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Inclusions (Overview) - Spring 2018 - Volume 54, Issue 1
(GIA's Gems & Gemology Magazine Articles)

Gemstones with unique inclusions or aesthetically pleasing/beautiful inclusions have always been of interest to the collector or those who can appreciate naturally created beauty. These pieces are not common and are very much one-of-a-kind. All That Glitters is always seeking out these rarities. Doesn't matter how much time one spends in the search, it is just luck and a fluke of nature if something is stumbled upon. This year, we have had the good fortune to find a decent selection of included gemstones - all quartz. Quartz is the most common host where other minerals can grow - and if the quartz is crystal clear, that is a plus, as the internal growth that was captured in the Quartz may readily be seen.

Many other gemstones/minerals will also contain other interesting minerals that have grown in the pockets/environment along with the host gem/mineral. This can include Diamonds too. Back in the early 1990s, the owner of All That Glitters was talking to an appraiser at a fine jewelry store in Massachusetts, who had indicated that he found a red Garnet crystal as an inclusion within a Diamond set in an engagement ring, and his appraisal was higher than it would have been had that 'inclusion' not be present! Note that though inclusions in gems/minerals might be interesting, they may not add any value to the host - it is only when there is something that is aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, perhaps well formed needles/crystals, rare, etc. that the value of the piece then increases. Read about some types of inclusions and their host minerals as seen in a few examples, as noted in the Gems & Gemology articles found below.

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