All That Glitters - Customer Testimonials

Recently, I worked with All That Glitters to get something very special for my daughters. I gave them each a set amount, and let them look through the All That Glitters Website and pick a fine gemstone of their own choosing. I have to say, that I got as much pleasure out of watching them decide on something as they did! And the end results were very interesting! They all chose something very different from each other. What some of them saw on the website changed when they saw them in person. All That Glitters was very patient with the whole process, and everyone was extremely pleased. I must say that the colors on the site are nice, but seeing the stones in different lights makes A Big Difference! If you're a father looking to do something very special for your daughters, to give them something real, an heirloom for them, not some trinket you get at the mall, then All That Glitters has the answer. Long after I'm gone, my girls will Remember the time we had picking out gems from All That Glitters. Many thanks go to Allen Brown for his expertise and patience!
TMN (Massachusetts)

Morning. Allen, I love my Turkish Diaspore and it exceeds any previous expectations! I have to say I was both nervous and hesitant making such a purchase online as well as with a person/company I literally knew nothing about . Talk about a giant " Leap of Faith". Yet you were always professional and accommodating with me always responding in a timely manner, which I deeply appreciated. Being someone new whom never purchased gemstones in this questions and requests responded to quickly, and you never made me feel any question or requests were a sent pictures and talked never trying to sway me one way or another...I learned so much from you in such a short time and look forward to collaborating further with you on my ring design for my beautiful diaspore! Thank you for making this process so positive. The diaspore arrived safely and timely. Again my heartfelt appreciation.
SW (Chester, CT)

Definitely enjoying! Thanks again - you're most kind to check in again. I look forward to her reaction to this wonderful stone and, with luck, I will be ordering some of the Russian material perhaps for a pair of earrings :) Anyhow, thanks for the information! I doubt I could afford the natural alex, but thank you for noting it anyway! I look forward to doing business with you again! Thank you
FY (Hong Kong)

OMG actually had me worried at first. This is way beyond "good". It is beautiful and more perfect than imagined...I love I can only imagine what it will look like in person!!!. It is incredible.....luv..luv. Luv both outdid yourselves....I think your last pic is amazing at showing the cut and brilliance of the gem and ring ( thinking that would look incredible on your web page!). Also number 5 shows the depth of the stone and actually all the pics are great but those 2 are really amazing..... Great job sincerely.... Your check is in the mail as promised cash when you receive. Let's try for delivery to come my day off oct 17th Friday.....I am beside myself with happiness.....a fan for Life Warmest Regards and Deep Appreciation.
SW (Chester, CT)

Allen, I wanted to let you know I received the pear shaped blue Topaz today. It has a beautiful blue color that I've not see before! When I have a hectic day, I come to your site and look through the gemstones, which really puts a good end to a day! Thanks for the stress relief...
KD (Bedford, TX)

Thank you so much for checking in with me! That is very kind of you. I received the package within a week and my jeweler has just re-set the ring with your stone. It is magnificent and precisely what I was hoping for from alexandrite. It has certainly whet my appetite to see how much different the Russian stones will look like. This one is already magnificent. Thank you so much and I look forward to being able to purchase more stones from you - I am planning to get through the proposal first though. Thank you for providing such a wonderful specimen for this very big life event of mine! Bless you and the work you do!
YF (Hongkong)

I am so glad I bought it. Your picture was perfect and this unusual Iolite is fantastic! There will not be another like this one. I should have sent an email right after I saw it. I apologize as work kept me crazy busy. I have always been happy and impressed with the gems I have been lucky enough to purchase from you! I am sure that will continue. Gorgeous gemstone! I just can't decide whether to mount it or continue to take it out and look at it for awhile :) Thank you, Allen, for having some gemstones that are affordable for most - and for letting us look at all the others through your site!!!
KD (Bedford, TX)

Just got the alexandrite set by our local jeweler. Our daughter will love it.
SM (email)

