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Since 1981, we have been bullish on Tourmaline due to the hardness, color range, size, rarity and low price. Over the past few years, larger and/or finer colors of Tourmaline have started selling for $1000+/ct on both the retail and wholesale markets. Higher priced material prior to this time frame was Paraiba Tourmaline (1989) and more recently, the deposits of the wonderfully colored Mozambique Tourmaline (2006 +/-) which has essentially disappeared from the market as the mine/locality has not been producing as it once had. (A small parcel of very fine Mozambique Tourmaline rough was offered to All That Glitters from the mine owner in 2013 at a value of $1,100,000.)

Read an excerpt from a recent article (December 2013) on Fine Quality Tourmaline, specifically Mozambique Tourmaline at the bottom of this page. Jump to the article at the Bottom.

To read more about Mozambique Tourmaline, visit our main page devoted to Mozambique Tourmaline, where you will find many other fine colors as well as the purples, fuchsia, magentas, etc. found below.
All That Glitters Mozambique Tourmaline Page

We are believed to have the Most Purple Tourmalines as well as some of the Finest Available!

Mozambique Purple Tourmaline - Many are Certing as CUPRIAN Tourmaline!

mozambique purple tourmaline
3.28ct Purple Triangular Mozambique Tourmaline. Has some inclusions which is to be expected, but not really eye visible. For the color and location, this is a super price! (extgem-14-01)
purple mozambique tourmaline
1.53ct Amethyst Purple Mozambique Tourmaline (pntrd-08b-02)
Purple Tourmaline from Afghanistan?? If so, possibly a one shot find. We were told that only one crystal was found, and the gemstones below are from the cuttable section of the crystal. Would have loved to have seen the crystal! The three gemstones below are from that one crystal. Since most of the Purple Tourmaline has been coming from Mozambique, there is a high probability that the origin was mis-identified; if not, then these purples would be even more collectible and sought after since purple is not really known to come from Afghanistan...
purple tourmaline purple tourmaline
A - 2.26ct Trilliant Rare Purple Tourmaline (mapint-10-01c)
B - 2.39ct Emerald Rare Purple Tourmaline (mapint-10-01a)
See Description Above
purple tourmaline
3.32ct Square Cushion with a Checkerboard Top, Purple Tourmaline (mapint-10-01b)
Again, wonderful Purple Tourmaline! Of course, until only a few years ago prior to Mozambique Tourmaline Discovery, True Purple Tourmaline was unheard of; therefore, when the world discovered that there was such a color in this gemstone, it was deemed very rare and very collectable. We are pretty certain that this material will not be found in quantity, making these gemstones worthy to be found in collections and museums.
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline
A - 3.26ct Square Cushion Purple Tourmaline, Moazambique (gat-10-01a)
B - 3.90ct Cushion Purple Tourmaline, Mozambique (gat-10-01b)
purple mozambique tourmaline
4.52ct Round Purple Tourmaline, African Measures approximately 9.0x7.4mm (gat-10-01c)
RARE - Certified Cuprian Amethyst Purple Mozambique Tourmaline As indicated previously on the All That Glitters Website, this color from Mozambique (the cases that we are aware of that have been tested) has been found to contain Copper and therefore is Cuprian Tourmaline.
certed Cuprian/Copper Bearing purple mozambique tourmaline certed Cuprian/Copper Bearing purple mozambique tourmaline
8.91ct Mozambique Purple Tourmaline WITH Copper - CUPRIAN. RARE Color and this one is CERTED! (cwgc-10-01) Like most of our prices, this is price below the wholesale price as defined by the trade handbook called The Guide.
purple mozambique tourmaline
2.80ct Pear Shaped Deep Purple Mozambique Tourmaline. Color in real life is more purple! (nmdco-09a-02)
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline
A - 3.36ct Dusty Pinkish Purple Mozambique Tourmaline (nmdco-09a-01)
B - Wonderfully Purple 3.79ct Squarish Cushion Mozambique Tourmaline (nmdco-09a-03)
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline
A - Brilliant, Lively Pinkish Purple 4.57ct Trilliant Mozambique Tourmaline (nmdco-09a-01)
B - 7.91cts Total Weight: Rarity of Rarities! A matched pair of square cushion, Purple Mozambique Tourmalines! Never thought that we would see something like this, as finding purples is difficult enough. This is like having the luck to find a matched pair of Paraiba Tourmalines from the original strike in '89 at the Sao Jose da Batalha Mine! Note that all the purples that we have seen certs for, have come back positive for Copper, making this type of material Cuprian Tourmaline - for those seeking such gemstones! (nmdco-09a-05)
