Gemstones - Newly Photographed

Note that those gemstones below are being offered at their Initial Public Offering (IPO) and typically priced to move quickly. Prices may increase on any particular gemstone depending on market conditions and the fact that many of All That Glitters items are One of a Kind...

All That Glitters is known for searching throughout the world for the Finest Gemstones and Rough of high quality and uniqueness. Lower quality material may be be found online or in stores, but few have the exceptional material that we offer the trade and our online customers. Gemstones will only be added to our inventory if color, size, cutting, clarity and price match our strict criteria!

We have some absolutely very unique, beautiful, rare, one-of-kind and important new pieces available in our inventory - some very large for their gem species. We have based our pricing on what we paid as well as used The Guide (2014 wholesale pricing) to be as close to those prices as possible, if not below, depending on what category one feels the gemstone should fall into with respect to the matrix that appears in The Guide.

Pricing determined by our cost and using The Guide (Nov/Dec 2014 - a wholesale price list). Most gemstones fall well within wholesale pricing as shown in The Guide. Prices subject to change without notice.

Newly Acquired Items! Initial Public Offering (IPO) - Until April 1st

Burmese orange red spinel
Spinel from Burma with a wonderful red to orange red color weighing 1.86cts. Photo is far more orange and couldn't be corrected to show more red. Faceted in the U.S. by an award winning cutter. (ggc-18-01) $2,200
GIA certed purplish red ruby
1.49ct Square Cushion Ruby currently in GIA for certing. Nice size, sparkly and priced to move! (egpl-18-02) $3,725
GIA certed padparadscha
Padparadscha Sapphire weighing 0.92cts and currently being certed at GIA. Will be priced below wholesale as most of our gemstones have been, so this will be quite affordable for those seeking a Pad! One of our smallest Pads, but when we find this color, it is hard to pass on and seek out larger ones... (dbepl-18-01) $2,760 Excellent price/gem for someone who wants a true Pad!
GIA certed padparadscha
Doubly Certed Padparadscha Sappire Oval weighing 1.19cts. Currently at GIA for certing. (awa-18-01) $3,570
Awaiting GIA Cert
EGLab Cert
parti-colored sapphire parti-colored sapphire
A - Unique 1.82ct Round Parti-Colored Sapphire showing distinct blue and yellow. Very unusual for a round to truly show the separation of these colors vs. having the colors mixed. A wonderful conversation piece and the owner will receive lots of questions and most will be surprised to discover this beautiful piece is a Sapphire! (egpl-18-01) $3,095
B - Another Parti-Colored Sapphire, but a Green and Blue Mix. This 2.41ct Trilliant has a base color of blue, but also has yellow which mixes and produces some green highlights. It has the main appearance of blue when viewed, but if one looks closely, one can see the green highlights. The green and blue do mix to give a unique color blue that the Sri Lankans call Green Sapphire - but most would describe it as a variation of a blue. (egpl-18-03) $3,615
large cab dendritic quartz
Dendritic Quartz from Galilea, Brasil. A large piece of over 202cts. Beautiful natural design/pattern/scene, and the colors are perfect too, as one has the impression of rolling hills, with trees and literally a blue sky at top! A unique and one-of-a-kind piece. For a closeup of a section of this piece, click on the image above... (mcv-18-01) $1,200
imperial pink topaz fancy flame shape, ouro preto
Imperial Pink Topaz from Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brasil, weighing 4.30cts. Note the various colors ranging from pink, peach, orange and red. A very unique shape which is reminiscent of a flame in both color and shape. Currently being considered to be made into a piece of jewelry and entered into a design competition. All That Glitters will be working with an award winning designer to see what can be created. Will be an incredibly beautiful design incorporating similar colors of gemstones. Stay Tuned! (rmcm-18-01)
mahenge garnet matched suite
Mahenge Garnet Matched Suite of approximately 6.65cts of the famous Manhenge Garnet. Color varies under different lighting conditions and it being more intense in color with strong purple/red highlights at times. Currently being considered by a jewelry designer/manufacturer. (kjcl-18-01) $1,660
deep blue zircon deep blue zircon
Deep Blue Zircon weighing 5.64cts. Has beeen difficult to obtain this material and when we do see it, the wholesale price has typically been $300/ct. Currently being considered by a jewelery designer/manufacturer. (bigi-18-01) $300/ct
6.54ct Fancy Oval, Deep Blue Zircon. See description above. (bigi-18-02) $300/ct
morganite trilliants matched pair morganite matched trilliant pair
A - Morganite Trilliant Pair weighing 8.22cts and measuring 11mm. Great color and brilliance. We have seen wholesale prices for this material typically up to $125/ct. Currently being considered by a jewelery designer/manufacturer. (ssgms-18-02) $125/ct
B - Morganite Trilliant Pair weighing 10.59cts and measuring 12mm. Great color and brilliance. See other comments above. (ssgms-18-01) $125/ct
seymchan meteorite slice with tanzanites
Wonderful meteorite slice showing incredible etching, origin is Russia (Seymchan). Tanzanite rounds in two opposing corners. An interesting piece for jewelry design, a curio cabinet, collection, etc. Very Unique and probably not to be found elsewhere. (panmt-18-01) $450
etched seymchan meteorite slice
etched seymchan meteorite slice
Meteorite Slice weighing 198+gr. Origin is the 1967 Seymchan Meteorite in Russian. Beautiful natural etching and both sides are possible for display, which is not the norm. Price way below what the Russians have been asking for similar material; they typically also slice the meteorite into much thinner sections vs. this one which is fairly thick. (mf-18-01) $1,000
We have seen Russian companies in Tucson selling similar material at $15/gr, therefore, this would be about $2,970.
etched seymchan meteorite with original surface
etched seymchan meteorite with original surface
Seymchan Meteorite (Russia, 1967) - unique in that this meteorite was not sliced up in its entirety, but a slice was made to show the wonderfully beautiful natural metallic crystal structure, leaving the original surface of the meteorite alone and intact. Super piece due to both the exposed surface and natural surface; would be a show stopper for a collection, displayed on a desk or in a curio cabinet. (mf-18-02) $1,975
Columbian Amber with Insects - Professional Brass Stands on Order and will Accompany Sale
amber with insects
Columbian Amber with what appears to be a bee and other insects.
(aei-18-03) $500

