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The Legend of Bolivianite (Ametrine)

Article by Gerard Quintin from the South American Gem Academy
Appears in Gemmology Today (Published by World Gem Foundation)

"The word 'Ametrine' comes from the contraction of Amethyst and Citrine, which was taken, respectively, from the first two and the last two syllables.

'Bolivianite' also known as Trystine is an appellation from the word 'Bolivianita' from Bolivia which must not be confused with the stannite described by the mineralogist A. Pauly in 1926 under the term 'Bolivianite'.

A Bolivian legend says that during an expedition of the Spanish in the seventeen century, through what is today the eastern Bolivian border with Brazil, a soldier called Felipe de Urriola y Goitia, fell in love with the Pricess Anahi, the daughter of the King of the Ayoreo tribe..."

The Legend of Bolivianite (Ametrine)

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