Collector and Museum Pieces

A list of a few gemstones and other trade related items that would be of interest to collectors, as well as museums. Note that many feel our gemstones would fall into this category. You may view other unusual, rare and unique gemstones on our other photos pages!

An Incredible UNHEATED LARGE RUBY weighing 5.67cts!!
5+ct UNHEATED Purplish Red Ruby - GIA certed
Many gemstones (Sapphire, Ruby, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Tanzanite and others) are routinely heated. This partciular Ruby is Unheated and well cut with no blemishes on the surface due to voids, scratches, etc. - also unusual in most Ruby/Sapphire unless faceted in the U.S. This is a very fine large Ruby and a very important gemstone, something that has taken us four decades to find in our travels abroad and was thought to be very worthwhile to have in inventory.

Color is always difficult to capture correctly and even attempts to correct color can fail as the camera doesn't capture the color the eye sees. Then there is color rendering on various mobile devices which adds another layer and possiblity of incorrect color display. The color as described by GIA is Purplish Red. Depending on the lights one sees magenta (or purplish) body color but also red - all dependent on the lights available and the wavelengths found in those lights. This is one of those gemstones that one has to be seen in person, as that way the color is correct for one's vision/color perception, one can appreciate the cutting, brilliance, polish, sparkle etc. in real time as the gem is tilted, producing life, sparkle and various colors. A nicely cut, better than eye clean, 5.67ct GIA Certed Ruby, that is Unheated...very uncommon indeed.

Origin is the land/country of Sapphires and Rubies...Ceylon. The most costly Rubies have been from Burma, with a fine red color, unheated and frequently seen as being sleepy due to fine inclusions. The Graff Ruby - an 8.62 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby set in a Diamond Ring, by Graff, sold for $8,600,410 ($997,727 per carat - Sotheby's Geneva, November 2014).

The All That Glitters 5.67ct Purplish Red Ruby, very clean, well cut, unheated gem is not exactly in the same category as the Graff Ruby, but it is in a category of its own as gems like this are just tyically not seen on the market.
(Yes, we have a nice selection of Fine Burmese Rubies also!)

Measures approximately 11.71 x 8.92 x 6.75mm (essentially a 12x9mm) (egaj-15-54) Price Upon Request.

GIA Cert
Gem/Mineral Photograper Jeff Scovil Photographs All That Glitters LARGE Ruby!
Jeff Scovil photographs All That Glitters large ruby
Jeff Scovil photographs All That Glitters large ruby
The talented Gemstone/Mineral Photographer Jeffrey A. Scovil at the Big E in Springfield, MA (08/10/18) photographing our incredible 5.67ct, GIA Certified UNHEATED Purple Red Ruby. Incredible size, cutting, clarity, etc. One of the most important gems in our 37+ year inventory! See image above.
faceted amethyst(morocco)enhydro close up of enhydro in faceted amethyst from morocco
A real rarity: In walking around Tucson and telling dealers/gemologists about a faceted Amethyst from Morocco with an enhydro, people were not only surprised to hear that an Amethyst with water/gas existed, but even more surprised to hear that it was faceted, as well as from Morocco! Even the owner of All That Glitters hadn't heard of Amethyst coming from Morocco, but it does - and some of the colors are really fine, including this fine piece with a rare enhydro just under the table. Normally one seeks inclusions that are not eye visible, but some gemstones/minerals might be purchased because of their inclusion(s)! This rarity displays a hidden treasure within, as witnessed by the photo or with a low power loupe/magnifying glass - and for those with decent vision, one can readily see what all the talk is about! What one notices when viewing this gem, is that the color is purple with blue overtones (a fine color), and that there seems to be something just below the center of the table. When viewed closely, it is an enhydro inclusion! The bubble actually has a very good traveling distance when tilted. We did have another one of the same size but it was a polished point with an enhydro. That quickly sold for $2,300 in Tucson (2015). Though we feel this is a nicer piece all around, and the fact that it is a published piece in Gems & Gemology, the price of $3,000 seems very reasonable for such a unique and published gemstone! This is a fairly large gem weighing 15.53cts and because it is a trilliant, it looks larger than 15cts. (ggc-15-01)

This gemstone was studied by GIA appears in the Fall Edition of GIA's Gems & Gemology Magazine (2016)! View the GIA article as well as see photos:
Large Aqueous Primary Fluid Inclusion in Amethyst

