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Fall for Autumn Gems
(GIA Article)

"Nature gives us a brilliant palette of color-changing leaves and a spectacular kaleidoscope of sunsets during the fall season. Yet, year-round, a treasure trove of gemstones in rich earth tones is ripe for collecting.

Let's take a look at some gems, jewelry and minerals in autumnal hues to kick start this colorful season...."

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Many gemstone colors fall into the color scheme of Autumn, and we have provided links to some All That Glitters Photo Pages that we feel you should review for the Colors of Autumn. Don't miss our collaborative work with a major goldsmith/designer on a piece called "Fall in New England" which we entered into the 2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards!...
Citrine (Quartz)
Fire Agate
Spessartite Garnet
Color Shifting Garnet
Yellow Beryl

Fall In New England - Imperial Topaz Pendant with Fancy Sapphires in 18kt Gold!
Scroll down in the link above to find this unique custom piece which includes some CAD/CAM photos - actual photos of the piece do not do this piece ANY justice...