Gemstones - Sapphire

purple sapphire
1.69ct Magenta-Purple Sapphire (gat-11-02 ) $4225
purplish pink sapphire peachy pink sapphire
A wonderfully brilliant 2.18ct Sapphire that shows a color shift from a pleasant dusty salmon to bright reddish or purplish pink! Described in the Cert as heated and of an orangy purple! 8.52x6.40x4.85mm (blgj-10-01) $6,540 View Cert
certed blue sapphire certed orange sapphire
A - Another shape not commonly seen in Fine Sapphire and that is why we have it in inventory! It weighs 2.88cts and is a fancy emerald cut. Depending on the lights, this gem will look either more blue or purple. A lively gemstone. UNHEATED and Certed. 9.18x5.85x4.95mm (blgj-10-02) $14,040 View Cert
B - An Unheated 1.67ct Orangy Sapphire. Many people would call this a Padparadscha - we never make that determination. We buy Pads and sell them as Orange Sapphire, and frequently purchase Ruby and sell them as Pink Sapphire! (bbjwl-10-01) $9,018
View AGL Cert
deep blue sapphire
Fine deep glowing blue Radiant Cut Sapphire of 1.74cts. A favorite shape of goldsmiths because emerald related shapes in Fine Sapphire are very uncommon. (awa-10-04) $5,000
parti-colored sapphire part-colored sapphire
1.68ct Parti-Colored Sapphire from Australia. Looks blue at the tip as well as the top, with yellow-green in the center. The body color is actually a yellow, but blue zoning (shown in the photo on the right), blends the colors producing a more greeny body color with the ends being blue. A nice parti-color that many people really enjoy. Can be easily set as the dimensions are approximately 9x6mm, a calibrated size. (ogm-07-01b2) $1680 - A New Lower Price!!
yellow sapphire yellow sapphire
A - 1.41ct Light Yellow Pear Shaped (Believed to be Unheated - old material), Sri Lanka, (ksn-95-03) $1833
B - 1.93ct Light Yellow Pear Shaped (Believed to be Unheated - old material), Sri Lanka, (ksn-94b-01a) $2316
blue sapphire blue sapphire
A - Trilliant 2.28ct Glowing Blue Sapphire - An ABSOLUTE KILLER of a Sapphire! (nazbro-09-01) $10,825
B - 3.30ct Velvet Blue , Kashmir-like Sapphire (babaj-09-01)
SOLD! (After sale, customer obtained an appraisal at his local store for approximately $16,000 - All That Glitters Selling Price was approximately $8,000 at that time.)
match oval pink sapphire
Something unique among the unique!
It is rare to find fine quality gemstones that are matched for earrings, but here is a case. Matched fine quality blue sapphire that are truly matched in size, color and cutting, like those we currently have in stock, are rare, but finding a matched pair of pinkish Sapphires is pretty much unheard of. These are color shifters too - they are more subdued in some lights but are much brighter/saturated in other lights, going from perhaps a dusty rose to bright pink with maybe a hint of purple. Under jewelry store lights, this pair is INCREDIBLE! Total weight is 3.05cts (kaek-07-11) $6,865
Can you imagine these as earrings with nice white diamonds accenting the vivid color?
We can't tell you how rare it is for a fine quality matched pair of large sapphires of this super color to be found. We have never had anything like this in our inventory in 30 years...
blue sapphire U.S. Faceted
2.35ct Dark Blue Australian Sapphire faceted by our Master Facetor, Stephen Stephen Kotlowski. Fairly typical for Aussie Sapphire, but it is a well faceted, over 2 carat Blue Sapphire. (ogm-07-01b3) $2820 A New Lower Price!