amber with insects
Closeup 1
Closeup 2
Columbian Amber with what appears to be a species of fly. Note the compound eye and detail that can be seen.
(aei-18-02) $550

amber with insects
Closeup 1
Closeup 2
Columbian Amber with Numerous Very Detailed Insects.
(aei-18-01) $650
New Find From Brasil! Ametrine/Quartz Trapiche Slices....
Said to be from the Aracuai area of Brasil.
First photo/slice has been requested to be studied by GIA
for inclusion in Gems & Gemology Magazine for later in 2018!
trapiche quartz trapiche quartz
A - 14.50ct Trapiche Quartz, expected to appear in Gems & Gemology Magazine, 2018! (mcv-18-02b) $850
B - 16.73ct Trapiche Quartz (mcv-18-02a) $300

trapiche quartz trapiche quartz
C- 17.03ct Trapiche Quartz (mcv-18-02c) $350
D -27.75ct Trapiche Quartz (mcv-18-02d) $475
quartz crystal with beautiful inclusions
quartz crystal with beautiful inclusions
Closeup 1
Closeup 2
Closeup 3
Closeup 4
Large 2,710+ct Quartz Crystal with beautiful inclusions including several sprays of crystals. Surfaces have been polished to allow viewing from all the natural crystal faces. Would look beautiful on a lit base or perhaps on a lit custom-made bronze base with hand-applied patina to match the color of the inclusions! If you purchase this piece and have an interest in this, we know an artist that can be contacted to do just this custom base! (tccl-18-01) Priced to move at only $750. That's only $0.28 per carart! (If marketed by a few of the well-known mineral dealers out there, expect the price to be 4 figures...)