Quartz with Two Super Large Enhdros that REALLY Move!
Quartz with Two LARGE Enhydros
The title of this mineral specimens says it all - a nice piece of Quartz with two Very Large Very Movable Bubbles(Enhydros). Click on the photo to display a closer image of the two bubbles. (ggc-15-02) $3,500 - for what this is and with very few similar pieces available, this seems to be a VERY good buy! (In Tucson of 2023, we saw a quartz with a large bubble, not as nice and as moveable as this one, and the price was also $3500 - and we have More Than One Large Moving Bubble...Think of the millions of years that have passed when this liquid and gas was captured by this growing quartz crystal - and the extinct plants and animals that were flourishing at that time. Simple Amazing!
Large Natural Diamond Crystal with Wonderful Inclusion!
natural diamond crystal with hydrogen cloud
natural diamond crystal with hydrogen cloud natural diamond crystal with hydrogen cloud
Natural Diamond Crystal weighing 2.82ct with an incredible dark Hydrogen Cloud in one half of the perfect octahedron crystal - which depending on the angle viewed, is mirrored to the other section! The original piece was frosted on the outside, so only the flat surfaces were polished so one could see the the Hydrogen Cloud without issue. The edges and girdle still show the original frosting. Country of origin is Zimbabwe and the body color of the crystal is off-white(light beige). These unique one-of-a-kind pieces are not found often and it is a great pleasure for us to be able to offer beauty to our customers at the present time. (kjcl-15b-06)
natural blue sapphire crystal from Sri Lanka
This is another WOW mineral/crystal specimen. Origin is Sri Lanka, weighs 14.08cts and measures approx 20mm long, is doubly terminated and as one can see in the photos, can stand on it's own as one termination is flat - a unqiue termination...and the other termination is what is typically expected for Sapphire. Color is blue, which is another plus. There are striations as well as divots from other crystals growing next to it. Just a wonderful piece to admire natures beauty, and also the perfect size if one wanted to make a pendant (a woman or man's pendant could certainly be created with this piece). Larger photos are available upon request. (egaj-15-82) $7,500
41.80ct Bluish Purple California Kunzite, Oceanview Mine, Big Kahuna Zone approx late 2010
(1st gemstone from an unique bi-color crystal!)
kunzite_4180pt_mod-trilliant_kot_lumichrome kunzite_4180pt_mod-trilliant_kot
Our Award Winning Master Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski, has completed an incredible Kunzite from a mine in the United States. This is indeed the color, a moderately deep bluish purple and was photographed under 65K Natural Daylight/Full Spectrum Lumichrome light. In diffused natural light inside as well as by a window, the wavelengths do allow this gem to show more purple, with hints of blue. The pinker image on the right is more typical of what one sees under office fluorescent and incandescent light. This 41.80ct Modified Trilliant measuring 20.00 x 20.00 x 20.00 x 17.80mm (ovml-12-03a) $200/ct
(This is at the wholesale price for a Kunzite that doesn't have this expert faceting, or the color and clarity. When all is said and done, this is below wholesale for such a fine example of Kunzite - and it is American Gemstone too, as well as Natural!)
View photos of this gemstone being faceted from the original crystal and observe some of the the issues and problems that arise when faceting.... Faceting Kunzite Demo
To View photos of All That Glitters Incredible California Kunzite facted by the same Master Cutter, Visit Our Kunzite Page! Kunzite
An Unheard of Rarity - 2.71ct Bicolor Andradite-Demantoid Garnet
demantoid bicolor, andradite bicolor demantoid bicolor, andradite bicolor
demantoid bicolor, andradite bicolor
This is certainly a one of a kind piece and has been certed as a Demantoid - how often does one see a bicolor in Demantoid Garnet? A few small inclusions as one can see, but doesn't affect the rarity and uniqueness of this particular gem! The GIA Cert has a decent photo of this gem in the cert below. This One-Of-A-Kind piece was discussed at length in the GIA GemLab among the 3 who work there. They all agreed that it was an Andradite, but the variety was not listed as Demantoid because Demantoid is green; the other half is a reddish and that would not be called Demantoid. In a telephone conversation between the Manager of the GemLab Identification Services and the owner of All That Glitters, (Mr. Brown), Mr. Brown was told that they thought it very unique and something that they really hadn't seen before. The manager also stated that they do not print "rare", "one of a kind" , "unique", etc. on certs, even though that might be the case. He was nice enough to indicate that he would be more than welcome to discuss this 'unique' piece with a potential customer. Contact us for more details! (btgem-11-03)
View GIA Cert View Original Cert
This gemstone was unique enough to capture the attention outside of the U.S. and now appears online in the following article:
California Kunzite from the Oceanview Mine, the Big Kahuna II Pocket!
big kahuna california kunzite
big kahuna california kunzite big kahuna california kunzite
big kahuna california kunzite
Recent gemstone rough finds in San Diego Co. included the new Spodumenes from the Oceanview Mine. During the 2010 mining of the Oceanview Mine, the 'Big Kahuna' Zone was discovered. This was a large pocket with a series of smaller satellite pockets. The zone yield Spodumenes, Quartz, Tourmalines and Beryl. However, on 19 December, they encountered another rich zone: the Big Kahuna II. This zone, on the Baker Boulevard level, may be a down-dip continuation of the Big Kahuna zone that was dug on the next level above (Carter Court level) earlier in 2010.