yellow sapphire
0.84ct Yellow Marquise Sapphire (scrp-08-06) $1,008
sapphire sapphire
A - 0.56ct Blue Sapphire (scrp-08-07) $625
B - 0.78ct Deep Blue Pear Shaped Sapphire (scrp-08-08) $936
sapphire blue sapphire
A - 0.95ct Blue Marquise Sapphire (scrp-08-09) $1,140
B - 1.53ct Oval Blue Sapphire (scrp-08-10) $2,500
fuchsia pink sapphire
1.92ct Fuchsia Pink Sapphire (awa-08-01) $5,796
pinish purple fuchsia purplish pink sapphire
2.43ct Pinkish Purple Sapphire Royal Magenta - color is not captured by this photo.... (egl-08-01) $7,339
2.58ct Purply Pink Sapphire (awa-08-04) $7,843
certed blue indigo sapphire thailand
A 2.88ct Ovaly-Cushion Blue-Indigo Sapphire from Thailand. An incredible example and we were only able to obtain one....(8.36x7.27x5.53mm) Has a paper Cert from Burapha Gemological Lab (BGL) in Chantaburi. Since we hadn't done business with the individual who owned this gemstone, and the color, clarity, cutting were all good, we wanted to insure that our purchase was natural. The cert indicates "Natural Blue Sapphire" and will accompany the sale. A second cert from AGL will also accompany the purchase. (kaek-07-17) $13005
View Burapha Cert

Below are Yellow Sapphires from Thailand. Until this year, we hadn't really seen any examples of Thai Sapphires during our trips to Thailand, eventhough Chantaburi and the surrounding area had been producing fine examples of Sapphire for hundreds of years. This year, we saw a number of yellows as well as blues. We purchased the finest example of the blue that came our way, and purchased all of the yellows from one miner that were decently faceted, had good color and were eye clean. We would have purchased far more IF they were available, but supply of fine pieces are always in short supply.

yellow sapphire with a blue stripe - tricolor sapphire
1.99ct Tricolored Sapphire from Thailand showing blue zoning. Unique and one of a kind!! A somewhat shallow stone with associated pavillon angles so as not to create brilliance that would destroy the sharp existing blue zone that one currently sees... (gmtown-07-06) $2,746
pinkish magenta sapphire
Super Intense Deep Pink Magenta 1.84ct Sapphire (awa-07-02a) $6,248 Approx Dimensions: 6.8x6.0x5.1mm
magenta pink sapphire
Pink Sapphires, total weight of 2.12cts Ave wt would be approx 0.72ct (blgj-07-05p) $1,725/ct or approx $1,242 per stone
sapphire trilliants
Matched Set of Fancy Sapphires, all ready to be set into a fine piece of jewelry. 3 Trilliants weighing 2.60cts Approx 5.5mm (blgj-07-07p) Only $1,725/ct
sapphire suite - 5x7mm
Fancy Sapphire Suite of 5x7mm Emerald Cut Sapphires, matched for a bracelet or other piece of jewelry. Total weight is 8.03cts (blgj-07-02p) $1,380/ct (Very nice colors here ranging from fine blue, orange, pink, purple and green!
reddish pink sapphire blue sapphire
A - Hot Pink 1.25ct Oval Sapphire Approximately 6.85x6.28x3.68mm (blgj-07-01) $4,746
B - 1.50ct Cushion Cut Glowing Blue Sapphire (minco-07-02p) $3000 (Don't be fooled by the low price - nice color, size, etc.)
blue sapphire yellow sapphire
A - 2.17ct Oval Sapphire - A glowing blue with hints of royal velvet purple (blgj-07-08) $8,237 Approx 7.2x6.4x5.3mm
B - Yellow with hints of Orange 2.16ct Square Sapphire (unique color and shape!) (blgj-07-09) $6,210 Approximately - 6.3X6.4X5.0mm
reddish orange sapphire orange sapphire (Be)
A - 0.99ct Bright Reddish Orange Sapphire from African (most likely Songea) Heated Only as indicated at the source, but we suspect it could be enhanced. (gmtown-06-02) $822
B - 1.05ct Brignt Neony Orange Sapphire from Africa (most likely Songea) Be Treated (jenny-06-01) $761
greenish sapphire
1.75ct Greenish Sapphire
Some sapphires have strong dichroism and when faceted, the colors blend or the differences in color show up on the ends of the faceted gemstone. This unique piece seems to be blue and yellow, so the colors tend to mix, creating a unique gemstone whose body color is more green, but whose components of blue and yellow show through when one looks closely at the gemstone. (tog-05-01) $1,575
yellow sapphire deep hot pink sapphire
A - 1.12ct Deep Yellow with Gold Oval Sapphire - said to be Natural color (no heat, etc.) (atjay-05-02a) $1,353