synthetic alexandrite set in platinum ring with diamonds
9mm Synthetic Alexandrite weighing 3.06cts, set into a Platinum setting (Stuller) with Diamonds, custom modified for our customer. We would expect a genuine natural Alexandrite of this size, clarity, cutting, etc. to fetch about $60,000 retail. One doesn't have to spend $65,000 to have a beautiful platinum and diamond ring with a gorgeous center gemstone. Many colored gemstones exist whether natural or lab grown which would look wonderful when finally set and worn!... SOLD! (An ATG International Customer)
Certed/Appraised Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring, approx 65pts, VS, H-I, estimated due to being set in Platinum/Iridium Ring, flanked by Tapered Diamond Baquettes weighing approx 15pts in total and of the same clarity/color. We decided we would have this certed and appraised before being offered for sale. The image displayed here is a scanned image from the actual cert. $3,500
View Cert & Appraisal
Tanzanite-Colored YAG U.S. CUt
8.08ct YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet - Synthetic from Russia). Just off the All That Glitters dop. Looks like Tanzanite. The gem was photographed under fluorescent lights and was a purple but the camera was seeing blue. Taking it to a large window where there is diffused light, the color was blue... Seems like a color change YAG - and very much like Tanzanite, where the color may be more purple or more blue depending on the lights/wavelengths available! Design called a Stepped Keystone - could also be called a Tapered Baquette. Flashes of color when tipped back and forth along either axis. Those who wish a Tanzanite without the cost, and a large one at that, this fits the bill. Would make a nice pendant or ring. Considering the time on the cutting, the cost of $350 including shipping and insurance via USPS Priority Box, makes this very worthwhile. We had to cut a piece of this unique rough to see what the result would be. Very pleasing. Measures approx. 11x8x5mm $350 all in, as noted above.
Re-Photographed - Incredible Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, Large and WELL Priced!
chrysoberyl cat's eye natural cat's eye chrysoberyl
Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, 3.28ct - great size for jewelry, no blemishes, the exact color and sharp centered eye that one wants in this gemstone! Note not only the sharp eye, but because there were other lights available during photography, one can see a secondary line on the top. (left photo) Milk/Honey affect clearly seen also. Just a wonderful example and the largest/finest Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl we have had in inventory in 35+ years! Below the wholesale price of the 2014 The Guide - as many of our fine gemstones. (egaj-15-45) $8,200
unique tourmaline slice unique 'watermelon' tourmaline slice
A - 11.22ct Tourmaline Sllice. Unique colors and unique habit due to the fact that a crystal seems to have grown with various colors and then it was incorporated by overgrowth or another crystal. (kimpx-17-01b) $450
B - Another unique Tourmaline Slice. Intially looks like a watermelon slice, but look closer. It seems to initially be a watermelon crystal growing within another crystal or a watermelon crystal with overgrowth as the pocket composition changed. BUT, it also seems to be an inverse watermelon or perhaps it is a slightly different watermelon slice with overgrowth. A watermelon slice within a watermelon slice? Nature can be very confusing at times, creating some very beautiful and unique items. 15.09ct (kimpx-17-01a) $500
color shifting unheated green sapphire
A 6mm Round Green Sapphire weighing 1.12cts. Unheated and Certed. A very difficult color to describe as it seems to color shift depending on the lighting/wavelengths available. Have seen green, sage green, bluish green and an odd color that is simply difficlut to describe! The camera saw different colors than what the eye was seeing under the office lighting conditions - however, it hints at the origin of the green color. Many sapphires are parti or multi-colored. This seems to be a mix of both blue and yellow, so the colors mix producing a green. The multiple colors are caused by the elements that were present during the growth of the crystal/gem - those elements will absorb and transmit differently depending on the wavelengths available. This would also explain why it is a very nice green under certain lights and various other colors and greens under other lighting conditions. Unusual to find nice green Sapphires and Unheated Sapphires are not very common. Round shape is in high demand and this can be set and used in many different applications and settings. (ssgems-17-03) $1,120 SOLD! (Retail Jewelry Store Purchase)
View Cert
demantoid and diamond men's ring
We wanted to share this special ring that All That Glitters just completed - set with a recently sold GIA Certed 2.02ct Demanotid Garnet. Set with 18 white diamonds and a green diamond on each side! To view the original unset Demantoid next to the ring, or to view more custom jewelry made with All That Glitters gemstones, visit our Design Gallery: Design Gallery
Fancy Blended Ametrine Kite
A 34.56ct Blended Grooved Ametrine Kite completed by our specialty cutter. (ajml-16b-01a)
Contact us for pricing.

