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Top-Quality Gem Sales Strong - Sourcing Issues and Raising Prices

-- An American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Article

"Dealers in top-quality gems tell AGTA that goods are mostly moving for fourth-quarter sales, but replacing them is difficult and expensive.

Jewelers have been enjoying record sales for the past few years, but as inflation reared, fuel costs skyrocketed, and travel habits returned midway through 2022, many feared a slowdown. Fall data from both Mastercard SpendingPulse and new jewelry trend analytics firm Tenoris report declines in October jewelry sales, though some dealers' anecdotal evidence challenges those accounts. To date, most recessionary concerns among purveyors of unheated blue Sapphires and Rubies appear not to have materialized...."

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The above article and general news being heard and seen across the world over the past few years, proves fine quality gemstones are more difficult to obtain and prices are higher. This is sad news for All That Glitters as we attempt to sell below wholesale, at wholesale and in the worse case scenario, in between wholesale and retail. Some items like decorator pieces (minerals/specimens) could be near their retail as it is difficult to price some items as some very special one-of-a-kind items have such a premium. Since we do not retail, we don't have a good feel for what some jewelry stores and goldsmith sell items that we sell to them - though we can certainly say that on the wholesale floors at the Tucson Gem Shows, we frequently see dealers selling similar items to All That Glitters inventory and their price is about 50% to 100% more. That being said, we know that a very large percentage of the All That Glitters Collection/Inventory is far below where it should be and we might have the daunting task of increasing prices - daunting because of our hugh inventory, number of web pages, database, etc. BUY NOW before any changes go into effect - there is some discussion that it might just be easier to sell all inventory at this point to a few high end internationally known stores or even put the collection up for sale through a major auction house. With whatever choice that is made, it will require a large amount of work. There are also thoughts about displaying in Tucson again in the near future (most likely scenario), something that we haven't done since 1990. This is the place where those in the know (cutting, color, size, clarity and pricing) can comparison shop or just know the value we offer and therefore a large amount of inventory in gemstones, minerals and rough can be sold. Stay tuned for decisions, perhaps price increases, etc. As shown on our Sapphire page, we have sold Sapphires at 50% of what the gemstone was appraised for. Last year after Tucson, one of our colleagues/associates/customers brought to our attention that Our Spinel Prices (especially the Mahenge Spinels) were too low compared to wholesale pricing seen. We've changed very few of our website prices over decades, so pricing has been incredibly good in the past and now, that pricing for fine quality cutting, clarity and color in our gemstones is outrageously low. Yet we continue to have a Monthly Special, which we have done on the All That Glitters Website SINCE 1999!

All That Glitters has approximately 200 pages of photos and information pertaining to our inventory and colored gemstones in general. Be sure to visit any pages of interest to learn more or to find YOUR very special colored gemstone or gem/mineral related item!... Just search the Left Hand Navigation Column for the Colored Gemstone of Your Choice.