Giclée Museum Quality UV Protected High Quality Canvas Prints

We have produced some macro (close-up) photographs and created Giclée Museum Quality Canvas Prints of some of our Artistic and Aesthetically Pleasing Natural Mineral Specimens. Each image is on canvas and stretched on 3/4" stretcher bars. These can be easily framed or just hung on the wall as is. There is a UV coating making the images more resistant to fading in bright light.

So What is a Giclée? Click on the following link to learn more: Giclée

Shipping for each giclee is a flat fee of $40 - U.S. ONLY.
All That Glitters will pay shipping costs over $40!

NOTE - We have created only one of each and due to the cost and shipping, we feel it is too costly to order another printing for one piece....

Click on the thumbnail photo in the left hand column to see a slightly larger image of the Giclée Print:

Size (inches)
crazy lace agate giclee


Crazy Lace Agate

crazy lace agate giclee


Crazy Lace Agate

laguna agate giclee
Laguna Agate
mushroom jasper giclee


Mushroom Jasper

polka dot giclee


Polka Dot Agate


sagenite agate giclee

Brasilian Agate with
Sagenite Crystals

chinese chalcedony giclee 9x12
Chinese Chalcedony (I)
chinese chalcedony giclee 9x12
Chinese Chalcedony (II)

chinese chalcedony giclee 9x12

Chinese Chalcedony (III)


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