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One of the few gemstones from the United States, Oregon Sunstone is found in the high desert areas in Oregon. The main body colors of this gemstone can be clear, straw, yellowish, orangy, reddish to even green which is fairly rare. Some pieces may actually contain more than one color, to the point where it looks like watermelon, with green, red and clear. Some gems can be found with schiller (copper platelets) which add an interesting feature/glitter to this gemstone.

Oregon Sunstone with Schiller
Sunstone weighing 4.21cts from the high deserts of Oregon. Cabbed in the United States into an interesting freeform kite shape and contains a good amount of coppper schiller, providing scintillating bands of shiny copper color when moved. (ddsun-15-01) $110
Oregon Sunstone (4.60cts) in the Custom Elegante Design!
faceted Oregon Sunstone
Faceted by the owner of All That Glitters, this is a custom cut called "Elegante" developed back in about 2004 by the cutter and based on other similar designs, but with a different distinct top and small table. Photo doesn't do the sparkle or color justice. Depending on the lights, it is a lemon yellow to a sort of champagne color. There is a splash of pink when looking down the long axis, that also perhaps adds to the color. $500 including shipping/insurance via Priority Box. (dd-atg-18-01)

Learn More about the All That Glitters Elegante Design: < Elegante Design >

watermelon sunstone Butte Mine Oregon watermelon sunstone Butte Mine Oregon
watermelon sunstone Butte Mine Oregon watermelon sunstone Butte Mine Oregon
Uniquely Faceted (U.S.) Oregon Watermelon Sunstone weighing 8.47cts. Sunstone Butte Mine, Oregon. Photos show the finished gem, a side view after being cut showing the many colors, the trimmed piece of rough for study prior to beginning the cutting, and the rough itself. As expected, the colors did mix but more than we had hoped - as one tips the gem, one can see different colors which separate and flash. This is a darker gem with a lively lighter colored top. Faceted by an award winning cutter, this piece is being offered in the ball park of the cost of the rough and the cutting - we had hoped for more color separation, but one never knows how things will turn out until the gem is completed, removed from the dop and cleaned. (da-17-01) Only $1400
Dalan Hargrave Carved/Sculpted Oregon Sunstone with Heavy Schiller
oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave
oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave
oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave oregon sunstone rough with schiller
49+ct Oregon Sunstone from the high desert area of Plush, Oregon. Mined by All That Glitters in 2009. Large piece of rough with very heavy schiller, which is not common. Carved/Sculpted by the multi-award winning Dalan Hargrave. Another fine work of lapidary art by Dalan. Photos above represent tilting the work of art to show off the schiller or showing the copper platelets that cause the copper/gold reflections. The original piece of rough is the last photo. Clicking on any of the photos above will open a new page with an enlarged version of the photo. Another unique U.S. Gemstone from All That Glitters and a Texas-based Lapidary Artist. (dd-17-01)
We are offering this piece at approximately 20% BELOW the calculated wholesale price (based on a wholesale guide created by those directly involved in activing mining and selling of Oregon Sunstone over decades). For those considering this unqiue and beautiful purchase, we are willing to share the wholesale list, as well as our calculations to show how we arrived at our pricing. For a retail markup, we anticipate the price to be up to 100% more. Our goal has been to provide our customers exquisite fine quality colored gemstones at the best price possible. With 36 years in the gem trade, access to the source for rough and cut gemstones, as well as to many award-winning facetors/artists, allows All That Glitters to offer unexpectedly low pricing on most of our inventory. Contact us for a price quote!
carved oregon sunstone with copper schiller
7.21ct Custom Carved Oregon Sunstone with HEAVY Copper Schiller. This piece just shines with reflections from the copper schiller in the light. Unique shape will allow designers to create a wonderful piece - there is no other piece on the market currently or in the past, which would be similar. A True One-of-a-Kind! (dd-16-04) $721
concave cut oregon sunstone
concave cut oregon sunstone
Oregon Sunstone, 3.37ct - Stunning Shape with really nice orange color. Photos are of the same gemstone, just rotated 90 degress to show the various play of light/color that one may see. (dd-16-01) $1,348
incredible cresent moon shaped faceted oregon sunstone
Oregon Sunstone weighing 4.37cts - unique curved shape which could be described as a crescent. Will allow some interesting designs for custom jewelry! Photos show the gemstone in two different positions - think it would be unique to set with the long axis running up/down vs. across as show in the photos....but anything is possible! Photos don't do the gemstone/shape justice. (dd-16-02) $1,311
