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Montana Sapphire
A 2.42ct Montana Sapphire of a blue-green color, faceted in the U.S. We obtained the rough directly from a miner in Montana, and it was a light green. Upon cutting it, it seems as if we are pulling in some color from the other axis or there may be some zoning. The eye blends this more vs. the closeup/magnification of the photo. It can be described as a green blue or blue green. For an American gemstone and a Sapphire, this is priced to move at only $1,695. (bng-19-02)
El Dorado Bar Montana Sapphire
Don't think much has to be said about this Montana Sapphire, as the picture can speak for itself... This is a U.S. Gemstone and faceted in the U.S. by a cutter known for his cutting of Montana Sapphires. The rough came from El Dorado Bar and was cut in this beautiful hexagon and weighs a whopping 2.86cts. Color is various blues depending on the lighting being viewed under. This is a must have for those seeking an American Sapphire from an important location and the superb cutting and fine color just adds to the desirability. (bng-19-01) $3,990

All of the Montana Sapphires below (6) are faceted in the US by one of our cutters. All have inclusions to some extent, but they might not be visible depending on one's eyes, lighting, etc. Sparkle and depth of color can hide the inclusions also. With close-up photography, one might see things within a gemstone that one wouldn't see under most conditions or perhaps at all. Inclusions can help to determine natural origin, heat, etc.
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Montana Sapphire
1.07ct Round Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. Color varies from a blue, grey blue and purply blue - not common for MT Sapphire. Some inclusions that one can see under light, but a very nice sized piece, great cutting, interesting color and very brilliant. (jkiln-17a-01)
Montana Sapphire Montana Sapphire
A - 1.32ct Round Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. A round faceted top but no real pavillion nor a culet expected in a round. We could call this a round tablet. Color is a light blue or greyish. Interesting piece to create with or for a collection for those seeking a Montana Sapphire. (jkiln-17b-01b)
B - 1.94ct Oval Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. Blue is reminiscent of Sapphires from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). $4,850 (Only $2500/ct) (jkiln-17b-01a)
Montana Sapphire Montana Sapphire
A - 2.34ct Square Cushion Part-Colored Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. Really nice piece and has interesting play of color and a great shape to work with. $5,850 (Only $2500/ct) (jkiln-17b-01c)
B - 2.50ct Elongated Emerald Cut Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. (jkiln-17b-01e)
3.59ct Round Blue MONTANA Sapphire - U.S. Faceted!
We are EXTREMELY pleased and fortunate to have found this gem - a true gem for a number of reasons. This large well faceted 3.58ct (by a US cutter) has a wonderful fine blue color, is very large and is also a round which is very uncommon. The origin is MONTANA. It is said that Prince Charles sought out a Montana Sapphire originally for Princess Diana, but did not find the size, quality and color. Montana Sapphires hold a special place in United States as well as the world. when it comes to Blue Sapphire, and this is a wonderful example. In all our years in business, we have had only two Montana Sapphires as we desire a fine example in inventory - and this one passes all the criteria - actually exceeds what is fine in Montana, in the size and color! Certed as Montana Sapphire by GIA. In conversations with a well-known/respected individual in the GIA Gem Lab who is known for his knowledge of Montana Sapphires, he stated that color of this gem wasn not too dis-similar from Yogo in color". Approx 8.44x6.31mm (artgem-16-01) SOLD! (Singapore)
Certed as Montana Sapphire by GIA.

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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