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orangy pink sapphire
1.83ct UNHEATED Oval Sapphire (GIA Certed) of a unique color that would best be described as a pink with just some orange overtones, salmony to some extent. (The dichroscope does show both orange and pink, but the pink predomninates.) The photo does this gemstone no justice, as the color cannot truly be captured. GIA describes the color as a purplish pink, but depending on the lights, the secondary hue we believe varies either showing the slight purple in the cert as described or perhaps taking on that hint of orange. A great color regardless of how is it described AND it is also unheated! (Madagascar) (egpl-19-04) $5,490
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Montana Sapphire
A 2.42ct Montana Sapphire of a blue-green color, faceted in the U.S. We obtained the rough directly from a miner in Montana, and it was a light green. Upon cutting it, it seems as if we are pulling in some color from the other axis or there may be some zoning. The eye blends this more vs. the closeup/magnification of the photo. It can be described as a green blue or blue green. For an American gemstone and a Sapphire, this is priced to move at only $1,695. (bng-19-02)
purple sapphire neon bubblegum pink sapphire
A - A really nice example of purple Sapphire, weighing 1.54cts. (btree-19-02) SOLD! (Intergem Dealer Sale)
B - 1.38ct Neony Deep Bubble Gum Pink with lots of pizzazz/sparkle. (btree-19-01) $2,175 View Cert
natural unheated green sapphire
Unheated Green Sapphire weighing 1.39cts. Green is a not a common color in Sapphire. (Madagascar) (egpl-19-03)
SOLD! (Jewelry Designer/Manufacturer)
unheated purple sapphire
A - Unheated Purple Sapphire Oval of 1.81cts. Difficult to photograph and seeing some blue depending on lights, but it is mostly a purple similar to commercial grade Amethyst - some of the facets show this color as shown in the photo. Consider the body color to be this color of purple. Photo doesn't do this justice. Some inclusions under power, including needles and some voids break the surface on one of the facets on the pavilion similar to a diamond, trying to conserve weight and leaving naturals....Origin is Madagascar. (mfg-19-01) $2,450
purple sapphire bluish green sapphire
A - 2.03ct Square Sapphire of an interesting Dusty Red Salmon/Reddisn Bronze color. The color is very unique in that it does shift and you can watch it change while walking from being under one light source to another. For those who like unusual as well as beautiful, this UNHEATED Gem is for you. (If you don't like having to explain to people who ask what the gemstone is that you are wearing, then his Sapphire is not for you, as we guarantee people seeing it will be asking exactly that question, which is the norm with All That Glitters Gemstones in general!) This Sapphire hails from Madagascar, which has been producing some killer gems at times, and this is one of them! (egpl-19-01) $3,550
(Less than $1750/ct for this Sapphire, a Uniquely Colored One and it is Unheated...Pricing doesn't get better than this!...)
B - An interesting 2.27ct Green Sapphire that shifts in color depending on available lights - have seen it as a fine green, but also more pastel bluish green. (Madagascar) (egpl-19-02) SOLD! (Jewelry Designer/Manufacturer)
deep blue sapphire with green highlights multi-colored sapphire crystal slice
A - A very deep blue Sapphire trilliant weighing 2.17cts. One can see green flashes of color under bright lights. (Madagascar) (egpl-19-05) $2,600
B - An interesting piece for a collection or perhaps pendant, this large slice of a Sapphire crystal shows deep blue, beige, black and various colors when held up to bright lights. (Mozambique) (lcrst-19-01) $749
El Dorado Bar Montana Sapphire
Don't think much has to be said about this Montana Sapphire, as the picture can speak for itself... This is a U.S. Gemstone and faceted in the U.S. by a cutter known for his cutting of Montana Sapphires. The rough came from El Dorado Bar and was cut in this beautiful hexagon and weighs a whopping 2.86cts. Color is various blues depending on the lighting being viewed under. This is a must have for those seeking an American Sapphire from an important location and the superb cutting and fine color just adds to the desirability. (bng-19-01) $3,990
parti-colored sapphire
Parti-Colored Sapphire, a Green and Blue Mix. This 2.41ct Trilliant has a base color of blue, but also has yellow which mixes and produces some green highlights. It has the main appearance of blue when viewed, but if one looks closely, one can see the green highlights. The green and blue do mix to give a unique color blue that the Sri Lankans call Green Sapphire - but most would describe it as a variation of a blue. (egpl-18-03) $3,615
GIA certed padparadscha
Doubly Certed Padparadscha Sappire Oval weighing 1.19cts. Another wonderful All That Glitters hand-selected Padparadscha Sapphire over 1ct! True Pads are far and few between. Even if one finds the true Pad color, there are typically problems with symmetry, pavillons that are too shallow or extremely deep, color zoning, inclusions or a price that is ridicuously high. Finding and Buying a Fine Padparadscha Sapphire is similar to finding and buying a Fine Alexandrite!.... (awa-18-01) SOLD! (Canada!)
GIA Cert
EGLab Cert

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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