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline recut by our master cutter
A - 5.80ct Pear Shaped Purple Tourmaline, inclusions as one can see in the photo. Partial recut by our Master Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski. (kaek-06-03)
Preliminary spectrometric analysis indicates Copper (Cuprian Tourmaline)
B - 5.90ct Oval Purple Tourmaline. Partial recut by our Master Cutter (Stephen Kotlowski). (kaek-07-22)
published purple mozambique tourmaline - recut by our master cutter
10.28ct Oval Amethyst Purple Tourmaline faceted by our Award Winning Master Cutter who is known for his meticulous cutting - Stephen Kotlowski. (pntrd-08a-01a) Though now a well known gemstone due to it's publication, we still currently have it at the wholesale cost of a well known West Coast business. Priced back in 2007. Call or email if you have an interest. Only one like this!
purple mozambique tourmaline
11.58ct Cushion Purple Tourmaline faceted by our Master Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski. (pntrd-08a-01c)
purple mozambique tourmaline
4.00ct Round Mozambique Tourmaline, Royal Purple. This color is rare as well as the shape. Have not seen ANY rounds of size in this gemstone. Also, this was faceted by our Master Facetor (Stephen Kotlowski) who recently won an award in the ATGA Cutting Competition. (kaek-06-02) Preliminary tests using a spectrometer do indeed show this to be Cuprian Tourmaline. Measures approximately 10.4x6.6mm Photos do not do this gemstone justice - color is richer in person!
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline
A - 2.32ct Oval Mozambique Deep Purple Tourmaline (gat-08-01)
B - 2.42ct Oval Mozambique Purple Tourmaline (gat-08-02)
Preliminary spectrometric analysis indicates Copper (Cuprian Tourmaline)
purple mozambique tourmaline
Deep Amethyst Colored 8.44ct Pear Shaped Mozambique Tourmaline (pntrd-08a-01b)
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline
A - 9.03ct Mozambique Purple Tourmaline (kaek-07-02)
B - 3.36 Pear Shaped Deep Amethyst Purple Mozambique Tourmaline (limgem-08-03)
purple mozambique tourmaline
Here is another incredible and special gemstone, hailing from the small, now famous strike of uniquely colored Tourmaline from Mozambique! This beauty is a color shifter also, making it even more rare! Under office fluorescent lights or daylight, the color is a purplish pink or a pinkish purple (as seen here). No question that it contains purple though! Under incandescent lights, there is no pink - only purple,; very amehyst like... (In the past, some genstones would pick up more puprle under fluorescent lights, such as Paudarco Amethyst. The fact that we see more purple under incandescent vs. fluorescent lights, makes this particular gemstone a curiousity.) Until recently with this discovery, true purple tourmaline was just not seen. The dimensions of ths gemstone are approximately 13.1X8.0X6.4mm and is an elongated cushion weighing 4.73cts. It is quite large for this material and is mostly clean. (One problem that one encounters with this purple color is that it tends to be very included. Since we have purchased our material in person, we have attempted to purchase only the finest, best color, eye clean material possible. We attempt not to recut these gems due to the high value in the gemstones themselves. We cannot afford to loose much weight and try our best to find those gemstones which are mostly eye clean, have good color and decent cutting.) (gemgbl-07-01)
Preliminary spectrometric analysis indicates Copper (Cuprian Tourmaline)
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline
A - 10.32ct Roundish Pinkish Purple Mozambique Tourmaline (yahya-06a-04b )
Preliminary spectrometric analysis indicates Copper (Cuprian Tourmaline)
B - 12.06ct Tanzanite Colored Oval Mozambique Tourmaline, has the look of a color change sapphire - sort of blue but also purple depending on lights (yahya-06a-04a)
This particular color from Mozambique (as well as from the original Paraiba locality) typically heat treats to the bright neony blue that is known as Paraiba.
purple mozambique tourmaline
Mozambique Purplish Pink Tourmaline, 0.63ct, Oval (gembkk-06-01) $315
purple mozambique tourmaline purple mozambique tourmaline
A - Mozambique Tourmaline, 0.79ct Oval, purplish pink (dazgem-06-01b) $395
B - Mozambique Tourmaline, 1.62ct Oval, lavender (kaek-06-01)
Preliminary spectrometric analysis indicates Copper (Cuprian Tourmaline)
purple mozambique tourmaline
Mozambique Tourmaline, 2.74ct total weight, 2 pieces, purple (kaek-06-32) $500/ct (Possibly Copper present)
mining journal excerpt mozambique tourmaline
Excerpt from ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal, Dec 2013, Volume 83, Number 4, page 68.

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