The Tourmaline was delivered on Monday morning, April 28th. :-) No hold up with Customs or duty charges. It is such a pretty colour, and it sparkles! Jane called in this evening between her music lessons - and she is delighted with the gem. Thank you very much again for your advice and patience.
KL (Australia)

Thank you so much. I received the GIA report today in the mail. Truly appreciate your level of's on-line gem shopping can be rather murky -to say the least- you have been a great comfort. Best and Look Forward to doing business with you in the future-
LO (Austin, TX)

Yes (gemstone received) and its amazing now im doing ring design for it!!!
AK (Kuwait)

Thanks for letting me know and thanks for all your help. Great ring and great job!
JP (Hollis, NH)

Thank you very much for the alexandrite! The cut is lovely and the shipping was unbelievably fast... Thank you for the excellent customer service!

...u have one of the best stones in the world

that is BEAUTIFUL....but I've done the deal...mercy that's a nice stone.
Store Owner (via a Trade Related Pay Website)

Absolutely adore the beautiful citrine!!!! L??VE IT! ?? Just wanted to let you know that it made its way here and it amazing!
KLF (email)

you have some amazing photos in your photo gallery!! WOW!!!!
Store Owner (via a Trade Related Pay Website)

Just to let you know, I received the package and everything looks fine. It's a very cool stone!... Thanks for the help! I've no doubt I'll purchase something from you in the future. It's so much fun to make custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Yay! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! Woot woot! You guys have been so amazing !!!
KLF (email)

Another beautiful gemstone to admire and think about! You surely have the most exquisite gems for sale!
JM (email)

Hi Allen, I just wanted to let you know that the dryhead agate cab arrived safely last week. I have had 3 bereavements in the last fortnight, hence the delay in letting you know. I am extremely happy with the cab - it is exquisite - the nicest dryhead I've seen, and I was pleasantly surprised that the fractures were more obvious in the photo than in the hand. I will check out your website frequently, however please feel free to send me photos of anything similar that you might come across. Thank you so much for finding such a gorgeous specimen. All the very best.
KB (Australia)

I have received Jade artefacts Allen! Many thanks, beautiful.... i love it! :-))
FL (France)

Just letting you know it arrived safely and is just what I wanted.
SM (email)

Received the stones, they are very nice, thanks!

I received my Burmese deep red spinel and my Imperial color shifting garnet today. I was out of town working and the holiday delayed my pick up plan. I just had to tell you that they are both beautiful!! My garnet sparkles and shines in the kitchen light - gorgeous! I saw your note to take my red spinel to the incandescent light and you were absolutely correct of course :-) It is GREAT!! The only thing that could make them more outstanding is to find the perfect settings to set them both off in their own perfect way! Thank you so very much for a great place to look at gemstones, fossils, and Camille. I've liked her since the first day I met her on I am glad you have shared your knowledge and your gemstones with us, Allen. I wish I was rich instead so darn good-looking (LOL!) as I would own many of your gemstones.
KD (Bedford, TX)

Received the stones and am very pleased with all. Please keep me in mind for other superb inclusions you get. Looking only for the very best quality and unique inclusions. Larger stones are more interesting as well.

Thanks allen for this great stone and ill show you later other designs of other gemstones
AK (Kuwait)

I forgot to let you know it arrived. I cut it into four pieces to get the best orientations, and I'm cutting one right now...its on the dop. Looks like it will be a 15.5mm square with a Portuguese pavilion and a step-cut crown. Should be killer, and hopefully about 25 carats! I might have to get another piece of this alexandrite rough.

