Garnet - Tsavorite (Green Grossular )

large neony green tsavorite garnet
Large 3.41ct Neony Tsavorite Garnet Oval. Has inclusions which can be seen under power and in this photo, but a brilliant/sparkly gemstone as the inclusions are small and not all that noticeable with the naked eye. (ik-24-01) $5115
tsavorite garnet
This Tsavorite weighs 0.73cts and was bought back in the 1990s, when Tsavorite was being introduced into some stores. The owner of All That Glitters purchased it and created a ring to show off this piece. In 2023, the ring was melted down, diamonds removed and now this Tsavorite Center Stone is available for sale. A rich deep chrome color. Photo doesn't do this gemstone justice - difficult to obtain accurate color. Priced to move at only - $975. (Price subject to change)
1+ct lively bright green tsavorite
Very Lively Bright Green 1.13ct Square Cushion Tsavorite Garnet. (awa-23-02) $1,525
1.28ct oval tsavorite garnet
Deep Green Tsavorite Garnet Oval weighing 1.28cts. (bsgl-20-01) $2,560
U.S. faceted mint merelani garnet, 6.93ct
U.S. faceted mint merelani garnet, 6.93ct
Very large 6.93ct Neony Green Grossular Garnet, faceted in the U.S. from All That Glitters rough, by one of our talented and wonderful cutters. Bright lively gem with hints of dispersion. As expected in this size, there are some small inclusions that can be seen with a loupe, but a plus to indicate natural origin as this large size is not often seen and anything indicating natural crystal growth will be a help in identification. Has a 'glow' which is unexpected for this Garnet Group. Though this comes from the same area as Mint Merelani Garnet (Grossular), a relative of Tsavorite, the brightness and glow is very unlike the typical Mint Merelani as that more common material doesn't necessarily glow like this does. The Garnet Group is very complex and perhaps this has a larger percentage of some element - or perhaps this could even be a new type of Garnet or oddity. This was a difficult gemstone to photograph and to obtain an accurate color. On our laptop monitor, we have an accurate color; with so many devices now displaying images, accurate color is a problem since screens are not calibrated. The photos do not do this gemstone justice as the color is not exactly accurate - there is very little one can do if the photo or video just doesn't show that "pop" that one sees in person. The video color is certainly not close to the color the eye sees - and the true brilliance/sparkle as well as dispersion is not captured, but it goes give an idea of what the gem looks like to some extent. In 2020, we saw a 1.6+ct round, without the glowing green this gem has, and the retail on it was approximately $2500/ct. The 2023 Tucson Trade (Wholelsale) Prices for smaller gemstones of this species, are much higher as well as other fine quality colored gemstones in general However, they are that very light Pastel Mint and not this vivid glowing color - the wholesale price for small material is being seen at over $1500/ct. With this being such a large example of this gemstone species, you will be surprised at our low pricing of only $2,200/ct! Ideally, we would like to increase the price of this as we cannot replace this size, color, cutting, etc. at our current price. (vyg-19-03) $15,246
tsavorite Garnet tsavorite Garnet
A - Oval Tsavorite Garnet weighing 1.12cts, Deep Chrome Green. (pond-15-02) $2,688
B - 2.57ct Rich Chrome Green Tsavorite Garnet. (egaj-15-77) $6,682
green grossular garnet - glows pink under UV light
green grossular garnet - under UV light
2.40ct Very Lively Green Grossular Garnet from Africa with a high polish. It glows PINK under Ultraviolet light. A new find from Africa! (kjcl-15a-07) $3,900
1.69ct tsavorite garnet
1.69ct Tsavorite Garnet. Great color, clarity, cutting and price! (cwgc-09-01) $4,225
Photographed some time ago and never placed on our website!
3.11ct Elongated Cushion U.S. Faceted Tsavorite
3.11ct Elongated Cushion U.S. Faceted Tsavorite, clean even with a loupe. Color is slightly darker than photo - top color and a top gem Tsavorite. Measures approximately 9.5x6.1x5.5mm (gbrnct-13-01) $14,617
Prices continue to rise - our most costly Tsavorite in 30+ years to purchase, but also one of our finest!