The above rough was faceted by our Master Cutter, so this means every facet meets perfectly and this piece could be entered into the AGTA Cutting Edge Competion. Due to the cutting, polish, color, sparkle and rarity of the material, and the fact that is an American Gemstone, it could possible win in one of the categories!

18.85cts - Shape is a custom design and is called - Uniquely K Ultima Oval 20.4 x 13.8 x 10.0mm
("very settable not deep at all and a fabulous deep color" - quote from our master cutter) SOLD!

The above price is the wholesale price seen in Tucson 2012 at the GJX Show, International Section, by Brasilians selling a fairly deep pink Kunzite faceted (as well as in the rough). Their material was irradiated - our California Kunzite is natural. Also, at just under 19cts, ours is much smaller than the 60ct to 100cts or so pieces of the irradiated material that is required to show a decent color.

The All That Glitters Kunzite has:
  • better color in this size
  • is Natural - not irradiated
  • will save the buyer about $8,000 based on a 60ct sized Brasilian gemstone required to give the same depth of color
  • is from the United States having come from a famous California mine
  • from a rich well know pocket within the above mine
  • was faceted by our Award Winning Master Cutter (Stephen Kotlowski) where every facet junction meets perfectly
8.38ct Cat's Eye Bicolor Tourmaline WOW!
big kahuna california kunzite
Here's an unusual and incredible gemstone. Not only does this Tourmaline have a Cat's Eye, but it is a bicolor. We have had this gem for a number of years yet never photographed it; our customers would have found it in our Inventory Listings only. Unique in color, size and a very sharp eye, we haven't seen a similar piece. The Guide (wholesale listing) only describes/notes Bicolor Tourmaline in pink/green and shows a fine piece selling at about $700/ct wholesale. This color combination is unique and anytime a gemstone is published, the value of that one particular piece is expected to be multitudes higher than a similar piece - assuming one can find something similar. Considering the fact that this appears in a book, we feel we have a great price on this piece. (vst-04c-08) $8,380

Photo appears in two different areas - including the back cover!
Gemstones - New Edition
Gemstones - New Edition (Back Cover)
View more of our Tourmalines starting with the following page: Tourmaline
unique large tourmaline slice
A 56.35ct Tourmaline Slice of Clear, Various Greens and Black - mercedes symbol internally? Possible, this came from the country known for this - Madagascar. Another very unique natural gemstone! You can see some stress lines in areas where there is a color change which is typical in Tourmaline Slices (this includes Watermelon Slices and Bicolors). It has not been repaired and should be fine unless dropped on a hard surface - but that is true of even diamonds!Approximately 29.93x29.29x5.37mm (madgem-10-01b) $749
We have heard and seen Cats Eye Aquamarine, but here is an example of the same mineral (Beryl) with a body that is semi translucent and with FINE Cats Eyes. We found this material by accident and purchased only the best 'eyes' of the parcel. These really are fantastic, as they have very sharp eyes, look very much like Chrysoberyl Cat's Eyes which are far more costly and this yellow beryl is actually more uncommon and rare when found containing cat's eyes! It has the same look as Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl - the so called Honey and Milk phenomenon. These semi-transparent pieces become half milky and half transparent depending on the orientation of the light source, and they suddenly develop the cat's eye with the proper light! Approximate dimensions: 8x10mm - a very nice size all around. Would make wonderful rings, especially for men, or just as part of a collection of an important new find or for those who collect gemstones that have been Published! (ucsc-10-01p) Only $500/ct.

To purchase the same sized Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, one would have to pay about $15,000+ wholesale (based on The Guide 2014 wholesale price list, 3.00-4.99ct, Extra Fine, Lower/Upper averaged).

All four of these gemstones have been studied/published, appearing in a photo and described within an article devoted to these unique pieces - Gems & Gemology(GIA) Fall 2015 Edition, and possibly within another GIA article. See below for link to the article.

Weights are as follows - left to right in the photo above:
4.13cts - Published in GIA's Gems & Gemology SOLD!
4.18cts - Published in Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying; and in GIA's Gems & Gemology
4.31cts - Published in GIA's Gems & Gemology
4.48cts - Published in GIA's Gems & Gemology

To quote GIA regarding these Unique Gems - "...conducted the analysis and observed some very interesting and unusual inclusions in these heliodor samples... they all have very rare well-formed blue octahedral gahnite crystals (ZnAl2O4, spinel group mineral). The gahnite inclusions have never been reported before in beryl and maybe can be used as a diagnostic inclusion of the geographic origin of the stone after some more detailed research in the future."

Limited Availability: If you wish to possess very unique and unusual gemstones, your wishing can be over - these few gems fall into that category! Once these gems appear in trade magazines, the secret will be out...

