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"Is it any wonder that we were quoted prices just over the $1,000 per carat mark at Tucson for luscious large spessartite? Months later, prices quoted to us for eye-clean, top-color 3 to 5 carat stones ranged from $400 to $800 per carat. If you didn't mind some gas bubbles or other small eye-visible inclusions, prices were generally half those for eye-clean stones."

Read More - Modern Jewelers May 2008 Spessartite Article

The Orange Spessartites described in the article above wholesales for approximately $400-800/ct in 3+ct sizes (2010 timeframe), which is the smallest that All That Glitters typically purchases. Below is the wholesale pricing for Mandarin Orange Spessartite, Nov-Dec 2014, from The Guide.

Price lists for most high end fine colored gemstones can be thrown away as they are very outdated, as prices have increased tremendously. Who would thought a few years ago that nice blue Tourmaline of decent size would be selling at $1000/ct.....Wholesale!

6.60ct Spessartite Garnet Oval
Large 6.60ct Reddish Orange (a unique color - hard to describe) Spessartite Garnet Oval, super price for this size, color, cutting, clarity, etc! (egaj-15-40) $3,330
Spessartite Garnet Spessartite Garnet
A - 2.13 Oval Bright Orange Spessartite Garnet (Sri Lankan) (egaj-15-22) $1,491
B - 5.07ct Large Oval Bright Orange Spessartite Garnet (kjcl-15a-02) $3,800
spessartite garnet
Rarely seen in this size or clarity, these Nigerian Spessartite Garnets look like gum drops. There are a few small inclusions, but for this material this too is rare. Nothing in either gemstone is noticeable where it would be considered a negative.
Pear: 10.64cts
Oval: 5.98cts
(kjcl-11-15) $400/ct
spessartite garnet
Certed 6.40ct Oval Spessarite, Good Orange. (11.65x8.79x6.59mm) (kaek-07-03) $4,320
View Cert
spessartite garnet
Certed 7.11ct Oval Spessartite, Good Orange. (11.75x9.47x7.11mm) (kaek-07-04) $4,799
View Cert
spessartite garnet
A Large Clean Decently Faceted 5.23ct Deep Orange Spessarite Garnet! Has alot going for it.
Approx Dimensions: 11.3x7.4x5.3mm (gemplz-07b-01) $3,530
spessartite garnet
3.52ct Trilliant Spessartite Garnet; brilliant and glows reddish orange.
Dimensions Approx: 10.4x8.5x6.0mm (algemst-07-01) $1,760
spessartite garnet
5.26ct Orange Red to Burning Ember Red Spessartite Garnet (gemst2u-07-01) $2,630
Dimensions: Approx 9.7x9.6mm
spessartite garnet
Spessartite Garnet, 4.90ct Oval (kaek-06-14) $3,185
spessartite garnet spessartite garnet
A - Spessartite Garnet, 5.08ct Oval (kaek-06-22) $3,048
B - Spessartite Garnet, 5.18ct Oval (kaek-06-19) $3,108
spessartite garnet spessartite garnet
A - Spessartite Garnet (kaek-06-13) Oval: 2.99cts; Cushion: 2.73cts $450/ct
B - Spessartite Garnet, 5.84ct Oval (kaek-06-17) $3,796
spessartite garnet
Spessartite Garnet, 6.45ct Cushion (kaek-06-20) $3,225
spessartite garnet
Spessartite Garnet, 7.96ct Flash Emerald Cut (kaek-06-15) $6,368
Photo appears on two different pages!
spessartite garnet
3.89ct Oval Spessartite Garnet, (10.2x7.0x5.4mm) (kaek-06-39) $3,112
Fan is Sold! (Retail Store Purchase)

A VERY desirable color.
spessartite garnet
spessartite garnet
A - 3.37ct Trilliant Spessartite Garnet, East Africa, U.S Cut (doost-99-01b) $1,685
B - 6.95ct Trilliant Spessartite Garnet, East Africa, U.S. Cut (doost-99-01a) $3,475
These photos do not do these stones any justice! Lively, well cut, clean and large!

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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