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etched seymchan meteorite with original surface
etched seymchan meteorite with original surface
Seymchan Meteorite (Russia, 1967) - unique in that this meteorite was not sliced up in its entirety, but a slice was made to show the wonderfully beautiful natural metallic crystal structure, leaving the original surface of the meteorite alone and intact. Super piece due to both the exposed surface and natural surface; would be a show stopper for a collection, displayed on a desk or in a curio cabinet. Weighs over 261 grams. At wholesale Russian prices per gram as seen in Tucson, this would sell for $3,900+ and that would be for a slice and not an intact section of the original meteorite surface. (mf-18-02) $1,975
This had been offered in a specialty auction, but didn't sell and we feel that it wasn't well represented. Though a super photograph showed the wonderful etching, there was no photograph of the back which is entirely natural and not common to find. If this sold at the expected low range of $2,000, there would be a 25% on top of that, so the selling price would have been $2,500...
The well-known auction house thought a fare selling range was $2000-3000, and frequently when we put items up to auction, they sell above our All That Glitters website price - with some items selling at 4 times the initial price. There is also interest in placing it into another important natural history auction related to meteorites in the future. It is possible that it will sell for more during that auction as it will be seen around the world and by thousands of potential new owners! To view the description of this piece and see the estimated expected selling range, visit the following link:
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The Monthly Special Price:    $1,500

SAVE ===>    $475

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