GIA's Gems & Gemology (Fall 2015): Blue Gahnite Inclusions in Cat's-Eye Heliodor
purple garnet
Grape Juice Colored Garnet - We had seen ONE piece of rough last year (2009) that would cut an Amethyst colored Garnet. We were very impressed with the color and saddened that WE had not purchased the rough before someone else did. Though our knowledge in the gem trade is extensive, there are others who sometimes find these uncommon pieces before we do. We were fortunate to find a few fine faceted specimens of this unique garnet color and carefully select among those available to offer the several pieces shown below. This is a color that we have not seen previously in the gemstone trade, so as is our goal, we had to have this rare and unique color in our inventory. Sometimes smaller material is seen, but nothing in such a large, well cut, glowing purple color as this. (We are currently offering this under the price per carat that the cutter mentioned above sold his at - and his finished gemstone was smaller than many of the pieces photographed below.) We also contacted GIA about this material, and our contact there had the following to say - "The purple garnet is particularly interesting" . Before publishing an article on the material, they wanted to see a larger quantity of this material on the market and specifically learn of the location, production and mining first. As the owner of All That Glitters then emailed back - should there be quantity, it would cease to be of interest to us. We wouldn't expect this to be a large find of this unusual color. It is anticipated that one may see a few pieces here and there. The price could sky rocket at any time if this is all that is out there. Our intriquing Purple Garnets were found in Tanzania and are believed to be Rhodolite from what we were told.. As was stated to GIA by All That Glitters, this is something that has to be studied because the garnet groups are very complex and many may contain elements of more than one particular garnet group. Note that we have heard of others possessing this color and when we had several examples sent to us, they were nothing like this color. The wholesale price for lower quality color and sizes is just under what we are currently asking per carat . Therefore, the fine one of a kind pieces of this material have to be way above that in price. IF one can find it... SOLD!
Visit our Garnet Page to see more of this Uniqely Colored Garnet - IF Available: Purple Garnet
large mozambique purple tourmaline
RARE PURPLE TOURMALINE - We have what we believe is the Largest and Finest Collection of Purple Tourmaline. This unique color has typically been certifiied as Cuprian when coming from Mozambique. Some new finds, though only a few pieces have surfaced, have recently come from Africa and Afghanistan. All That Glitters has snapped up these beauties. The rough is impossible to obtain, so All That Glitters ihas been utilizing our Award WInning Master Cutter (Stephen Kotlowski) to refacet numerous gems we have purchased, creating brilliant gemstones with a high polish that dazzles the viewer. Due to the thousands of dollars per gemstone that we sometimes loose in recutting, other business are not doing this and cannot compete with our cutting - so we feel quite confident that we have the best cutting and polish, producing a SUPERIOR gemstone - unlike what most others have IF you can find anything of this size and color elsewhere.
Appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition)
To View our page devoted to Purple Tourmaline, visit the following link: Purple Tourmaline
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mozambique tourmaline examples
Mozambique Tourmaline Taking the Trade by Storm!..... Purples, Pinks, Neon Blue and Green, Cuprian, Paraiba-Like.
Click on the link to see all that is currently available: Mozambique Tourmaline
burmese ruby
Burmese Rubies, said to be the Finest Rubies in the world...
We have a fine selection of Quality Rubies from Burma. Visit our Ruby Photo Page to see more details... Rubies
color shifting red zircon faceted by a master
14.38ct Red Zircon
"Mixed" Brilliant Diamond Cut 14.94 x 11.47 x 10.14mm faceted by Master Cutter and AGTA Cutting Competition Winner, Stephen Kotlowski. This is a very unique piece as it has a color shift. It is very dark under fluorescent lights and looks like a smoky orange. However, under incandescent light, it is a bright red, very similar to ruby or chrome pyrope garnet. This could contain chromium, which explains the color, but the fact that there is a color change along with the intense red, make this a very unique and unusual piece. We haven't seen or heard of anything like this previously, nor has our cutter. We could not obtain a decent photograph of this gem and had to rely on the photograph that the cutter had taken. Another plus for this gem, it is very large for a nice zircon! This photo shows the gemstone fully illuminated with lights. (hv-05-02) $300/ct
neon blue tourmaline
neon blue tourmaline
neon blue tourmaline
3.97ct Bright Neony Blue Tourmaline