B - 1.19ct Deep Hot Pink Oval Sapphire (aw-05-05) $2,669
magenta sapphire certed blue sapphire blue sapphire
A - 1.32ct Oval Magenta Sapphire (atjay-05-03) $2,960
B - 1.75ct Oval Deep Glowing Blue Natural (No Heat) Sapphire - Certed Stone. Email for a copy of the cert. Approx 7.2x6x4x5.3mm (blgj-05-01) $10,238
C - 2.37ct Oval Deep Blue Sapphire Unheated, Certed by AGL. (tremac-05-01) Approx 7.7x6.2x5.9mm $15,405 View AGL Cert
yellow sapphire blue sapphire
A - 2.38ct Deep Yellow Oval Sapphire (aw-05-03) $4,669
B - 2.55ct Oval Deep Glowing Blue Natural Unheated Sapphire with Cert! Email for a copy of the cert. (blgj-05-02) Approx 9.2x7.4x4.5mm $18,564
apricot sapphire blue sapphire blue sapphire
A - 2.68ct Apricot Colored Oval Sapphire; purchased as a Padparadscha (blgj-05-06) $10720
B - 2.85ct Glowing Deep Blue Oval Sapphire (Two voids on the pavillion due to internal crystals removed during the faceting process. Not an issue visually when looking down from the top but visible if one turns the gem upside down. typical issue with gems like Sapphire, Ruby, Garnets, etc.) Approximately 9.42x6.76x5.58mm (blgj-05-05) $14,749
C - 3.35ct Glowing Blue Sapphire (aw-05-01) $18425
yellow sapphire with blue arrow color shifting sapphire
A - 2.09ct Natural Bicolor Sapphire, Blue/Light Yellow; Note that the separation is not a straight line but shows more of what looks like a V, perhaps showing the crystal growth. Very unique and a collectors items. 11.0x5.5x3.3mm (atjay-05-01) $2,523
B - 3.91ct Oval/cushion Shaped Color Change Sapphire. The stone has a good purple and under different lights can appear as a Tanzanite color (purple/blue). 9.16x7.50x6.24mm Under other lights, a unique blue. UNHEATED and Certed. (blgj-05-03) $23,851
orangy red sapphire yellow sapphire blue sapphire
A - 0.57ct Pear Shaped Reddish Orange Sapphire. An incredible color! Purchased as a Padparadscha. (aw-05-02) $1,596
B - 0.70ct Golden Yellow Oval Sapphire - said to be Natural color (no heat, etc.) (atjay-05-02b) $700
C - 1.18ct Oval Kashmir-like Sapphire (agnis-04-01a) $1,628
Large Color Changing Sapphire - A Real Beauty!
color shifting sapphire
3.86ct Oval Color Change Sapphire from Ceylon (Sri Lanka); Wonderful cutting and color; changes from purple to bluish. Fine large example of not only a sapphire, but a rarity too. Slight feather off to the side. UNHEATED and Certed. 10.04x6.43x6.74mm (baryco-96-02) $23,160
Hot Pink EMERALD Cut Sapphires Currently, the Color is Hot, the Cut is Hot and so is the PRICE! Reasons why this material is hot:
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Price
  • Clarity - Eye Clean
  • All OVER the Magic Numer of 1 carat!
  • Sapphire - 1 of the Top 3 Colored Gemstones
hot pink sapphire hot pink sapphire
A - 1.01ct Emerald Cut Hot Pink Sapphire (gic-04-01p-a) $1,673
B - 1.12ct Emerald Cut Hot Pink Sapphire (gic-04-01p-b) $1,855
orangy pink sapphire
0.63ct Oval Pinkish Orange Sapphire, Madagascar (unheated) Approx 6.12x4.83.2.87mm (acush-04-02 ) $1,512
blue sapphire
purplish blue sapphire
A - 2.45ct Sq Cushion Bright Medium Blue Sapphire (blgem-04-06) $7350 Approximately 7.51x6.27x5.18mm
B - 3.20ct Oval Bright Purplish Blue Sapphire (blgem-04-01) $15040
clear or white sapphire clear or white sapphire
3.47ct Round Natural Clear/White Sapphire; Rare in this size and cut! A prime candidate for treatment such as diffusion. Also, white sapphire makes a wonderful natural substitute for Diamond! Really nicely cut with lots of sparkle. Two photos under different lighting conditions. In the 2nd photo, you can get a hint of the dispersion which will vary depending on the wavelengths of light present. (aw-04-05) (8.8x6.1mm) $4,511
Priced below the expected wholesale price as shown in The Guide(2014).
Had an inquiry for a 5mm square (Nov 2017). We discovered that a 5.5mm weighing 1ct would retail at $1,000/ct, and we would order/sell it at only $600/ct. If this item were in our inventory, savings would be even greater as we are buy closer to the source. So our 3.47ct is a steal at the All That Glitters price - and we also guarantee is it natural Sapphire and not synthetic, as is often seen in the market currently.
blue star sapphire
4.26ct Blue Star Sapphire!
