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Michael Dyber's Innovative Gem Carving
(NEWS INTERNATIONAL Gems & Gemology, Spring 2018, Vol. 54, No. 1)

I first met Michael Dyber back in about the mid-1980s when he introduced himself to me while All That Glitters was an exhibitor at a local gem and mineral show in Topsfield, MA. He and his wife were attending the show and he showed me examples of his unique work, which reminded me of Munsteiner as it wasn't the typical flat faceting of a gemstone. Unfortunately, at the time, this cutting was so new that the public hadn't yet embraced this new method of fashioning gemstones. That would change in time, and the name Dyber would become well-known in the colored gemstone cutting world....
-- L. Allen Brown, Gemologist/Owner, All That Glitters

"Michael Dyber (Rumney, New Hampshire) discussed how 30 years as a gem artist have influenced his techniques and informed the creation of his optically stunning carvings ...."

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