Thank you for your time and efforts to respond to my email. You have a good eye for nice Blue Sapphires.
UI (email)

I wanted to let you know I've had an opportunity to spend some time with the gems out in the morning sun and wow beautiful! The smaller one displays such a gorgeous teal green and also the larger but with a yellow hue through the gem also. I spend a little time of an evening sitting quietly by myself and am very interested in crystal energies they were what drew me initially to cut gems. I have been sitting with my gems since I received them and absolutely love the energy of them I find i don't want to put them down when I'm ready to go to bed. So thank you for making this material available at such a great price it's greatly appreciated :)
BM (Australia)

My package arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank you so much, I couldn't be happier with the alexandrite from the laser rods. The color change is amazing. I had bought some earrings thatwere supposedly alexandrite from somewhere else and I now know it obviously wasn't alexandrite and they were a similar price to what I paid you for something half the size. I can't wait to turn these rounds into earrings.
FS (email)

I received the purple tourmaline cab today and I love it. It is very pretty. I see the pink modifier but I am ok with that. My test was to ask my kids, "Hey girls, what color is this stone." They both said purple right away, so YAY! I plan to set it with a pair of purple garnets (pic attached) I have to draw out the purple even more. I like creating rings in the same color but different shades (ex. my fav ring is a medium blue sapphire/aquamarine combo). Thanks again! The stone has been considered and is now SOLD. : )
AK (email)

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am very impressed with the quality of your customer service!
Steven (email)

Thank you Allen, you are being extraordinarily kind and generous. I appreciate it.
Jennifer (email)

I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.
HS (email)

Thank you for your reminder email. It was a busy week here, so I have been late with my reply. I was at the post office on Monday or Tuesday and picked up the package with the specimen. It is a nice specimen, smaller than I expected, but nice and special. I have put it in my cabinet together with my other scepters. I wish you a nice weekend, Thanks again
TB - Oslo, Norway

Thanks a lot, Allen...your responsiveness is wonderful.
Nate (email)

I just received the Zincite & owahee jasper. I am very happy with the jasper and -- TOTALLY blown away by the EXCELLENT color and brillance of the Zincite. I will be telling my lapidary and custom jeweler friends about ALL THAT GLITTERS. I also have a few friends who only wear custom made jewelry who I will be telling about A.T.G. I will definately be interested in the Elegante cut Zincite in about 3 months.
SK - Warsaw, IN

Thank you so much for you reply. I will research that article in JCK You have helped me a lot on a difficult assignment I could not find hardly any references for this material. I love your web site it is full of great information and extremely well done. Aloha.
SD - Graduate Gemologist, CGA, (appraisal lab in Honolulu)

I did receive the green sapphire last week. It's a beautiful gem and I am very pleased with it.
RB - Carslbad, CA

Thank you for your robust response! I am always in the market for uncommon stones.......
TL - San Diego, CA

I have just finished reading your Caveat Emptor section and agree wholeheartedly with your warnings and observations. I applaud you for including that information as part of your website, which I thoroughly enjoy visiting from time to time.
LA - Richmond, VA

Its been a while since we talked, but I still monitor you guys frequently. I did buy one of your large Turkish rough diaspores, a 6ct gorgeous pistachio color in daylight and a copperish color at noght. I have had it set for abut 6 months now in a unqiue diamond setting that shows and protects the gem and I ware it carefully quite often and love it. Its cut is fantastic, its color clean and brilliant ... As you may remember, you bent over backwards for me on this one, and I do appreciate it...You guys do have a great web site. Keep it going, and good luck to you guys. (Owners name appeared in email but has been removed), owner of the world's best cut large Turkish diaspore any larger is too large for my use..this one truly is perfect)
RB - Carlsbad, CA

I just finished the transaction with PayPal so you will have the funds to procede. You have been very nice to work with. Thanks a bunch.
GD - Anchorage, AK

I got the stone on Friday. I LOVE THE STONE.. It is bigger than I anticipated. I was originally working on some designs for a smaller pendant...This stone is talking to me to give it a nobler mounting.
KM - Lynn, MA (Moss Opal)

This would be a unique and "fitting" direction for our firm to move in, enabling us to provide a truly unparalleled offering for our customers. Your stones are easily the most interesting that we have seen, and in my opinion, the only type of loose colored stone that we can sell in this way... The exclusivity of these pieces would be very appealing, as there would be no way for a competitor to have a similar offering. Comment from a goldsmith in one of the well-known high end retail jewlelry stores in the U.S.