We are trying out new cutting designs and using some of our existing unique rough from Synthetic Alexandrite to 40 year old Color Changing Russian YAG. Below you will find some of these pieces...

synthetic alexandrite faceted - laser rod material
12.67ct Synthetic Alexandrite (U.S. Grown as laser rod material for the cosmetic industry) faceted in the U.S. Color change is purple, to purple/lilac with teal/green highlights to bright reddish pink. Photographed by a large window - diffused daylight. (laser-17-01) $1,267
russian color change YAG
Large faceted Color Change Russian YAG (material is about 50 years old)and has a very unique color change from essentially clear to pink. Some might describe it as silver, grey, pewter or lilac depending on the lights, but many would just indicate clear. The pink is a darker version of 'pink ice', a color that many are familiar with. One larger piece exists and was featured in Gem-A Magazine (trade magazine - UK) where it amazed those UK gemologists who saw the piece in person. An under 5 carat faceted round also is available and one can see both the larger and smaller faceted gem, read the article and view a video of the color change by visiting our Published Gems Page!
(Published Gemstones)
This recently faceted piece is similar in all aspects to the large published piece - color change, clean, large, etc. As noted in the article, it is a unique and fascinating color change. This piece was faceted in a design called Pines of the Janiculum and weighs over 76cts. Measures approximately 22.2x16.8mm (alxb-14-01b) $1,500
All That Glitters Faceted Large 38.65ct Synthetic Alexandrite
U.S. Lab Grown Genuine Syn Alex Laser Rod Material
large fine U.S. faceted synthetic alexandrite
large fine U.S. faceted synthetic alexandrite
large fine U.S. faceted synthetic alexandrite
A very large Synthetic Alexandrite in a fancy custom emerald shape, faceted by the owner of All That Glitters from All That Glitters rough. Gemstones custom faceted from this rough are typically priced at $100ct - a cutter in the mid-west familiar with this material, has faceted it and has sold it, thought that the price for a fine and/or large gem from this rough should be priced at $125/ct. The retail price on another U.S. grown lab Alexandrite is $360/ct; wholesale is $120/ct, but that material is too dark to produce anything larger than about 4cts. The color change between the two different lab grown material is slightly different, as there are two different applications for the final product - jewelry vs. laser rod material for the cosmetic industry. The laser rod material can be faceted into gemstones as well, and as you can see, can produce some stunning results. (We have both types, with our material coming from Russia in one case and the company that produces the laser rod material is within the United States.)
The color of this particular gemstone can be described in the following way:
1.) First photo shows the gemstone by a window in diffused light - body color is purple with teal highlights reflecting off the internal facets. Our camera captured more bright blue, but the color is more of a teal. In different window lighting, we have seen this teal be more green.
2.) Middle photo was under our office fluorescent lights - shows a body color of purple with a glowing blue off the internal facets. These colors remind us of some of the fine bluish Amethyst that is available on the market. Look through the very center, the table facet, and in the back in two sections, one can see a more green color.
3.) Bottom photo is under incandescent light. It literally glows a bright pink with red flashes.
4.) We have viewed this gemstone under indoor flood lights and the body color seems to take on more of an orangy pink or perhaps orangy purple.
Various body colors will be seen depending on wavelengths available in the existing light source. This gemstone and material would make a great pendant and when worn where the light source is changing as one walks from room to room, will change color depending on the wavelengths available in the light sources as noted. For those admiring the piece of jewelry, it will receive comments and stares as people notice the gemstone looks dramatically different than it did previously. The 100,000 diamond polish adds scintillation on the surface as it is a mirror finish; one has the internal life due to the brilliance itself. You may note the interesting facet pattern on the top and bottom of the gem in the first photo (star burst pattern); this is due to the unique facet arrangement on the back. We have other photos that show this much better, but we chose this photo to represent this gem over the many that were taken. Please excuse dust and fingerprints that may be seen in the photos. At only $100/ct vs. the suggested $125/ct, the price is $3,865. Includes Shipping/Insurance! (synalex-17-01)
To View a Video of this Gem: Video Clip

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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