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Since 1981, we have been bullish on Tourmaline due to the hardness, color range, size, rarity and low price. Over the past few years, larger and/or finer colors of Tourmaline have started selling for $1000+/ct on both the retail and wholesale markets. Higher priced material prior to this time frame was Paraiba Tourmaline (1989) and more recently, the deposits of the wonderfully colored Mozambique Tourmaline (2006 +/-) which has essentially disappeared from the market as the mine/locality has not been producing as it once had. (A small parcel of very fine Mozambique Tourmaline rough was offered to All That Glitters from the mine owner in 2013 at a value of $1,100,000.)

orange tourmaline
2.75 Orange Tourmaline - An unusual color throughout the world, but even more rare from Sri Lanka!
$1,100 (minco-09-02p) (Rosy Colored Garnet pictured has been sold)
tourmaline slice
Brasilian Watermelon Slices from the 1980s! First time to see the light of day. Total weight of 11.38cts, 4 pieces. (gsn-03) $170 for all 4 - expect to pay $170 out there for just one!
No questions about these two pieces being called Indicolite!
indicolite tourmaline indicolite tourmaline
A - 0.85ct Blue Tourmaline from Brasil (mvk-89a-04a) $595
B - 1.70ct Blue Tourmaline from Brasil (mvk-89a-04b) $1,190
aricanga tourmaline
7.64ct Pear Shaped Tourmaline from the Famous Aricanga Mine outside of Governador Valadares in the state of Minas Gerais, Brasil. This was purchased directly from the owner of the mine, Dr. Jamil, back in the 1980s during one of our visits to Brasil. This particular gemstone has been removed from our vaults after OVER 30 years and is now being seen by the public for the first time. A fine green with blue overtones, a great size and price! For this color, size, clarity and famous locality, it could have fetched the same price in Brasil back in the 1980s as we are currently asking for it now! (sml-87-05) $6,112
8.38ct Cat's Eye Bicolor Tourmaline WOW!
published rare bicolor tourmaline cat's eye
Here's an unusual and incredible gemstone. Not only does this Tourmaline have a Cat's Eye, but it is a bicolor. We have had this gem for a number of years yet never photographed it; our customers would have found it in our Inventory Listings only. Unique in color, size and a very sharp eye, we haven't seen a similar piece. The Guide (wholesale listing) only describes/notes Bicolor Tourmaline in pink/green and shows a fine piece selling at about $700/ct wholesale. This color combination is unique and anytime a gemstone is published, the value of that one particular piece is expected to be multitudes higher than a similar piece - assuming one can find something similar. Considering the fact that this appears in a book, we feel we have a great price on this piece. (vst-04c-08) $8,380

Photo appears in two different areas - including the back cover!
Gemstones - New Edition
Gemstones - New Edition (Back Cover)
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chrome tourmaline
1.15ct Chrome Tourmaline (scrp-08-03) $403
master faceted nuristani teal tourmaline
A 6.35ct Nuristani Tourmaline of a Teal Color - our Master Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski, called it "Fine Teal Blue" and the design is what he calls "Switch Diamond Rectangle". A few inclusions as can be expected from this color and location. Color varies depending on the light available - halogen, fluorescent, incandescent, direct sunlight, indirect sunlight/shade, etc. Measures approximately 14.56x7.55x6.36mm (norgem-98b10c) $6,350
master faceted green blue tourmaline
8.95ct Nuristan Green-Blue Tourmaline faceted by our Award Winning Master Facetor - Stephen Kotlowski! Other photos showed more brilliance, but we liked the play of light in this photo. Though all facets have flat sides, the optical effects show more of a wavy appearance in this photo! 20.00x7.57x6.92mm (nrstngm-96aj1) $11,188
master faceted Nuristani tourmaline
Two Nuristani Tourmalines faceted by our Master Facetor (Stephen Kotlowski), total weight of 11.23cts. The larger of the two weighs 6.57cts and is more of a beautiful pure green, whereas the smaller one, weighing 4.66cts has hints of blue.
4.66cts 12.68x7.32x5.55mm (nrstngm-97b1b) $3,262
6.57cts 12.74x8.66x6.48mm (nrstngm-97b1a) $4,599
3.92ct Green Tourmaline. Has the look of Emerald! Some inclusions in the back of the gem, but not very noticeable when not magnified. (gem-011-08c) Approx Dimensions: 9.3x7.2x5.9mm $784
3.58ct Bluish Green Afghani Emerald Cut Tourmaline measuring approx 9.6x7.6x5.3mm (gemd-07a-01) $1,253
bicolor tourmaline
6.80ct Bicolor Tourmaline from Nuristan faceted by our U.S. Master Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski. When one looks straight above onto the gem, one sees blue on one side and green on the other. Tipping it slightly turns his gem either all blue or all green! Both blue and green are very fine colors with no detracting modifiers. Some fine inclusions as is to be expected with this fine color, but nothing that is very noticeable or detrimental. 17.27x7.50x5.26mm (nrstngm-96b1a) $4,420
tricolor tourmaline
This Tricolor Tourmaline weights 7.03cts and hails from Brasil. It is rare to see a tricolor, though bicolors are more common; less common when clean and in a decent size like this. The color can best be described as Smoky with a nicely defined Pink separation followed by Smoky once again. (sbg-06-01) $1055 (Very Unique and Interesting!)
2.34cts of Blue and Blue Green Tourmaline
Wonderful color! These Brasilian gemstones were purchased back in the 1980s prior to these colors being found in other countries. Still some of the most important colors in Tourmaline! (mvk-89-05) $351
purplish tourmaline
1.23ct Unusual Purplish Red Tourmaline (mvk-89-06) $369
3 Pieces of Brasilian Tourmaline - two uniquely shaped smaller pieces with cut corners and 1 large fine green. This was shown to a jeweler with extensive knowledge of gemstones and he thought the material was Tsavorite (green garnet). (bfx-87-06) Total of the 3 pieces - 3.79cts $758
16.00ct Bright Green Tourmaline
large U.S. recut tourmaline
Brasilian Origin - U.S. Faceted (Original faceted gemstone direct from Brasil was 21cts - recut properly to 16cts)
published maine tourmaline
3.26ct and 5.59ct Yellow Green (Granny Smith Green)
Maine Tourmaline
These gems are from the famous 1972 Tourmaline Strike in Newry Maine. The material came from one of the original miners. We traded an 18kt gold two tone ring with a center orange diamond flanked by two nice round diamonds for these two beatuies.. The colors, cutting and shapes of these two pieces are a match! Would be wonderful for a ring and pendant.
3.26ct (dswt-92-01a) $1,100/ct
5.59ct (dswt-92-01b) $900//ct