This material displays a bright blue under incandescent and sunlight, and a more subdued blue under incandescent. This gem was faceted from the rough by our U.S. Cutters. There may be some small inclusions within the stone, but nothing that detracts from the beauty - note that this is typically expected when one finds a color like this in tourmaline.
A Paraiba look-a-like! (norgem-98b-c1) $6,948
As seen in Cedar WIngs Magazine - Cedar Wings Article
large watermelon tourmaline slice
57.16ct Watermelon Tourmaline Slice from Brasil! Measures about 2 inches..... (vista-04-04) $3,750
An incredibly large piece and very clean compared to most that are found out there!
Natural Brandy Colored Citrine - Believed to be from an American locality
natural citrine US
The medium brandy colored Citrine below (5 pieces) is natural Citrine. No treatment has been performed to modify the color. Almost all Citrines are heated amethyst or ehhanced gemstones. This material has been in the owners family for perhaps longer than 60 years and was faceted out of one piece of rough. The original gemstone faceted, along with the remaining rough from which these were faceted, was sent to John Koivula for study. Mr. Koivula is well known in the gemstone trade, and at that time, was employed by GIA. His conclusion was that this material was untreated, natural citrine, much to his surprise as the natural material is rarely seen in nature. A few of the larger pieces were specifically faceted to leave a few lines of natural blue zoning. Heating this material would have removed the zoning. This is another indication that it is natural and we specifically requested the zoning be left in when being faceted. This is all the material we have and these family heirlooms are up for sale. In over four decades in the business, the ower of All That Glittters has never held back sales of any gemstone in its extensive inventory, eventhough many of the gemstones sold are rare and seldom seen in the gemstone trade.
Click on the following link to see several gemstones faceted from this one piece of natural citrine rough that we believe to have been found in the United States over 60 years ago... Quartz Photos
Tangerine Citrine
neon orange citrine
This deep orange ctirine with red highlights (under incandescent lights), is the finest color that we have seen. This is all that we currently have available. The first piece that was faceted, was photographed for Cedar Wings Magazine and sold to a collector. See photo and info below. mannog-05-01p
Round 10.93cts: mannog-05-01c SOLD! (PBB)
Oval 9.14cts: approx 16x12x8.5mm $125/ct mannog-05-01b SOLD! (Germany)
Oval 12.70cts: approx 18x13x9.5mm $175/ct Published mannog-05-01a SOLD!
Appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition)
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volcanic glass with inclusion? volcanic glass with inclusion?
29.39ct Faceted Glass with unusual, currently unknown inclusion!
This faceted item was faceted from a piece of what was said to be Natural Volcanic Glass from Africa. The original owner, who is an American Gemstone Dealer in Africa, has only seen chunks of this material twice in about 30 years. His impression was this was natural. This faceted piece was sent to John Koivula, formerly of GIA and now employed by AGTA (and John has thus gone back to GIA!). John has written a book of gemstone inclusions and is currently working on another edition. John examined this piece and believes that it is man-made glass. John said in an email - "The inclusion in your glass might be cristobalite? I have seen such inclusions in partially devitrified glass before." The inclusions in the rough are really unique and we are considering faceting more of this material and attempting to place the inclusion under the table in the center of the piece. If you have any interest in the few pieces that we will facet from this rough piece brought out of Africa within the past year, please send us an email. The prices will be based on a number of factors but you can expect that some of the larger pieces will sell for about $15/carat or so, and smaller ones will be slightly higher. We currently have an offer to purchase the remainder of the rough that this piece was faceted from. If there is demand on this material, we would rather sell it to our customers/collectors. We hope to know more about the inclusion in the future. $599 In looking over market and seeing some interesting unusual pieces, our best guess is that this is indeed devitrified glass, with very LARGE cristobalite inclusions. We have seen 'similar' items on occasion, but these particular spheres in this material is very large.
5.42ct Pear Shaped Kunzite of a VERY DEEP COLOR for this material. (nazbro-05-01)
We have never seen Kunziite of such a wonderful deep pink, though we have have 9-12ct stones which also fall into this category, as one typically needs large 30+ct stones to show nice color. When we saw under 15ct stones previously, we grabbed them. We did the same here. We know of a few dealers who wholesale smaller stones of say 15cts of a deep color for $150 per carat - but the outlay of cash is very high for big stones. These smaller stones of incredible color are not only rare but are affordable and one can wear them without any issues regarding the monstrous sizes that are usually seen. Again, in over 20+ years in the business, we haven't seen small stones with such a nice deep pink color. As in Aquamarine, we seek smaller stones in Kunzite with an intense color!
Appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition) SOLD !
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green feldspar, andesine
2.89ct Rare Green Andesine Feldspar, uncommon in this color. The red, orange or orangy red that has been prevalent in the market has been proven to have been color enhanced. We are not sure about whether green is also being ehanced, as the articles just discuss the red/orange. This is our first Green Feldspar purchase in our 25+ year history. We just hadn't seen a fine one at an attractive price previouslyl. Whether this is enhanced or not, it is a very nice gemstone... (dazgem-06a-01) $1,012
Appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition)
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neon apatite neon apatite
11.33ct Neon Apatite - U.S. Cut!
The color of this piece is a deep neon blue with a hint of green (to the discerning eye). There is nothing else in this color, size, cutting, clarity on the market - this is another One of a Kind, All That Glitters Exclusive. 16.4x10.0x8.2mm (mjthre-97-01b) $3,399
Spanish Gold Counterweights from Approximately 1675
spanish gold counterweights spanish gold counterweights spanish gold counterweights
>This unique brass item was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Spain. It dates from about 1675. They were used to determine the weight of an item of gold. It is part of the estate of a well known collector of minerals/gems/antiquities for years. His wife indicated that it was found by someone they knew, off the coast of Spain in a shipwreck. This diver has written a number of articles in the past on diving and shipwrecks. We hope to learn more about this tiem in the near future, but uncertain how much more information we can obtain. Prior to purchase of this unique and historical item, the Assistant Curator of the Harvard Mineralogical Museum viewed the item with the owner of All That Glitters as well as another dealer who had purchased similiar items at auctions held at Harvard in the past. This piece of Spanish Gold History is priced at only: $625 (cmartin-07-01a)
1860s Brasilian Sterling Silver Iced Tea Spoon with Citrine Rough and Coin!
antique brasilian iced tea spoons antique brasilian iced tea spoons
antique brasilian iced tea spoons antique brasilian iced tea spoons
The title sums up this item! This is a 9 inch Sterling Silver Iced Tea Spoon, with a piece of Brasilian Citrine Rough on one end, and a Sterling Silver 1860 Brasilian Coin on the other end. Unique and unusual. There is value to be fiound not only in this unique item as a whole, but in the value of the rough, the Sterling Silver and a silver coin dated 1860! We purchased this item about 35 years ago. There is only some slight tarnishing and the darker areas of the coin photos above are really the reflection of our black camera.... ONLY $275
4.60ct Green Tanzanite
published green tanzanite published green tanzanite
Side View of the Green Tanzanite showing the Natural Pleochroism
Another Rarity in the Gem World - A Natural Green Tanzanite, faceted by our Master Facetor in the U.S. Tnis 4.60ct Scissors cut is a dark pastel green to a deeper green depending on the lighting available. The ends appear to pull in blue or purple from the other axes of the gem, and when tilted, the colors blend, going to teal... Note that if one turns the stone on the side, one of the other other pleochroic colors, in this case a purplish blue, is very evident. With the price of the standard colored Tanzanite increasing and being controlled by one company, similar to DeBeers and diamonds, all of this material is priced higher and the more unique colors are even harder to encounter than previously - and in the past, a unique color was far and few between. This gemstone measures approx 12.26x6.30x6.13mm (neg-07-01) $10,810
Appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition)
Tanzanite - Before It Was Tanzanite: Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK article) Article discussss a previous Green Tanzanite in the All That Glitters Inventory...
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3.40ct Cushion cut NEON Blue Tanzanite - Faceted by our Master U.S. Cutter!
rare super blue tanzanite rare super blue tanzanite
Trimmed Original Piece
of Tanzanite Rough
What is the more costly - Purplish Tanzanite or Blue Tanzanite? The consensus over the years has been that the blue is less common, more desirable and more expensive. Many Tanzanites will color shift and a blue body color will become purple under incandescent lighting. So, what happens when a unique Neon Blue Tanzanite is found? RARE, RARE, RARE....! The trade doesn't see this material and it usually never finds its way to the public - generally purchased immediately when first seen by the trade and those in the business. When one hasn't seen anything like this in 26 years of dealing with gems, one's mouth drops. Even if not in the business, one would question what gemstone this is. It is a unique blue. This gem glows. There is no purple under any lighting conditions. The color can best be described as the Best Blue Zircon color. This was faceted by our Master U.S. Cutter who has won cutting competitions for his work. This gemstone is no different - every facet meets perfectly. It is also clean! The piece of rough that faceted this gem is shown above. The price below reflects what one might expect to pay for a Tanzanite of normal color, of this size. This is from old inventory of many years ago; stashed away by a couple in the business who knew this was special. They sold the standard colored Tanzanite to the trade and public, keeping this behind for their own personal collection!....Dimensions of the finished gemstone 9.15 X 7.90 X 5.85(d)mm (gf-07-01) $8,500
