Russian and U.S. Synthetic Alexandrite Available

What is the difference between a Synthetic and a Simulant? There is a BIG difference - not only what the material is but also in price. Learn More Synthetics vs. Simulants

Absolutely the lowest price!

Why pay many times more for this material than necessary?? Our rough comes directly from Russia as well as the United States and is being faceted either abroad or in the United States. We cut for calibration as well as freeforms or any size and shape desired. The cutting is the best that can be obtained. This material is a true synthetic and has a wonderful color change from bluish green to amethyst purple (and slight variations) - just like the finest natural material coming from Brazil. Unlike the natural material, our Synthetic Alexandrite is well cut, properly proportioned, clean, has a wonderful color change and is always consistent when ordered. The lab Alexandrite from the United States is grown for laser applications. This material is not as saturated as the Russian material and very larger gemstones can be faceted without being overly dark. The Russian material becomes too dark is sizes over 7mm. We have faceted 50+ct gemstones from the laser rod material and it has never been dark!

NOTE: Our material is produced using the Czochralski Pull Method. The retail on the faceted material is $360 per carat - offered by a major supplier of castings and calibrated gemstones for the trade. Before comparing prices, understand the differences in production, simulated stones and therefore costs involved.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by color shifting synthetic corundum selling for a few dollars per carat! For manufacturers or users of Synthethic Alexandrite, our trade prices CANNOT be beat! If one sees lower prices, it could be synthetic sapphire, which some companies frequently sell as synthetic alexandrite - even if you ask, it frequently isn't disclosed. So be careful!....Call us now or place an order online........

We have been told that our material appears better cut and has a better color change that what some jewelry stores have seen from major suppliers of this material AND our prices are FAR BELOW OTHER COMPANYS PRICES! Call or write us with your needs and we'll give you a price quote. We must have certifiable evidence that you are business. This material is only being sold to business who are looking for quantity and on a regular basis if necessary. Note that for material that must be cut, please allow 3-4 weeks. Custom orders require a 50% deposit. (Yes, we do custom cutting of this material for our customers and the price for the finished gem will still be 65% below the retail prices out there!)

Why purchase Synthetic Alexandrite from All That Glitters??

  • The Best Price Available
  • Great Cutting
  • Wonderful Color Change
  • Consistent Cutting and Quality
  • Custom Cutting
  • Fast Turnaround

In general, our Synthetic Alexandrite pricing is approximately 72% off the expected prices offered (or more!) to the Retail Public based on a major supplier to the public ($360/ct). Our pricing is typically $20-$100/ct depending on the size and shape. We base this 72% figure on the fact that our calibrated material below is at approximately $100/ct.

Laboratory Grown Alexandrite - U.S.
One may see Synthetic Alexandrite on the market; unfortunately if the price is too low, it will usually test out as Synthetic Corundum(Sapphire). Those who sell Synthetic Corundum as Synthetic Alexandrite do so illegally and do this because of the cost differential and the fact that most customers will never have their gemstone tested. The cost of the Syn Sapphire is VERY inexpensive compared to true Syn Alex. The Synthetic Alexandrite below is fairly exclusive to All That Glitters, as this gem material is an off-shoot of the creation of laser rods for military applications. This material has less saturation than some of the other material produced out there (All That Glitters has this material too!), and allows a very large gemstone to be faceted without being overly dark. Our prices on this material are very low since we purchase it directly from the lab. Those dealers who purchase the rough from us, facet it and then sell it to the trade, typically selling it wholesale for about $100-150/ct. Retail would therefore be higher...

Alexandrite is a very photo-reactive gemstone making photography difficult as the true colors that the eye sees, are not what is captured by the camera. This material is usually a purple under fluorescent lights, bright pinkish red under incandescent, and outside with one's back towards the sun, the gem will typically be green to blue green. Most of the time there is a bleed-through of colors, so a gemstone will have a number of colors seen by the observer, especially as the gemstone is turned and the different axes and facets interact with the available light source. In some of these gems, one can see purple, pink, peach, blue, green, etc. The photos do not do these gemstones justice. It is best to view these gems in person (actually, it is always adviseable to view gemstones directly as photos can never capture the internal life or reflections of a gem!). We do have a 7 day guarantee, so if you do not like your gemstone for any reason, it can simply be returned.

Interesting Facts about this particular material:
1.) One of our cutters used his 630-680nm diode laser and pointed to a faceted gemstone and the rough. The material went from a purplish pink color to blue green and remained like that for a few minutes. Other lasers would most likely have some affect on the color, as one is 'pumping' the atoms of the material. He also saw fringes. This material would most likely be used to create a tuneable laser...
2.) Down what I believe is the the C/Optic Axis: Teal/Orange
Side: Purple/Orange
90 deg to above: Teal/Purple
Tipping it just right will also give a yellowish green and purple; have seen pure green too. Simply Amazing Material!

