anything quite like this, as most Alexs are poorly cut, shallow, weak color change (or one color is better than the other), high prices, etc. Priced VERY attractively - like most of our gemstones, below the wholesale as seen in Tucson - IF you can find such a fine piece. Prices for anything in Alexandrite right now in the trade are much higher than in the past, but fine color and unenhanced gemstones like unheated corundum, have increased 30% in about a year; Alexandrite has increased about 40% - and the material we are seeing on the market is overly dark and included. (btree-16b-01) $28,000
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natural alexandrite cat's eye
Natural Alexandrite Cat's Eye, 1.53ct (egaj-15-21) $2,295
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unheated 79pt oval ruby - certed 90pt oval ruby - certed
A - Unheated (Certed) 79pt Oval Red Ruby from Madagascar. (egaj-15-66) $3950   -   View Cert
B - 90pt Oval Purplish Red Ruby. (egaj-15-48) $3600   -   View Cert
1.07ct certed unheated ruby certed square cushion ruby
A - Unheated 1.07pt Oval Red Ruby - Mozambique (kjcl-15a-09) $6,885   -   View Cert
B - 1.41ct Square Cushion Raspberry Red Ruby. (egaj-15-25) $8460   -   View Cert / GIA Cert
unheated 1.10ct ruby (certed)
Pinkish Red 1.10ct Unheated Ruby (African) (nee-15-02) $7,040   -   View Cert
1.39ct unheated ruby (certed)
Unheated 1.39ct Cushion Shaped Ruby of a Pinkish Red color. (egaj-15-30) $10,842   -   View Cert
GIA Cert
purplish red 1.70ct cushion shaped ruby
An EXCEPTIONAL Glowing Neon Pink Red 1.70ct Cushion Ruby - Unheated! (egaj-15-69) $22,100   -   View Cert
GIA Cert
unheated 2.05ct Ruby with cert
2.05ct Unheated Ruby, Cushion; Red with subtle overtones. Photo doesn't do the gemstone's beauty/color any justice. (egaj-15-03) $20,050   -   View Cert
GIA Cert
certed 68pt round orange to pink sapphire
Color Shifting 0.68ct Round Sapphire, changing from Dusty Orange to Pinkish under different lighting conditions. This piece was purchased specifically for the unusual color shifting properties. Because this is an unusual color shift, the lab didn't examine this gem under different lighting conditions; if fact, not sure what lights they used as their color discription is different than expected as we really haven't seen the color described under the lights we have used. (jdbkk-15-03) $975
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pinkish orange 91pt gia certed pad sapphire
0.91ct Oval Sapphire - Pink with Orange Highlights - Certed Padparadscha. . (egaj-15-56) $3,878
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unique yellow sapphire
Unusual/Unique Yellow for a Sapphire and that is why it appears in our inventory. This oval weighs 91pts and is unheated. (egaj-15-84) $1,911   -   View Cert
certed blue sapphire - unheated certed salmon pink sapphire
A - 1.08ct Medium Blue Sapphire, Oval, Unheated. (egaj-15-36) $3,229   -   View Cert
B - Bright Salmon Pink 1.08ct Cushion Sapphire. (egaj-15-72) $2,592   -   View Cert
gia certed pad sapphire deep pink certed sapphire
A - 1.16ct Pinkish Orange Padparadscha Sapphire (cushion). (kjcl-15a-03) $5800   -   GIA Cert
B - Deep Pink 1.22ct Sapphire Oval. (egaj-15-44) $2,790   -   View Cert
medium pink 1.28ct sapphire blue and yellow round sapphire
A - Medium Pink Cushion Shaped Sapphire weighing 1.28cts (egaj-15-27) $2,945   -   View Cert
B - An interesting Fancy Sapphire (1.32ct; Round) with Blue and Yellow mixing at times to a green, utilizing the natural color zoning of the original Sapphire crystal to create a unique/interesting finished gemstone. Photo doesn't capture the interest of this piece that most would find pleasing. (egaj-15-78) $1,980   -   View Cert
pinkish orange gia certed oval pad sapphire
Certed 1.36ct Oval Padparadscha Sapphire. (egaj-15-83) $6,392   -   View Cert / GIA Cert
deep magenta pink oval sapphire deep pink cushion sapphire
A - Deep Magenta Pink 1.53ct Oval Sapphire. (egaj-15-10) $3,825   -   View Cert
B - 1.55ct Deep Pink Cushion Cut Sapphire. (egaj-15-67) $3,875   -   View Cert