(This is about what one would expect to pay in a store for a similar sized medium saturated Tanzanite of the standard expected color. As someone in the trade said of this color - try finding another one - regardless of what one has to spend!)
Appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition)
View More Published Gems
Tourmaline from the Congo - Africa!
congo tourmaline
9.31ct Tourmaline - Faceted by Master Cutter and AGTA Cutting Competition Award Winner
This tourmaline is from the new find of tourmaline making its way into the wholesale market currently. After faceting, it will eventually trickle down to the retail stores and then the public. Like all other gems, this material has it's fine quality as well as lower quality. This is a wonderful example of the color, which can be a very pleasing green with blue. Like many of these fancies colors, there can be some inclusions. This has a few but the cutting hides them under most conditions. The cut is a newly designed called a Switch Back Emerald Cut. It will twinkle and the flashes of light will bounce rapidly from the top of the stone to the bottom of the stone as it is tilted. A very unique cut! This is a large, well cut, teal to green Congo Tourmaline measuring 14.55x9.50x7.22mm. (hilbos-04a-01)
Note - this is the nicest piece of Congo Tourmaline we have seen and a very fine color for Tourmaline.
As seen in Cedar WIngs Magazine Cedar Wings Article
watermelon tourmline in faceted pink tourmaline watermelon tourmline in faceted pink tourmaline
2.43ct Pink Tourmaline with Watermelon Tourmaline slice image!
In over 30 years in the gemstone business, we have never seen anything like this before. It seems to be a watermelon tourmaline crystal has grown and then the pocket composition has changed and pink tourmaline grew around it. We have recently seen some beads that had this similar characterstics, but nothing faceted. We are very excited about this and would love to obtain more, but like most of our material, it is probably a one-of-a-kind piece, to only be found sporadically. African (selgem-05-01)
Appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition)
Note - The second photo has been enhanced in saturation to show off the watermelon slice. The first photo is more accurate for the body color of the tourmaline, slice, etc.
SOLD! (Canada - "
I received the stone yesterday; it is awesome! ")
published color changing turkish diaspore
6.20ct Color Change Turkish Diaspore, Brilliant Diamond Cut Emerald, faceted by Master Cutter and AGTA Cutting Competition Award Winner. 12.13x7.75.8.03mm
Published as the example of faceted Diaspore in TWO Gemstone Books!
What is Diaspore? All That Glitters has the Color Changing variety of Diaspore. Read more about this Rare, Unique and Wonderful Gemstone! Visit our Diapore Page to see other Fine Examples of this Unique Gemstone... Diaspore
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jade chameleon jade chameleon
jade chameleon jade chameleon
Camille the Two-Toned Burmese Jade Chameleon - Currently All That Glitters Mascot!
This unique, well executed Jade Carving originates where fine Jade is to be found - Burma. It is two-toned and this natural aspect of the natural material has been expertly integrated into a Burmese Chameleon weighing approximately 317cts of Jade! Our new mascot will probably not be around too long, and some might even say that it is endangered. Some astute collector of Jade, the unique, chameleons, jewelry store, etc. will see this and add it to their collection. This is the first carving that we felt was of high quality and not overly priced - and we have been looking for items of quality and distinction for over 40 years! We honestly do not have a feel for pricing such an item which was intricately carved over many hours or the price of this interesting two-tone 317cts of Jade, but we are basing the price on our cost. We really don't want to part with Camille, but if she finds a better home, we will let her go and only hope that we can find some of her relatives..... $3,475 Interesting facts about Camille - she weighs 317cts!!! Her overall length is approximately 3 inches and her height is about 2 inches. She has been photographed for a magazine article which can be accessed via the link below. Not too many have the opportunity to own an item that was seen in a magazine around the world! (Not to mention, it is Genuine Natural Jade too!)
As seen in Cedar WIngs Magazine Cedar Wings Article
*** Click on any of the images above for a larger view! ***