14.36ct Oregon Sunstone - Custom piece!
oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone oregon sunstone oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone
Original Rough!
This unique piece was created using facets, sculpting as well as optical dishes.. A super interesting piece for someone who wants something unique - reminiscent of Munsteiner, Dyber and others! This is exactly what one expects from an Oregon Sunstone - one sees a red surrounded by clear, and of course, what many look for - Schiller (copper platelets). You can see all of this in the photos above - a variation of red, clear, and schiller in parallel lines. (osi-08-01) $2,154
An incredible price if one considers the cost to facet/create this, the size, the uniqueness, etc.
oregon sunstone rough
The Oregon Sunstone Rough shown above produced the faceted gemstones you see below. One can get a good idea of some of the waste of the original rough, as one can see the trim marks where a diamond saw blade will remove cracks, inclusions and areas that are not desired in the finished faceted gemstone. The typical yield that we use when estimating a finished gemstone is 20% - meaning that 80% of the rough that is paid for, is literally trimmed and ground away. Note that the rough piece on the left produced the gemstone in the photo you see below. You can see some of the glittering schiller in the piece of rough. The green outline (watermelon) was removed so as not to mix the green with the reddish orange, as there was a high likelihood that this would muddy the color and the final gemstone would not be the nice pure color you see below!
oregon sunstone
A Very Large Natural 9.93ct Oregon Sunstone, mined in 2009 and faceted in the U.S. by our Supreme Master Gem Cutter - Stephen Kotlowski. This is a dusty orange under office fluorescent lights, but a bright orange under lights such as incandesents. There is a decent amount of schiller without being overpowered by schiller. It causes a slight sleepiness which is very common in these gems with schiller. It is still bright, it certainly glitters internally and externally (our Master Cutter is responsible for the high polish!) and is a wonderful example of a large orangy Natural Oregon Sunstone! 12.45x11.35x10.60mm (dd-09b-02) $3,972
Note - Production this year, 2009, has been quite low due to mechanized mining failures. Problems continue to plague the complicated mechanisms which must all act as one unit. We were only one of two that were allowed to view this rough and make a selection. The owner of All That Glitters personally chose these two pieces of rough from this very limited selection.
oregon sunstone oregon sunstone
A - 3.12ct Natural Oregon Sunstone, mined in October 2008 and faceted in the U.S. Some schiller, best seen from the side. A beige or light apricot color; some may call it a Topaz color. (dd-09a-02) $312
B - A large ROUND 4.56ct Natural Oregon Sunstone, also mined in October 2008 and faceted in the U.S. Not seen very often in larger rounds. The color is similar in descripton to the oval. Interesting pattern which gives the design a slight swirl - LOTS of sparkle. (dd-09a-03) $684
oregon sunstone oregon sunstone
A nicely colored 3.78ct Natural Oregon Sunstone, mined in October 2008 and faceted in the U.S. As is typical with the reds, it is surrounded by a field of clear. With the stone tipped on the side, one can clearing see this, as well as an inclusion which runs parallel to the length. Depending on the viewing angle, one can see some of this abscense of color on the side, and the inclusion is not all that readily visible. (dd-09a-01) $567

Sunstone (Phenomenal - Star and Cat's Eyes) From Tanzania

sunstone sunstone
Two cabs of Tanzanian Sunstone weighing about 0.65cts total, showing some phenomenon $65
16.90cts of Tanzanian Sunstone (not exactly matched and can be purchased separately) with a wonderful color and a faint/medium 4-ray stay present. This material was written up in an article by Morgan Beard and is very collectable. You can see the internal fibers that make up the stars. The body color is gold... (7.69ct and 9.21ct) (mj3inc-04-04p) $60/ct
(A great price for this fine quality material!)
sunstone sunstone
3 cabs of Tanzanian Sunstone weighing 14.65cts. The middle stone shows a weak 4 ray star, and the left hand/right hand cab show a fairly distinct cats-eye! These gemstones can be purchased separately. Photo on the left was taken with a pen light to act as the lighting source to show off the phenomenon. (3.66ct, 3.72ct, 7.27ct) (mj3inc-04-04p) $60/ct (A great price for this fine quality material!)
Same 3 cabs under office fluorescent lights with no over head pin point light source; therefore, no cats-eye or star.

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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