violet pink oval sapphire gia certed pad sapphire
A - 1.60ct Violet Pink Oval Sapphire. (egaj-15-37) $6,400   -   View Cert
B - 1.60ct Unheated Orangy Pink Oval Padparadscha Sapphire. (egaj-15-59) $16000   -   View Cert / GIA Cert
pink unheated sapphire deep pastel pink 1.77ct sapphire
A - Unheated 1.63ct Pink Square Cushion Sapphire. (egaj-15-14) $8,052   -   View Cert
B - 1.77ct Deep Pastel Pink Oval Sapphire (egaj-15-33) $5,310   -   View Cert
wonderful orangy pink gia certed pad sapphire
A very beautiful 1.64ct Oval Orangy-Pink Padparadscha Sapphire with lots of brilliance as can be seen in the photo. (kjcl-15a-10) $9840 - GIA Cert
reddish pink unheated sapphire
Unheated Reddish Pink Sapphire (Oval) weighing 1.51cts. (egaj-15-80) $7550
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salmon pink sapphire
Salmon Pink Oval Sapphire weighing 1.79cts. Color is vivid and unusual - a wonderful color. It can appear a purply red depending on the lights and we feel that GIA might cert this an actual Ruby! (egaj-15-07) $5,700
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unheated pad-like sapphire
Unheated Pink/Orangy Purple Oval Sapphire weighing 1.82cts. (egaj-15-08) $9,464
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GIA Cert
enter alt description
1.84ct Medium Pastel Pink Cushion Sapphire. (egaj-15-28) $5,152   -   View Cert
fancy sapphire with yellow body and blue sections purplish pink sapphire
A - Square Cushion Yellow Sapphire(1.86ct) with various parts of the gemstone being blue - related to elements present during the Sapphire crystal growth. Unique and not too common, especially to see it in a faceted gemstone. (egaj-15-43) $3,162   -   View Cert
B - 2.04ct Oval Purplish Pink Sapphire. (egaj-15-55) $5,508   -   View Cert
certed reddish pink 2.13ct oval sapphire certed deep 'glowing' pink sapphire
A - Reddish Pink Oval Sapphire weighing 2.13ct. (egaj-15-46) $6,359   -   View Cert
B - Square Cushion Deep Glowing Pink 2.14ct Sapphire. (egaj-15-58) $7,490   -   View Cert
unheated glowing blue sapphire unheated oval sapphire from madagascar
A - Unheated 2.22ct Oval Sapphire - Medium Glowing Blue. (egaj-15-26) $12,987   -   View Cert / GIA Cert
B - Unheated 2.29ct Oval Sapphire, nice Medium Blue - Madagascar. (kjcl-15a-14) $13,397 - GIA Cert
2.60ct oval pink sapphire
Unheated Purplish Pink Sapphire Oval weighing 2.65cts. (egaj-15-74) $12,057 - GIA Cert
deep glowing blue certed sapphire
Deep Glowing Blue Square Cushion Sapphire weighing 1.97cts. (egaj-15-73) $7,289
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unique multi-colored, orange and green sapphire
Another one-of-a-king piece we encountered was this multi-colored fancy Sapphire consisting of orange and green coloration, weighing 2.09cts. Many times these colors can mix and become muddy. Within this particular gem, the colors are remaining separate and not mixing, providing a very pleasing interesting color combination especially when in motion. Perhaps after all these years, the secret is out - that there are some very unique pieces of faceted multi-colored sapphire and some of those are very beautiful to view. It is much harder to obtain fair prices on these pieces, but when we see them, we attempt to negotiate and make the purchase. We were lucky enough to find a total of about three pieces, with the others being displayed above. This particular one is also an interesting unique color combination not seen before by us. (egaj-15-68) $7,315
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deep neon pink sapphire light yellow unheated square radiant sapphire
A - 2.61ct Deep Neon Pink Oval Sapphire. (egaj-15-09) $9,135   -   View Cert
B - Unheated 3.50ct Square Radiant Yellow Sapphire. (egaj-15-12) $7,350   -   View Cert
enter alt info
Unheated Blue Sapphire with highlights of Green - 2.77ct Cushion. (egaj-15-62) $18,000
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GIA Cert

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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