You wrote such a nice email explaing the situation, and the fact you are GIA specialist suggests to me I can rely on you to get the size of stone I would like to have created.
SC - email

Your parcel arrived a little earlier than expected. The gemstone is beautiful... Again, thank you so very much for everything you have done. Many dealers did not bother responding to my initial email and those that did appear not to have read it. You are obviously a consummate professional who went above and beyond to give this client exactly what she wanted. I am extremely satisfied with every part of our transaction and should I need gemstones of any kind in the future I will first think to contact you.
MS - New South Wales, Australia

The zincite is so unique!... Thank you for such an interesting stone to work with, I love collecting the unique.
SS - Lubbock, TX

Thank you! Wonderful Diaspore and Tourmaline arrived from you.
MA - Mito-shi Itabaraki, Japan

I cannot get over the presence and power of the ametrine, the richness of color, the internal glow that reflects as glassine shine on the surface of the stone. I feel as if I am wearing a snippet of an illuminated manuscript on my ring finger, or a shard from the Chartres stained glass window. Thank you so much for everything: you are artist and craftsman--a true Renaissance man.
LF - Sargent, TX

Received the earring today. Looks super. Couldn't be more perfect size or color. Really like it alot... Thanks again for your help and doing a few extras. It is greatly appreciated.... When you get it into the light it is impressive. Thanks alot for the attention and the help.
SF - Columbia, PA (Teal Diamond Earring)

One thing that has impressed me through this venture is that you have treated me as if I were a long time favored customer. You realize that, to me, my stone is just as precious as that purchased by a true connoisseur for many thousands of dollars. I appreciate that--it is a piece of what makes this experience special...your kid glove treatment is part and parcel of my one of a kind gem/ring.
LF - Sargent, TX

The lab report is back on the alexandrites, and I am delighted to say that they are exactly what you said they were. We are both over the moon, and looking forward to going to the jeweller and telling her she was wrong, and also having them set.
FW - W. Sussex, England (UK)

Gave the ring to my wife she loved it. As you may or may not remember she is a jeweler by trade.
MR - Medford, NJ (Natural Alexandrite)

I received the gem. It's very nice. Has lot's of brilliance... you have come through once again with a very nice gem.
LS - Chatham, MA

Been On your Web Site. You Have Stunning Gem Photo's
TG (email)

Good news, the parcel was picked up this afternoon, and the contents are just what we have come to expect from you. The stones are super...
FW - W. Sussex, England (UK)

The ring arrived yesterday afternoon. It is beautiful--I love it.
BM - Palm Bay, FL (Tanzanite Ring)

I love visiting your website, the images are all great and changing regularly so it is a pleasure to visit. There is also lots of good info about a variety of stones, a pleasure for someone who lives in a city where colored stones other than the big three are not apperciated much.
DF - Sask.CANADA (Owner of gemstone website)

I received the zincite today-- I'd been out of town for Christmas ( just down the road from you in Andover) and couldn't have asked for a nicer surprise when I unwrapped the stone. It is all you said it was and more-- the color, the quality of the cutting, the personality of the stone, all are excellent. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
DW - Buffalo, NY

I got the two sparklies today. Wow, they are unreal (no pun intended!)...Even in dim light they were very bright.
KJ - San Marino, CA

Superb material with good colour change - should cut a great stone...
CS - London, England

I would like to know if you would tell me what you used to take the photos on your web page. I was very inpressed with the photos and was wondering if you used a photo box or just a plain digital camera.
WC (email)

I went through your web site , large selection of stones. nice site.
AS (International Gemstone Dealer)

I got the 5.55 Spessartite Garnet yesterday, and all I can say is: holy smokers! What a sensational stone! Great color and beautifully cut. I've only seen it in indoor lighting so far, and it seems that the stone's color is predominantly red with orange flashes (vs. reddish orange) in that lighting...Thanks!
SQ - San Jose, CA