What is the difference between a Synthetic and a Simulant? There is a BIG difference - not only what the material is but also in price. Learn More - < Synthetics vs. Simulants >
55.88ct Synthetic Alexandrite - Could be the largest ever faceted!
synthetic alexandrite
This large Synthetic Alexandrite is from our Laser Rod material, and was faceted by our Award Winning Supreme Master Gemcutter - Stephen Kotlowski. We have many pictures showing the progression from the rough to the finished gem seen above. It measures 25.25x20.12x16.08mm. The polish is incredible as our cutter used 200k diamond powder in the final polishing step. Depending on the lights, the body color is pinkish red, amethyst purple and under a 65k Lumichrome Full Spectrum light, the color can be a greenish, bluish or teal. Normal lighting conditions show a more purplish body color with teal or blue highlights dancing around the internal facets! We haven't been able to obtain accurate color photos of Alexandrite or Ruby at times, possibly due to the Chromium. The gem may have a body color of teal to our eyes, but the camera sees it as a very different color,. Even when the office fluorescents show a purple color, cameras are seeing bright pinkish red! This was custom faceted for one of our customers. It is up for sale using All That Glitters as a broker, as our customer has home repairs that require large sums of money. If you have an interest in this this piece, please email us for more details.
synthetic alexandrite
Concave Faceted!
Elongated Emerald Cut: 4.45cts - $489
Fan: 4.51cts - $496
Pear: 2.57cts - $275 SOLD!
synthetic alexandrite
All That Glitters Custom Designed Exclusive "Elegante" Cut
We may have multiple pieces in these sizes picturesd. If you require pairs, feel free to ask!
5x7mm - $140 (lasersun-10m) (SOLD OUT!)
8x6mm - $200 (lasersun-10l)
9x7mm - $265 (lasersun-10k)

This true synthetic Alexandrite is from the manufacture of laser rods. We have obtained some of this material over the years. It changes from a purple to a greenish blue color depending on the available light. It also shows highlights or orange and yellow. We faceted this material in our All That Glitters Exclusive Elegante Cut, designed by the owner of All That Glitters a few years back. It returns a very large proportion of the available light and has a very unique shape. The only place this unique faceting design can be obtained is through All That Glitters. Though a wonderful cut, we have not faceted many pieces as of yet, as the rough dictates the shape of the finished gem and unless the shape lends itself to our cut, we will use another design. You may see another two natural gemstones that have been faceted in the Elegante or Modified Elegante on one of our Tourmaline pages.

Learn More about the All That Glitters Elegante Design:
< Elegante Design >

Learn the difference between Synthetics and Simulants:
< Synthetics vs. Simulants >

synthetic alexandrite
Princess Cuts! Everyone loves this style/design in Diamond; a great shape for a man or woman!
6mm - $135 (lasersun-10j)
7mm - $215 (lasersun-10i)
8mm - $290 (lasersun-10h) Only 1 available!
9mm - $410 (lasersun-10g)
10mm - $575 (lasersun-10f) Only 1 available!
synthetic alexandrite
Rounds - the most popular shape in most gemstones and may not always be available in lab grown or natural gemstones.
6mm - $100 (lasersun-10e)
7mm - $150 (lasersun-10d)
8mm - $220 (lasersun-10c)
9mm - $310 (lasersun-10b)
10mm - $415 (lasersun-10a) Only 1 available.
"My package arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank you so much, I couldn't be happier with the alexandrite from the laser rods. The color change is amazing. I had bought some earrings that were supposedly alexandrite from somewhere else and I now know it obviously wasn't alexandrite and they were a similar price to what I paid you for something half the size. I can't wait to turn these rounds into earrings."
synthetic alexandrite
synthetic alexandrite
12.30ct Synthetic Alexandrite in a Concave Cut! This is our first Concave faceted gemstone in this material and it is a wonderful play of colors depending on the lights... (laser-07-03c) $1,230
17.25ct Square Synthetic Alexandrite (laser-07-03b) $1,035
synthetic alexandrite
3 cabs totalling 74cts of Synthetic Alexandrite. These are the only cabs that we have ever cut and we have never seen any other companys cut cabochons in this gemstone. These are fairly large and would make an interesting mans or womans ring, as well as a pendant or pin.
The weights are: 21.62cts, 25.72cts and 26.66cts
(laser-07-03e) $20/ct
synthetic alexandrite
Synthetic Alexandrite (Lab Grown)
Three recently faceted Synthetic Alexandrites weighing a total of 42.87cts. This material was faceted from our laser rod material. Synthetic Alexndrite sells to the trade from one company at $120 per carat, with a retail of $360 per carat. This is usually the material that we also have from Russian which has a higher Chromium content, but with the high Cr material, we cannot facet large gems like this as the gemstones will be too dark. This particular material was manufactured for laser rods.

