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Genuine French Bronze Belt Buckle - Battle of Waterloo
A French-made Bronze belt buckle, found on the Waterloo Battle site. Date of manufacture is 1810-1815. Obtained from an international antiquities dealer we have purchased items from over the past 20 or so years. The round part of the buckle is approximately 69mm. We did hear from a person who inquired about this item - "There are a few known of this type and one is for sale by an acquaintance for about $2,200.00 (US)". He was interested in the provenance of this piece, since it is unique, rare and a historic item. This was purchased several years ago from a gentleman who was well-known and respected across the globe for sale of ancient antiquities, including historic items, fossils, and related items. He would sell to museums, collectors, other dealers, etc. The owner of All That Glitters had known and done business with him for over 20 years. Other antiquities on our website were most likely purchased from this dealer. He passed away a few years ago; items are no longer available and his sense of humor and interesting items are missed by dealers and colleagues. Other photos are available, including the back. (prmgns-08-01) $825
June 2015 is the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo! Another well priced All That Glitters item!
french belt buckle from battle of waterloo french belt buckle from battle of waterloo
bronze donkey, senufo tribe bronze donkey, senufo tribe bronze donkey, senufo tribe
A bronze donkey carrying salt plates. Crafted by the Senufo Tribe something before 1900. Approximate dimensions: 3.75"Lx2.5"H Former All That Glitters Collection (palart-09-01) $949 (Larger photos available upon request)
indian bronze shiva, 18th C indian bronze shiva, 18th C indian bronze shiva, 18th C
indian bronze shiva, 18th C indian bronze shiva, 18th C
Bronze Shiva of Indian Origin - approximately 18th Century. Believed to have been brought to Sweden during trade between the two countries 200 hundred years ago. Purchased in Sweden at an auction house. Approximate dimensions: 3.5"H x 4"W (diagonally) (Larger photos available upon request) Former All That Glitters Collection (palart-09-02) $1,975
1860s Brasilian Sterling Silver Iced Tea Spoon with Citrine Rough and Coin!
antique brasilian iced tea spoons
antique brasilian iced tea spoons
antique brasilian iced tea spoons
antique brasilian iced tea spoons
The title sums up this item! This is a 9 inch Sterling Silver Iced Tea Spoon, with a piece of Brasilian Citrine Rough on one end, and a Sterling Silver 1860 Brasilian Coin on the other end. Unique and unusual. There is value to be fiound not only in this unique item as a whole, but in the value of the rough, the Sterling Silver and a silver coin dated 1860! We purchased this item about 20 years ago. There is only some slight tarnishing and the darker areas of the coin photos above are really the reflection of our black camera....
Currently in All That Glitters Collection ONLY $300
Spanish Gold Counterweights from Approximately 1675
antique spanish gold counterweights
antique spanish gold counterweights
antique spanish gold counterweights
This unique brass item was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Spain. It dates from about 1675. They were used to determine the weight of an item of gold. It is part of the estate of a well known collector of minerals/gems/antiquities for years. His wife indicated that it was found by someone they knew, off the coast of Spain in a shipwreck. This diver has written a number of articles in the past on diving and shipwrecks. We hope to learn more about this tiem in the near future, but uncertain how much more information we can obtain. Prior to purchase of this unique and historical item, the Assistant Curator of the Harvard Mineralogical Museum viewed the item with the owner of All That Glitters as well as another dealer who had purchased similiar items at auctions held at Harvard in the past. This piece of Spanish Gold History is priced at only: $675 (cmartin-07-01a)
volcanic glass(?) with inclusion volcanic glass(?) with inclusion
29.35ct Faceted Glass with unusual, currently unknown inclusion!
This faceted item was faceted from a piece of what was said to be Natural Volcanic Glass from Africa. The original owner, who is an American Gemstone Dealer in Africa, has only seen chunks of this material twice in about 30 years. His impression was this was natural. This faceted piece was sent to John Koivula, formerly of GIA and now employed by AGTA. John has written a book of gemstone inclusions and is currently working on another edition. John examined this piece and believes that it is man-made glass. John said in an email - "The inclusion in your glass might be cristobalite? I have seen such inclusions in partially devitrified glass before." The inclusions in the rough are really unique and we are considering faceting more of this material and attempting to place the inclusion under the table in the center of the piece. Examples of this material were sent to a person known for his expertise on glasses. He was not able to identify the inclusion, how it was made, etc. It certainly had him intrigued. We only have this one piece. It is extremely interesting, has a great cut and polish, as one of our local cutters faceted it. This material seems to show dispersion under the right lights also. A must have for those who like the unusual - $599
russian lab grown ametrine
Synthetic Russian Ametrine!
A unique Russian Synthetic Ametrine is also available. We have seen photographs of slices of this material in magazines such as GIA's Gems and Gemology Magazine, but we have not seen an actual crystal. Very interesting for a cutter or a collector of Russian's advanced lab grown synthetic experiments. It measures approximately 7 inches by 2.75 inches across. Our scales cannot weigh this crystal because it is sooo heavy but we can tell you that it weighs over 1000ct! $1,400 for this wonderful specimen. Very rare to actually find an intact crystal!...

gold assy pot, tasmania gold assy pot, tasmania gold assy pot, tasmania
Gold Assay Pot from the Hercules Gold Mine, Rosebury, Tasmania Currently in All That Glitters Collection Made in England in a town known for their pottery, approx 1890's, 6" tall - $225

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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