Thanks to All That Glitters, we are now convinced that the time has arrived for us to secure one of thes incredible Diaspore gems, and for that I applaud your efforts. You are indeed the source for our gem quality Turkish Diaspore. We are indeed a serious customer!!
RB - Carlsbad, CA

I opened all the packages and I'm speechless... The other gems are greater than pictured-there so many great gems, I can't remember them all...Thank you very much. Your gems are expensive compared to some sources, but the quality is WORLD CLASS - so they are actually cheaper. I'll always know where to go when I want a gem...
JW - Los Angeles, CA

"The tri-colored quartzes were exquisite and will be treasured parts of my collection. This is rare material, but I can always expect the unexpected from you... and it being top quality on top of that! Thanks again"
JH Grapevine - TX (serious gem quartz collector)

Very Informative. Too short.... Very Informative, interesting and learned new information. Length, could have covered more subject matter if we had more time... An extension of this class would be something I would be interested in.... This course gave the basics plus in depth knowledge of various stones that I have never heard of. I wish it were a 6 week course.....
Feedback on The World of Gemstones adult education course taught by L. Allen Brown of All That Glitters in November 2004

Just wanted to let you know I received the parcel today. My first reaction was wow... The material is going to cut some amazing gems. Thank you!
AB - Suisun City, CA

...The finished piece weighed in at 4.075 carats. It will go in my collection. I have enough to cut a few more but I think I may order another parcel. Thanks to "All that glitters" for offering this nice material to us.
MS Reading, PA (rough gemstones)

I have to say that the entire office came to a halt when I opened the package. All I can say about the stone is WOW WOW WOW. It is at the jeweler's now and hopefully I will have it back by the weekend. Once again thank you for making this a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
TL - Richardson, TX (Custom Cut Deep Blue Aquamarine)

I've received the demantoid. Holy moly! That's one heck of a stone!...... IGI (International Gemological Institute) appraised the stone at ~x.y K (removed value for privacy reasons) for insurances purposes. Additionally, the gemologists there were fairly giddy when they were viewing the stone: calling people over and speaking in hushed tones. I got the feeling they were _very_ impressed but didn't want to show it because that might show that they didn't really know how to appraise the stone. One gemologist who wasn't even handling me came over and complimented me on it, etc., etc. ..... So who cares about all of that? Not me. I think the stone is amazing. It's the 'real mccoy' ...
DS NYC (An Incredible Russian Demantoid Garnet)

Anyways I wanted to say thanks for the help with it, I am very satisfied!
JG - Framingham, MA (Wedding Band)

Got the color change spinel a couple of days ago. My jeweler/gemologist at the Jeweler's Bench in Los Gatos and I both agree that it is a very cool stone and is definitely a keeper.
SJQ - San Jose, CA (Color Change Spinel)

Again, I just haven't made up my mind...but I will...and I am going to buy from you as I couldn't be more impressed with your help and professionalism in all "facets" of this process.
LS - Chatham, MA

This months gems received-beautiful, especially the orang/red zircon.....I can't wait to hear about these rare gemstones........

Wow, that's some nice looking stuff! Nope, I definitely didn't know what it was.
SS (Our point of contact within Lapidary Journal for advertising - regarding Diaspore)

I have very much enjoyed browsing through your website, especially the gem photos section. You have an excellent collection of gemstones for sale.
SJQ (email)

......just picked it up from the post office. I really like it!
AF - Brooklyn, NY (Tanzanite)

Congratulations on your design Special Apex Barion Cut!...Once again a beautiful design!!
PR (email)

I found you through a google search. I had to wade through a lot of garbage before I found you, but it definately was worth the wait. I knew that if I looked hard enough I could find a legitimate gem dealer on the web, and I have. By the way, the photos you sent me of the yellow beryl confirmed what I had presumed...that this was one very nice gem. The original photo did it absolutely no justice. I will take the stone.. The gem arrived Friday. It is exceptional...
LS - Chatham, MA (Yellow Beryl)

Thank you for the feedback and adding us to the list. You have a wonderful website and beautiful products...The garnet arrived today and it is fabulous! The cut, polish and colors are excellent and we appreciate your insistence on supplying high quality product. You have enriched our lives with this wonderful gift and we thank you for that. Warmest regards.
G&K MC Kent, WA (Imperial Malaia Garnet)

just received the tanzanite and the tsavorie.both are gorgeous-the tanzanite seems to be trichroic-green with a moderate shifting blue as you turn the gem and also yellow flashes.the tsavorite is one of the brightest/dispersive tha i have seen again i wanted to thank you for holding gems for me...

