Monthly Special

This month we are doing something different for the Monthly Special. The price of this months gemstone will decrease by $35 per day until it is sold or until midnight on the last day of the month. To calculate the cost on any particular day, take the number of the day of the month, multiply by $35, take that figure and subtract it from the original already low All That Glitters price.
For example, on day 15, the price of this months special would be as follows:
15 x $35 = $525; The original cost of this gemstone is $3,852, so $3,852 - $525 = $3,327, a savings of $525!...

For those who wait too long, another individual can come along, appreciate the savings, and buy the gemstone by locking in the price by expressing interest via our Intent to Purchase Form. Those who may wait another day and to save $35, may lose out.

Make this purchase and lock in your price by clicking on the Intent to Purchase link further down on the page. This creates a time/date stamp locking in your price. No need to enter the stocknumber - one can just indicate This Months Special!... Good Luck!
(Note - phone calls will not be accepted for this Months Special. We will send the buyer an invoice via PayPal by using the information supplied in the Intent to Purchase Form. We will note on this page that we have a new lucky owner of this gemstone, and the price will remain frozen at this point. For those still interested in this gemstone at the frozen price, please contact us as if the PayPal invoice is not paid within 48 hours of being sent out, it will be offered to those who have expressed an interest at the frozen price.)

This gemstone is available for sale starting on April 1st and if not sold, will be removed mid-night April 30th and replaced by another Monthly Special.

8.56ct Oval Medium Colored Blue Zircon (kaek-06-11) $3,852

Regarding this Months Special, Blue Zircon. The photo is not the best photo, but the gem has a really nice blue, is well cut, clean, etc. It is an older gemstone being purchased on one of our international buying trips. We sold a similar one, of the same weight, which had the same price as this one, to a Jewelry Designer/Manufacturer a few months back. You can see this other 8.56ct Blue Zircon at the very top of our Zircon Photos Page: Zircon The price of this material has been going up as the availability of this material has decreased and the mine in Cambodia where it was coming from had apparently dried up and the mine was for sale from what we heard from one of our Cambodian contacts. (and that news is old news now as it is possibly as long as 5 years since this was heard)

All That Glitters has approximately 200 pages of photos and information pertaining to our inventory and colored gemstones in general. Be sure to visit any pages of interest to learn more or to find YOUR very special colored gemstone...

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