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Thousands of Lab Grown Diamonds are available and at All That Glitters Low Pricing too!
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Note that we prefer to sell Lab Grown Diamonds having either GIA or IGI Lab Certificates - these certs have been the norm for Lab Grown Diamonds. We feel it is our duty to provide our customers with a Lab Grown Diamond which truly meets the criteria they seek. All That Glitters assumes no responsibility of the grading or accuracy of either GIA or IGI Certs; our receipt will refer to the cert number and info contained within the cert. As always, our customer will be covered by our normal 10 Day 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

For Price Comparisons, customers must compare similar Lab Grown Diamonds - approx weight, color, clarity, shape, etc. and they must also be certed from GIA or IGI. Most Lab Grown Diamonds are coming with IGI Certs and a few many have GIA. Both companies will have Laser Inscriptions with the Cert ID on their girdle. Having a cert from a store or other lab is frequently insufficient. You must compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges, as they say! Feel free to send us an email of the shape and size you desire and we will do the rest. We will insure that the polish, dimensions, fluorescence, proportions and more are correct for your beautiful Lab Grown Diamond. We can send a copy of the cert via email to you for review and possibly a video.
Take Advantage of Our Expertise, Knowledge and 42+ Years in the Diamond and Colored Gemstone Business to find you the Best Lab Grown Diamond at The BEST PRICE!

Our Prices on Lab Grown Diamonds have typically been about 70% OFF Retail Store Prices!!!...

We sell/broker Lab Grown Diamonds at very low prices, providing customers with big savings on what they seek in Lab Grown Diamonds. By offering Certified Lab Grown Diamonds from a qualified source/lab (GIA or IGI), you obtain an independent report from a business that has no interest in a sale. We would expect a Lab Grown Diamond purchased through All That Glitters would sell for about 70% more in stores (possibly more, but we do not know the full mark up within stores and that can vary widely).

In conclusion, We Save Our Customers BIG $$$ on their Lab Grown Diamond purchases. Contact Us Now and Start Saving....

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The All That Glitters' Jewelers Showcase
All That Glitters had teamed up with Stuller Settings (Nations Largest Supplier of Fine Jewelry, Findings and Mountings) Choose a Setting/Design for Your Lab Grown Diamond in the Comfort of Your Own Home!
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