I have a small (just me) custom gemstone faceting business in Denver Colorado. I stumbled upon your site while "Googling" several months ago. I wanted to let you know what a fantastic website you have! It's an easy to navigate site. It's got so much great thru your photographs, see what's new, as the pics are my favorite part. I know only a few sites who inform viewers if a photo of a gem doesn't have the correct color in the pic. color change, highly saturated, or deep toned pieces is almost an art unto itself. I must say it's an "art" you've certainly mastered. I've struggled quite a lot trying to get good high quality pictures of my gemstones. I've yet to get anywhere near the quality of the photos on your site. Your inventory is varied, and aside from the "common" materials you stock, it seems you carry many rare and unusual materials not usually seen. The quality of all the gemstones you list is incredibly high. You certainly have and list top end representations of the varied materials your gemstones are cut from.... For what it's worth I greatly enjoy browsing your site, thanx...
TS - Denver, CO is raining heavily and blowing a gale, but that is mitigated by the arrival of the stone. It looks beautiful and I am heading in the direction of my jeweller friend to discuss setting of the stone...Once again thank you for the trouble you have taken, it has been a pleasure to do business with you. I look forward to aquiring more stones in the future.
FW - W. Sussex, England (UK)

Can I tell you...I was blown away when I opened the package!!!!!!! To call it stunning would be an understatement. I would have to use the term, exquisite. I would like to thank you again for allowing me to make payments on this incredible stone. Thanks again and may the new year be filled with many blessings!...Thank you again Allen for the Outstanding Customer Service!!! I have told a number of individuals about you, the level of service and your website. I cannot thank you enough for the "opportunity" to purchase such an incredible stone.
RT - Kenmore, WA (An incredible Neon Apatite from Madagscar, photographed by GIA for a potential future article!)

The stones arrived and they are gorgeous...I feel like I have a personal jeweler now.
AB - Las Vegas, NV

Tourmaline's arrived Saturday and boy are they beautiful!!

...received your latest shipment and as usual, from you, they are fabulous!
JW - Los Angeles, CA

I went and checked out your website. It's loaded with inventory, some really beautiful pieces too! SP - Cambridge, MA

"Tiffany, of course offers no services beyond the sizing or repair of their rings. They try to create an exclusive offering; but one where its available to all their stores/clients. In fact more of a "Limited" offering than an exclusive one. Your unique gems, though, require an even more "exclusive" approach. These should be presented, quite literally, as a once in a lifetime opportunity! These stones are cut to each crystal's unique potential; and not really reproducible if passed up."
From a person in a position within, what we believe, is one of the top five most recognized names in a U.S. based high end retail jewelry business.

(Our business relationship) has not only fun in our discussions, but an honest reliable gem dealer, in my experience, they are very rare...
JW - Los Angeles (A collector/investor of very fine quality, unusual gemstones)

Would you be able source a top quality Cat's Eye tourmaline of good size? I am talking like 10-12 carats? Stone would have to be translucent, good green color, and having an excellent eye. Looking at your tourmaline stock, I would suppose that you are the only guy in the world who could source this ....
CB (Yes, found two stones actually!!!)