In the above photo, the center gemstone is a 15x11mm oval weighing 10.38cts; the two ovals on either side are matched and measure 18x13mm. They weigh 16.36cts and 16.18cts. Since these are large, the price has been discounted to $70 per carat. If purchasing more than one, the price per carat is only $60. This is great price considering that those who purchase the rough from us and sell the faceted stones ask $100+ per carat from the trade. (laser-07-01p)

U.S. Grown Synthetic Alexandrite - From a Laser Rod
synthetic alexandrite
Special Price of $75/ct - $848
11.31ct U.S. Faceted Synthetic Alexandrite - Faceted from rough destined for a Laser Rod! Color Change is from a Pinkish Red to a Purplish, Purplish with Teal or Teal depending on the wavelengths available in the light source. Under diffused daylight, a nice green can be seen also. This has a number of pluses - it is Synthetic Alex(NOT color changing sapphire which sells for a fraction of the price of the lab grown synthetic alex), it has a unique origin, is U.S. faceted, and a low price. The cost of good U.S. Cutting wouldn't even pay some to facet this stone for what we are asking. This gem is not overly dark as some Syn Alex can be because it has less Chromium and saturation is not a problem in very large sizes.

Measures 14x12mm - a biggie! (laser-01)

The photo above is not the best photo, as it can appear more teal and even green. Photographing color change or color shifting gemstone is very difficult.
synthetic alexandrite
11.15ct Square Dozen Cut Synthetic Alexandrite (Laser Rod) - U.S. Faceted!
Here is a really nice gem - a lively Synthetic Alexandrite cut from a Laser Rod for laser applications. The following color change was observed under the lights that we checked: Incancescent light - purplish pink; office fluorescent - purple with tanzanite blue highlights; under a Brinkman Fluorescent light (which we use when purchasing color change rough or color changing stones - teal blue with some purple highlights. Approx 12mmx9mm
(laser-04) $1,115
synthetic alexandrite
14.94ct Synthetic Alexandrite - Laser Rod Material!!!!
This material is manufactured in the United States for use as laser rods but is still gemstone/jewelry quality. The color change of the above stone is a vivid pink red under incandescent lights. Under fluorescent, it is a mix of red, purple and teal. Under certain fluorescent lights, you will see more of the teal with some of the red or purple as an undertone. Photographing the stone under fluorescent lights was difficult compared to incandescent light. (laser-02) $896
Russian Synthetic Alexandrite - Large Pieces
synthetic alexandrite
synthetic alexandrite
A - 1.76ct, 8x6mm, Oval Russian Synthetic Alexandrite (frsmn-95-01a) $440
B - 3.35ct Emerald Cut Russia Synthetic Alexandrite, U.S. Cut (fmm-93-01a) $670
These are larger gemstones than are usually found in synthetic alexandrite. Because of their size, they are deeper colored stones. Under incandescent, the color is purple to reddish purple. Under fluorescent lights, they are a dark teal (greenish blue). It is very difficult to obtain good photos of the teal. In many lights you can see both of these colors within the stone at the same time. The retail price from one of the leading sellers of this material in the US is $360 per carat. This price per carat also reflects stones much smaller than those above. Our prices on the above material is $200-250 per carat. We have heard that our color change may be slightly better than their material; obviously, since the two large gemstones were faceted int the U.S., you are guaranteed wonderful cutting. These were cut on an individual basis; most of this type of material is faceted in bulk outside of the U.S. and may show this fact to those who understand cutting. In fact, even most natural gemstones are faceted in the country of origin and end up being poorly cut. We attempt to purchase all of our gemstones in the rough so we can use our cutters to facet wonderful material that we are proud of.
If you have wanted an alexandrite or a synthetic alexandrite, the above stones are priced to sell!
synthetic alexandrite
0.57 Russian Synthetic Alexandrite Freeform
This would make a great piece for a collection
or in a custom designed ring, pendant or pin. Under the right lighting conditions, this stone will display the colors above - frequently, a mix of the two colors will be present. Offered for a limited time at the special price of only $100

Retail Prices for Calibrated Russian Synthetic Alexandrite:

retail pricing for synthetic alexandrite

We currently have our Russian Lab Grown Calibrated Synthetic Alexandrite which is identical and the
All That Glitters Price price is ONLY $200/ct! A savings of $160 per carat off the typical retail price! We have this material in 4mm, 5mm, 6x4mm and 7x5mm!!

Note that the Laser Rod Synthetic Alexandrite and the Russian Material have two different saturations. The Russian Material goes from a blue green to a purple and in sizes over 7mm round, we feel it it too dark. The Laser Rod Material allows for a MUCH larger gemstone and the color is typically reddish pink under incandescent, purple under office fluorescent lights and in shaded sunlight, it is a teal color. (The U.S. Laser Rod material is far less in price/ct than the Russian)

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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