The smaller of the two appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Editionition) Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying - New Edition
Fine colored larger Maine Tourmalines are now frequently being sold at $1000/ct.
pubished maine tourmaline
12.41ct and 4.37ct Neon Fuchsia Maine Tourmaline
These gems are from the famous 1972 Tourmaline Strike in Newry Maine. We obtained both pieces of rough from one of the original cutters that faceted the material for those responsible for this famous find. He was paid with a piece of rough which was of similar size to what he had faceted for them - in this case the smaller of the two gemstone. The large 12.41ct All That Glitters had faceted from a piece of rough purchased from the same person as noted above, but was originally purchased in the 1970s as an investment and piece of Maine history from Frank Perham.
12.41ct (jrbsn-93-03) $1,500/ct
4.37ct (rrbsn-93a-10) $900/ct
The larger of these two gemstones appears in "Gemstones - Understanding, Identifying and Buying"; Keith Wallis FGA (New Editionition) Gemstones: Understanding, Identifying, Buying - New Edition
Fine colored larger Maine Tourmalines are now frequently being sold at $1000/ct.
2.60ct Newry Maine Tourmaline
maine tourmaline
2.00ct Newry Maine Tourmaline - Unique Shape!
maine tourmaline
This gem is from the famous 1972 Tourmaline Strike in Newry Maine. We obtained the rough from one of the original cutters that faceted the material for those responsible for this famous find. He was paid with a piece of rough which was of similar size to what he had faceted for them. $300
4.46ct Newry Maine Tourmaline - Unique Shape!
maine tourmaline
Cut from a large Maine Watermelon Tourmaline Slice $400
Tourmaline from the Congo - Africa!
large congo tourmaline master faceted
9.31ct Tourmaline - Faceted by Master Cutter and AGTA Cutting Competition Award Winner - Stephen Kotlowski!
This tourmaline is from the new find of tourmaline making its way into the wholesale market currently. After faceting, it will eventually trickle down to the retail stores and then the public. Like all other gems, this material has it's fine quality as well as lower quality. This is a wonderful example of the color, which can be a very pleasing green with blue. Like many of these fancies colors, there can be some inclusions. This has a few but the cutting hides them under most conditions. The cut is a newly designed called a Switch Back Emerald Cut. It will twinkle and the flashes of light will bounce rapidly from the top of the stone to the bottom of the stone as it is tilted. A very unique cut! This is a large, well cut, teal to green Congo Tourmaline measuring 14.55x9.50x7.22mm. (hilbos-04a-01)
Note - this is the nicest piece of Congo Tourmaline we have seen and a very fine color for Tourmaline.
As seen in Cedar WIngs Magazine Cedar Wings Article
golconda tourmaline master faceted 17+ct master faceted mint green tourmaline
A - 13.00ct Fine Blue with a hint of Green. From the famous Golconda Mine in Brasil. The mine has been closed for many decades and the rough was purchased by All That Glitters over a decade ago and finally faceted by a Master Cutter and AGTA Cutting Competition Award Winner, Stephen Kotlowski. 12.10x12.10x9.98mm (atoz-97b-01a) SOLD!
B - 17.30cts Very Fine Mint Bluish Green Tourmaline Faceted by the Master Cutter and AGTA Cutting Competition Award Winner (Stephen Kotlowski), cut into a "Double" Switchback Emerald Rectangle measuring: 16.44 x 11.41 x 10.06m The rough was a doubly terminated tourmaline crystal and was purchased a decade ago. It originated in the high mountains in the Nuristan area on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is an inhospitable place for both humans and the pack animals that are required to bring the necessary tools and supplies to this rugged area. (nrstngm-96a1h)

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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