A wonderful medium dark blue, Translucent which is what you want and it has a nice star when in the proper light. Since the star is also centered in the middle of this gem (and this is usually not the case!), it was difficult to photograph the star looking down on the stone. For those who understand Star Sapphire, you will be amazed at the color, the size, the star, the translucency and the price! Approx 8.0x7.2x7.1mm (aw-04-01) $6,390
powder blue sapphire
1.30ct, Fancy Oval, Deep Powder Blue Approx 7.2x5.6x4.5mm (aw-03-03) $1950
blue sapphire magenta pink sapphire pink sapphire
A - 1.22ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (pgml-97-07a) $2,196
B - 0.89ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (pgml-97-07b) $1,922
C - 1.37ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (pgml-98-01) $3,288
6.21ct Blue Sapphire
blue sapphire
A large brilliant Blue Sapphire... Small feather near top (visible from the back of the stone - not the front) 10.0x9.00x7.68mm UNHEATED and Certed. (pgml-93-03) $39,359
blue sapphire pink sapphire pink sapphire
A - 1.19ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (pgml-97-02) $1,190
B - 1.10ct Marquise Sapphire, Sri Lanka; A VERY Rare Shape (ksn-98a-06) $1,898
C - 0.85ct Oval Pink Sapphire , Sri Lanka, (agl-92a-02) $1,185
large fine color changing sapphire
large fine color changing sapphire
large fine color changing sapphire
7.60ct Color Change Sapphire - UNHEATED
This gemstone was discovered on a family's farm in Sri Lanka in about the 1942 timeframe and was recut from over 10cts to produce this brilliant gemstone. The color is a wonderful rich, velvety blue to a beautiful purple depending on the lighting available. Due to the color, faceting, size, etc., we have yet to see a finer example or a better price. This had been exhibited within a dealers booth in Tucson - he sells fancy colored diamonds which may sell for more than one million dollars; this added even more color and was a show stopper. Though he is known for diamonds, he displayed this fine gem due to his knowledge of how rare this particular stone is. It was a show stopper among the diamonds - but not for sale at the time. The woman responsible for viewing gemstones for Christie's Auction House in Chicago (1993 time frame) has also seen the piece and has also indicated that this is the finest example of a color change sapphire of this size that she has seen to date. This is a one of a kind piece - no rush to see this find a new home - but well priced for what it is. This gemstone has not been exhibited or shown to the public or the trade for approximately 30 years! (pgml-93-01)
Approximate Dimensions: 11.04x9.15x8.08mm
Contact Us for Price
View GIA Cert
magenta sapphire sapphire
A - 1.04ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (tltl-97-02a) $1,498
B - 1.83ct Elongated Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (awij-99-02) $3,519
blue sapphire blue sapphire blue sapphire
A - 1.85ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (pgml-98-04) $3,996 Approximately: 7.02x5.92x5.31mm
B - 1.46ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (pgml-97-10) $3,154
C - 2.10ct Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka (pgml-97-05) $4,536
intense pink sapphire
color shifting sapphire
A - 1.15ct Intense Pink Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka, (agl-92a-01) $1,984
B - 1.41ct Color Shifting Sapphire, Sri Lanka, (sprkl-93-01a) $2,369
4.38ct Blue Sapphire
blue sapphire
A wonderfully brilliant blue from Ceylon. A large Sapphire to grace a custom designed ring for a future family heirloom. 9.55x7.24x7.13mm UNHEATED and Certed. (minco-93-01) $28,032
medium blue sapphire bright pink sapphire blue sapphire
A - 1.66ct Medium Blue Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka, (pgml-95-01) $2,693
B - 1.18ct Bright Pink Cushion Cut Sapphire, Sri Lanka, (jgl-98-01), small incl visible under the right lights, but insignificant as the color is great, size is decent... $1,276
C - 0.49ct Light Blue Oval Sapphire , Sri Lanka, (agl-92b-02a) $410
hot pink sapphire
light blue sapphire
magenta sapphire
color change blue to purple sapphire
A - 0.75ct Hot Pink Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka, (tltl-97-02b) $1,125
B - 0.90ct Oval Sapphire, lively and light in tone; depending on lights would describe the color as light powder blue, grey blue under some lights as well as a hint of lilac! Sri Lanka. Measures approx 6.2x5.3mm (pgml-92a-02d) $810
C - 0.77ct Magenta Oval Sapphire , Sri Lanka, (bary-95-03) $1,217
D - 0.65ct Color Shifting Bluish Purple Oval Sapphire , Sri Lanka, (agl-92b-02b) $935
blue sapphire
0.65ct Deep Blue Oval Sapphire, Sri Lanka, (pgml-93-04) $936

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