I got the gem and it is extraordinary. Besides being very large, in sunlight it is a yellowish-green-brown and as you tip it you see intense gold flashes Flashes of bright red and green flashes - almost like a perfect andalusite. Under bright incandescent light, it is a fantastic very intense neon electric orange - more intense than the best tangerine or grossular. Under fluorescent light it is yellow-brown. Amazing gem.
JW - CA (unusual color change garnet)

I can't stop looking at my finger. Thanks! (Natural Alexandrite/Diamond Ring)
SA (Artist ) - VT

I gave my wife the bracelet on Wednesday. She loved it. I loved it. The stones are way cool to watch going through their color changes. I asked my jeweler what he thought of them. Originally the salesman said they where nice. When I went to pick up the bracelet the jeweler/owner came out and wanted to knoweverything. He had never seen anything like them. Even his stone buyer was impressed and wanted them. It is very impressive as you said it would be. You may possibly hear from the jewelers soon. Anyway, thanks again, my wife who is a jeweler also was very impressed. I'm glad I found you. (Russian Synthetic Alexandrite - 12 pcs, 5x7mm ovals Purchased the stones from All That Glitters and had a local jeweler set them into a bracelet)
MR - Ocean City, NJ

Thanks for the bicolors, which arrived today. They are stunning and will look great in the display; I am very impressed.
JH - Springfield, IL

The Imperial Malaya suite arrived and the gems are STUNNING! I must have, thanks to you, one of the best collections around .
JW- Los Angeles, CA

Just a quick note to let you know the stones arrived today (Tues. 15 Apr. 2003).... They have more sparkle than the on-line photo... Thanks for the great communication and service. Not all companies treat the low budget customer well...
FT- New Jersey

The diamond arrived today along with the zincite. Both are lovely and "keepers".
SG - Missouri (Teal Diamond)

I found your site through an internet search not one of the industry publications that you mentioned you have been advertising in. It's a great site. I really enjoyed it, not to mention falling in love with the color change garnet!
RJ - Massachusetts

I received my stone on Saturday, it's beautiful. I took it to my Jeweler today to start getting my new ring made.
ALG - Huntington Beach, CA (Alexandrite-Like Garnet)

I love the website! It's very informative and the pictures are great. You have a ton of inventory! A lot of unique things too.
SC - Dracut, MA

I received the package with lovely fresh water pearl necklaces today...
RD - Port Jefferson, NY

great seller, the tourmaline got here quickly, and i felt i got a good deal, the specimen is beautiful!! thanks a lot!
JG - San Jose, CA

2nd purchase "from ATG and feel that they are reliable and very easy to deal with... The first peice arrived quickly and I was pleased with my purchase... Thanks"
JG - San Jose, CA

I agree with you on the price and the "deal". While I am neither knowledgeable about gems nor anywhere near rich, I AM a scientist, so I approached this systematically: yours is the best price/trust tradeoff, i.e. you have the lowest prices for the high trust that you inspire. I have seen much lower prices ( Russians, Thais out of NYC and Moscow and Bangok), but the trust level there is such that I would not even give them my real email or real name. And FYI, the next after you in price are the company_name_removed .com in Colorado, but they are still 100-200 dollars more for same 30 points, plus they claim "AAA" but use a supplier, which means that unlike you, they have never seen those stones.
HB Hanover, NH (Regarding Natural Alexandrite)

I received the specimens in good order. Thank you for packing them so good.
RB - Onyx, CA

We have received the saphire and it is beautiful, we are happy with the transaction.
DM - Boca Raton, FL

Allen, you are so sweet and helpful!
RD - email

I absolutely love the stone. The piece is coming right along. I'm making a ring for my boyfriend for his birthday. I will send youphotograph as soon as it is finished. Also, if you come across anymore cat's eye tourmaline please let me know. Thank you very much.
JT - Glendale, UT

Received the stones today, they are beautiful...Thanks so much!
KW - Cincinnati, OH (Russian Synthetic Alexandrite)

Had the good fortune to find your site recently and it is outstanding! Many unusual and beautiful stones.......
SG - Missouri

You're right -- it is truly beautiful. It came in this afternoon's mail and Elly loves it.
IA - Peabody, MA (Oval Green Sphene set in pendant with diamonds)