17+ct mint bluish green afghani tourmaline

17.30cts Very Fine Mint Bluish Green Afghani Tourmaline cut into a "Double" Switchback Emerald Rectangle measuring: 16.44 x 11.41 x 10.06mm (nrstngm-96a1h)
Faceted by a Master Gemstone Cutter who has won awards in the U.S. The rough was a doubly terminated tourmaline crystal and was purchased a decade ago. It originated in the high mountains in the Nuristan area on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is an inhospitable place for both humans and the pack animals that are required to bring the necessary tools and supplies to this rugged area.

Mineralogical Badges from USSR Symposiums

United Soviet Socialists Republic (USSR) mineralogical badges representing symposiums, education, mineral and mining expeditions, as well as professional organizations. These rarely seen badges have come from the attendee who was an official of the Soviet Mineralogical Department. This unique collection of mineralogical badges from the past several decades has accompanied his immigration to the United States. They are now offered here. Start your collection now or add to your existing one!
2.26ct Natural Clear Spinel
clear spinel
Visit our Spinel Page for more info: Spinel
3.46ct Natural Clear Spinel
clear spinel
Visit our Spinel Page for more info: Spinel
sapph_347pt_rnd_clear.jpg sapph_347pt_rnd_clear_a
3.47ct Round Natural Clear/White Sapphire; Rare in this size and cut! A prime candidate for treatment such as diffusion. Also, white sapphire makes a wonderful natural substitute for Diamond! Really nicely cut with lots of sparkle. Two photos under different lighting conditions. In the 2nd photo, you can get a hint of the dispersion which will vary depending on the wavelengths of light present. (aw-04-05) (8.8x6.1mm) $3,470
Priced below the expected wholesale price as shown in The Guide(2014).
24.97ct Kashmir Blue Tanzanite with Lab Cert
For more detailed info and photos, click on the image to the left or the link below. (Certificate indicates retail value in 1991 was $27,000; another great All That Glitters Savings!) 24.97 ct Certed Tanzanite
5.20ct Paraiba Tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline
Certified "Paraiba" by AGTA
View Cert
4.38ct Blue Sapphire
sapphire 440pts_oval_bl
A wonderfully brilliant blue from Ceylon. A large Sapphire to grace a custom designed ring for a future family heirloom.
(minco-93-01) $28,032 UNHEATED and with Cert!
6.21ct Blue Sapphire
sapphire 624pts_oval_bl
A large brilliant Blue Sapphire... Small feather near top (visible from the back of the stone - not the front) 10x9x7.75mm (pgml-93-03) $39,359 UNHEATED and Certed!
7.60ct Color Change Sapphire UNHEATED Kashmir Blue to Amethyst Purple
large certed color changing sapphire
Approximate Dimensions: 11.04x9.15x8.08mm
Contact Us for Price
View GIA Cert
8.63ct Liddicoatite Tourmaline
$647 (alcush-96-01o)
500ct Newry Maine Watermelon Slice
This gem of a watermelon slice is destined to be housed in "...a fabulous collection of Maine minerals and gems This exceptional museum quality collection will be permanently preserved and on public display within 2-4 years." The purchasing agent for this museum collection, had the following to say: "had showed me the slice before he set up the display... I got a great look at it in my hands, prior to being displayed and saw how beautiful it is. That is what cinched it for me."
>To learn more about Maine Tourmaline: Maine Tourmaline For those purchasing this rare and unique tourmaine from the 1972 Newry Strike in Maine, we have all kinds of documentation that we can send you!
green maine tourmaline
3.26ct and 5.59ct Yellow Green (Granny Smith Green) Maine Tourmaline
These gems are from the famous 1972 Tourmaline Strike in Newry Maine. The material came from one of the original miners. We traded an 18kt gold two tone ring with a center orange diamond flanked by two nice round diamonds for these two beauties.. The colors, cutting and shapes of these two pieces are a match! Would be wonderful for a ring and pendant. 3.26ct (dswt-92-01) $1,300/ct 5.59ct (dswt-92-01) $900/ct
The smaller of the two appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition) Fine colored larger Maine Tourmalines are now frequently being sold at $1000/ct.
pink/raspberry maine tourmaline
12.41ct and 4.37ct Neon Fuchsia Maine Tourmaline
These gems are from the famous 1972 Tourmaline Strike in Newry Maine. We obtained both pieces of rough from one of the original cutters that faceted the material for those responsible for this famous find. He was paid with a piece of rough which was of similar size to what he had faceted for them - in this case the smaller of the two gemstone. The large 12.41ct All That Glitters had faceted from a piece of rough purchased from the same person as noted above, but was originally purchased in the 1970s as an investment and piece of Maine history from Frank Perham. 12.41ct (jrbsn-93-03) $1,500/ct 4.37ct (rrbsn-93a-10) $800/ct
The larger of these two gemstones appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Edition)
Gemstones- New Edition
Fine colored larger Maine Tourmalines are now frequently being sold at $1000/ct
2.60ct Newry Maine Tourmaline
maine tourmaline
From the World Famous 1972 Strike in Newry, Maine. $390
To learn more about Maine Tourmaline: Maine Tourmaline
2.00ct Newry Maine Tourmaline - Unique Shape!
This gem is from the famous 1972 Tourmaline Strike in Newry Maine. We obtained the rough from one of the original cutters that faceted the material for those responsible for this famous find. He was paid with a piece of rough which was of similar size to what he had faceted for them. $300
To learn more about Maine Tourmaline: Maine Tourmaline
4.46ct Newry Maine Tourmaline - Unique Shape!
Cut from a large Maine Watermelon Tourmaline Slice $400
From the World Famous 1972 Strike in Newry, Maine...
To learn more about Maine Tourmaline: Maine Tourmaline
16.00ct Bright Green Tourmaline
large fine green tourmaline
Brasilian Origin - U.S. Faceted (Original faceted gemstone direct from Brasil was 21cts - recut properly to 16cts) (mvk-89-09)
190ct Facet Grade Terminated Beryl Crystal from Tajikistan - So clear you can read through the crystal!
etched beryl crystal etched beryl crystal etched beryl crystal
This was originally purchased to facet, as it is entirely clean, but the crystal is so wonderful, we will offer it as a crystal and not facet any fine gemstones from it.
To see faceted material from similar crystals, click here: Faceted Yellow Beryl
21+ct Neon Blue Apatite
21+ct neon blue apatite
More photos of similar Neon Apatite
Paudarco Amethyst with Rutilated Quartz - Custom Pendant
1.01ct Imperial Malaia Garnet
Learn more about Imperial Malaya Garnet - an unusual and rare garnet. Named by the owner of All That Glitters.
View all of the existing Imperial Malalai Garnet here: Imperial Malaia Garnet
Carved Idar-Oberstein (signed/dated) with Wonderful Boulder Opal
160+ct Terminated Zincite Crystal
$850 - Should produce about 40cts if faceted (only $5.31 per carat!)
Learn more about this unique gemstone that was created by mistake!! Zincite

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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