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While doing research and finding links of interest for our Monthly News (and the topic of the Monthly News is related to our Monthly Special this month), an article on investing on gems was discovered. The article was dated June 2020 and we are sharing a few quotes from that article below. The owner of All That Glitters, would like to comment on these quotes and has done so below these quotes..."

"...Another investment stone on (the) radar is ametrine, an incredibly rare, single-source gem."
"I really do feel that ametrine is underpriced on the market", he says. "It's the most undervalued gem there is, but I would never tell anybody to put more than 5 to 10% of their total gem investment into ametrine."

The Owner of All That Glitters Comments on the above quotes:
I wouldn't say that Ametrine is 'incredibly rare' - I can't see why one would say that, other than to make sales. However, the really dark material and the 'blended uniquely color zoned' material that we have been seeking out, is indeed uncommon and could be considered rare when compared to the total gem rough production of Ametrne. I think what makes it rare is a combination not only of a nicely saturated piece of rough showing both the purple of Amethyst and the yellow or golden color of Citrine, but the unique blending that can occur, and even more importantly, what a talented gemstone artist/cutter can do with that piece of rough. One can have the best colored rough, interesting natural patterns of color, but without that artist to bring out the real beauty and uniqueness in the piece, it can become just a costly gemstone that doesn't have much appeal. This being said, we have had a business relationship with the mine owner where this material is found. There is only one mine that produces this material in quantity, with all variations of saturation and size. He knows what we seek and he will hand select these pieces when they become available and send photos. If the photos show an interesting design, perhaps an interesting shape, decent saturation, we will purchase those pieces. Most of the Ametrine on the market is very light in saturation and not very appealing, and should therefore have a low value. Some cutters are cutting this material in unusual cuts, but the saturation is frequently not there and the cut may not enhance that particular piece of rough. If this is the case, the piece may not be appealing and not perhaps deserving of some of the prices (these can still fetch $100 or more per carat). These pieces may be on the larger size also, so with a high price per carat, a large gem of low saturation and a cut that doesn't accentuate the existing colors of the gem, may not be worthwhile. The cost to have a gemstone faceted in the U.S. and by a talented cutter can be quite high - that is why so many gems are cut abroad, but then the cutting and beauty of the final gem may be compromised; lower saturated material and lower quality gemstones end up being cut abroad as it is necessary to keep the price of cutting down because the finished product will not have a high value when finished. All That Glitters is using this uniquely colored hand-picked rough directly from the mine, and utilizing award winning cutters in the United States, as well as up and coming cutters. These pieces have been so unique at times, that some have of these pieces on the All That Glitters website have been reproduced and have appeared in articles, as well as on gem related websites as well as in books/magazines.

To summarize my thoughts above, Ametrine is not necessarily an "incredibly rare" gemstone as noted in that online article, but when the stars align just right in saturation, color distribution, shape and cutting, then one does have a gemstone that is uncommon, unique, one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing and by definition, would make it rare. This can be said of many other gemstones out there; unfortunately, many of the gemstones seen on the market are just commercial grade with high markups. We've attempted to make ourselves distinctly different from many gemstone businesses out there, as seen/described by our business model on our website. The All That Glitters Approach/Business Model has always been to purchase the best rough or cut gemstones of that species; that may be color, size, clarity, color and incredible cutting, and then offer these fine quality colored gemstones to stores, goldsmiths or the public at the best price possible, regardless of the wholesale price - as we try to buy and sell at or below wholesale. The worst case scenario may be that pricing is between wholesale and retail - which means we might have had to pay more, or had a greater loss in the cutting than expected, but the bottom line is that we attempt to offer a gemstone that literally sings and dances with life and brilliance. We believe that a large percentage of our inventory does that just - if in doubt of the beauty and brilliance of a gemstone on our website, contact us and we will attempt to describe it as best as possible. Sometimes when we hear what a person seeks or what their concerns are, we will recommend something that aligns more closely to their desires...

L. Allen Brown
Gemologist - GIA
All That Glitters
August 2020

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