...the ring is delightful......
HB - Hanover, NH (Natural Alexandrite Ring)

I finally have some time to let you know that I received my order, the "Alexandrite-like" color change garnet. I was absolutely "floored" when I saw it! I put it to the test with my few Alexandrites that I have, and it put some of them "to shame". Like I told you on the phone, I only have one room in the house, the basement bathroom, where I can see the maximum color change effects. This stone is surely a WOW! I will be in touch with you in the near future to find another one, a little larger next time. I hope the quantity and quality last for quite a while. I have one question, if you have the time to answer it. Is this the pyrospessartite genus of garnet? If not, than what is its name? Thank you for your help, and the stone.
JSG - Fair Lawn, NJ

I appreciate you and your business and have no qualms about buying from you again. Matter of fact, I would prefer it, because you are honest and trustworthy, something that is rare these days. It is a shame that you are an exception and not the rule. Will be conferring with you on some stones in the near future.
CT - Minden, LA

I have received the stone, it is beautiful, but so bright and clear, that I would belive it to be alab-stone.
LL - Denmark

Just wanted to let you know - the Alexandrite has arrived !! I haven't had a chance to examine the stone carefully yet, but your packaging was very secure, and got here in pristine order. Also, I received your email with the phone numbers, and I'll look for your paperwork in the post. Thanks so very much.
MR - Hollywood, CA

You're the best, Allen! Thanks again for your amazing service!!!...I also appreciate the additional information you sent...the beautiful garnet came Saturday and I couldn't be more pleased!...Your help has been tremendous, and I am extremely appreciative of your efforts. Count me among your loyal customers.
JH - Springfield, IL

I received my order and am really happy with all the stones. Your stones are the best quality I've seen. I'll be keeping them all...
BJH - Santa Fe, NM

I received my stones and can't bear to part with any of them. I would also like to order...
BJH - Santa Fe, NM

The rhodolite earrings were a great success... Lois liked them right away, put them on and they look great!! The light shines through as though there's an electric bulb in them! Good choices, good stuff all the way around... Thanks a million for your help on this project.
JR - North Andover, MA

I just checked out the web site. It is great. I never did see your TV production as I have a DSS system and do not get local channels up here in the mountains. I had a good year of collecting and am getting ready for the up coming year! I added your site to my favorite list so it is in my files.
JH - Center Ossipee, NH

I saw the web site, which I see is just starting up. It is obviously useful to me to have a constantlyupdated price list of your stones. The scans that are there are alsonice. My honest guess, though, is that you need to get pictures of many(or all) of your stones with prices to do much business fromthe site. (Or, in fewer words, a visualprice list.) There are just so many sellers of cheap gems (and other sellersof quality stones) on the Internet that you probably need images of yourstones to differentiate yourself from them in terms of quality.
AS - Flushing, New York

VERY nice web site, the little I got to see so far...I should check out more of your web site when I find some time.
SP - Avato, Greece via Algarve, Portugal

Looks great! It loads nice and fast and I like the way you put links to other points of interest rather than cramming all the info onto one page.
KP - Massachusetts

Ideas/Comments: how about a section that shows nicepictures of finished pieces ATG has designed. I think the general public has little imagination. Show them what you can create. I'd be glad to make my tanzanite available for a photo shoot. why don't you mention that you have a BS in Chemistry. just adds to your credibility (not that you really need any of that) how about testimonials from people who have used ATG's services.
BP - Lawrence, Massachusetts

I like your site...It is nicely spread out and informative. I have one suggestion, however, for the "for what it's worth column"! Your discussion of color change garnets gets a bit confusing with all of the mention of, and copmarison to alexandrite. At times it seems unclear wether you are speaking about a chrysoberyl or a garnet. Of course, being a garnet freak, I am a bit biased but I feel that these beautiful stones can sell themselves on their own merits with out the attempted ties to the famous (or infamous) cc chrysoberyl....
ACP - CT (Wholesale Dealer )