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International Gem Society (IGS)

Apatite Values, Price and Jewelry Info:

IGS Article
Main photo is the smallest Neony Apatite that we have cut in the rough - most have been extremely important large ones which are rare, but this color is a killer in person and affordable due to size!

Aquamarine Value, Price, and Jewelry Information:

IGS Article
A unique Aqua Crystal from Afghanistan from the All That Glitters Collection is shown in this article. Killer crystal for those collectors! (Perhaps one-of-a-kind)

Optical Dish Carving - IGS Article:

Have to be a member to view article, so here is a screen grab!

Is Lab-Created Alexandrite Real Alexandrite? IGS Article:

Have to be a member to view article, so here is a screen grab! (and to answer that question, YES. Lab Created Alexandrite is Real Alexandrite, just grown in a lab...) This 55+ct was cut by the Multi-Award Winning Supreme Master Gemcutter Stephen Kotlowski who work is very collectable, unfortunatley he passed away in October of 2015. This was a custom cut (as all of this facet designs were created on the fly with his 40+years of knowledge/experience) for a customer of All That Glitters who wanted something very special. It is currently available for purchase from All That Glitters, but is in the possession of the original person who requested we facet this for her. Believed to still be available at the present time for those who are interested. Note that this might be the Largest Lab Grown Alexandrite ever faceted.

Aquamarine Sources - IGS Article:

Have to be a member to view article, so here is a screen grab! Note - This is absolutely an Outstanding piece in saturation/tone - the finest we have had in 40+years and we have it priced to the public below wholesale, as a 1ct with a 'similar' tone is selling for about $1000/ct to dealers in Tucson and that has some grey. Using a dichroscope, this Aquamarine shows colors of a Tanzanite Blue/Purple and a light blue.... Not the best photo, so we are displaying a photo of this incredible gem taken in the parcel paper in which it resides, showing a more accurate color. You can read more about this particular gem by visiting the following page and scrolling down until you see this 4.76ct CERTED Aquamarine! (Typically no need to Cert an Aquamarine but because this doesn't look like your typically light Aquamarine, but more likel a deep blue Zircon or perhaps Topaz, we wanted to cert this gem to show without doubt this is indeed Aquamarine!!!
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