In Tucson 2022, there was a 4+ct Tsavorite seen for sale, wholesale price was approx $7,000/ct! Prices of Tsavorites are up in general...Prices are still increasing on Fine Large Tsavorites, as noted in the Tucson 2023 Gem and Mineral Show.
1.63ct Oval Tsavorite Garnet 1.63ct Brilliant Square Cushion Tsavorite
A - Photo doesn't do this 1.63ct Oval Tsavorite Garnet any justice. It is much brighter and lively with a nice sparkle.
(egaj-11-49) $3,912
B - A super 1.63ct Brilliant Square Cushion Tsavorite Garnet of a nice deep green without being too light or too dark!
(egaj-11-50) $4,400
This has a great Chrome color and is based on the the 2010 The Guide wholesale value for an Extra Fine Tsavo of this size, color, cutting, etc. Approx dims: 6.5x5.7x5.2mm There was a small scratch on the table and an issue on the culet. Couldn't see this with the unaided eye, but when someone wanted to know the clarity (very eye clean, really nothing under 5x) - we saw these two issues and decided to send the gemstone to our master cutter for some tweaking. Lost about 1.5 point s (0.015cts) - that's how small the issues were and of course, credit goes to our master facetor for his expertise, knowledge and skill!
Actually, the colors of the two pieces above are not too different from each other. Some may describe them as Chrome Green, but certainly nice Tsavos neither too dark or too light!
Tsavorite Garnet weighing 2.13ct
A wonderful lively neony green Tsavorite Garnet weighing 2.13ct. Have everything going for it - size, color, cutting, polish, clarity and price! Photo doesn't capture the color, polish, etc. (egaj-11-46) Approx Dimensions: 8.0x6.0x5.0mm $5,751
tsavorite garnet
This is the Chrome-like Green that one seeks out in this gemstone. Certed 2.02ct Tsavorite (Green Garnet), measuring 9.75x6.13x5.15mm. (pond-07-01) $5,454
View Cert
2.52ct Tsavorite Garnet
2.52ct Tsavorite Garnet
Great Chrome Color, nicely cut, few inclusions but it doesn't affect this gem face up. (kaek-06-26) $6,800
1.22ct Tsavorite Oval
1.22ct Tsavorite Oval
A bright medium green and lively, showing dispersion/fire! (selgem-06a-01) $1,220
1.24ct Oval Tsavorite Garnet
1.24ct Oval Tsavorite Garnet (lcmb-05-01) $2,480
3.63ct Merelani Mint Grossular Garnet - Sculpted!
tsavorite garnet
tsavorite garnet
We just finished our first sculpted gemstone from the rough. It is a Merlani Mint Grossular Garnet weighing 3.63ct. It has several optical dishes on the back and one on the front - it also has an overall shape where a designer can tuck a small diamond or round stone next to the stone as the gemstone has an area that looks like it is made just for this purpose! The color is bright and it is clean. We can no longer purchase the rough at this price....... 3.63ct Grossular Garnet - Sculpted: $8,349 (eagt-03-03c)
Mint Grossular Garnet from Merelani Area (East Africa)
U.S. Faceted!
tsavorite garnet
1.99ct Round (eagt-03-03a) $2,985
This material is wonderful and quite rare. It is found in the same area that Tanzanite comes from. In the right light, these stones show quite a bit of dispersion; we didn't expect to see this, but some garnets , like Demantoid, some Mali garnets and Grossular, exhibit this physical property which is the same property found in Diamond! The actual color of the material was difficult to capture. The body colors is a minty green (medium) and is cut using the Portuguese cut and dazzles the eye wilth glitter and sparkle due to the number of facets. (Note that the round has small inclusions, which is typical for this material, but due to the faceting, they cannot be seen readily with the unaided eye).
0.75ct Oval Tsavorite Garnet
0.75ct Oval Tsavorite Garnet - East Africa (eagt-95a-01p) $1,125 Nice example - great color!
1.11ct Oval Tsavorite Garnetdescription
1.11ct Oval Tsavorite Garnet : $2,422(ella-98-01
0.50ct Tsavorite Garnet
0.50ct Pear Shape Tsavorite Garnet: $500

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