Gemstones - Newly Photographed

Note that those gemstones below are being offered at their Initial Public Offering (IPO) and typically priced to move quickly. Prices may increase on any particular gemstone depending on market conditions and the fact that many of All That Glitters items are One of a Kind...

All That Glitters is known for searching throughout the world for the Finest Gemstones and Rough of high quality and uniqueness. Lower quality material may be be found online or in stores, but few have the exceptional material that we offer the trade and our online customers. Gemstones will only be added to our inventory if color, size, cutting, clarity and price match our strict criteria!

We have some absolutely very unique, beautiful, rare, one-of-kind and important new pieces available in our inventory - some very large for their gem species. We have based our pricing on what we paid as well as used The Guide (2014 wholesale pricing) to be as close to those prices as possible, if not below, depending on what category one feels the gemstone should fall into with respect to the matrix that appears in The Guide.

Pricing determined by our cost and using The Guide (Nov/Dec 2014 - a wholesale price list). Most gemstones fall well within wholesale pricing as shown in The Guide. Prices subject to change without notice.

Certed/Appraised Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring, approx 65pts, VS, H-I, estimated due to being set in Platinum/Iridium Ring, flanked by Tapered Diamond Baquettes weighing approx 15pts in total and of the same clarity/color. We decided we would have this certed and appraised before being offered for sale. The image displayed here is a scanned image from the actual cert. $3,500
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Tanzanite-Colored YAG U.S. CUt
8.08ct YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet - Synthetic from Russia). Just off the All That Glitters dop. Looks like Tanzanite. The gem was photographed under fluorescent lights and was a purple but the camera was seeing blue. Taking it to a large window where there is diffused light, the color was blue... Seems like a color change YAG - and very much like Tanzanite, where the color may be more purple or more blue depending on the lights/wavelengths available! Design called a Stepped Keystone - could also be called a Tapered Baquette. Flashes of color when tipped back and forth along either axis. Those who wish a Tanzanite without the cost, and a large one at that, this fits the bill. Would make a nice pendant or ring. Considering the time on the cutting, the cost of $250 including shipping and insurance via USPS Priority Box, makes this very worthwhile. We had to cut a piece of this unique rough to see what the result would be. Very pleasing. Measures approx. 11x8x5mm $250 all in, as noted above.
Re-Photographed - Incredible Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, Large and WELL Priced!
chrysoberyl cat's eye natural cat's eye chrysoberyl
Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, 3.28ct - great size for jewelry, no blemishes, the exact color and sharp centered eye that one wants in this gemstone! Note not only the sharp eye, but because there were other lights available during photography, one can see a secondary line on the top. (left photo) Milk/Honey affect clearly seen also. Just a wonderful example and the largest/finest Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl we have had in inventory in 35+ years! Below the wholesale price of the 2014 The Guide - as many of our fine gemstones. (egaj-15-45) $8,200
morganite trilliant matched pair
Very Brilliant Matched Pair of 11mm Morganite Trilliants. Very good color for Morganite and color holds up even though each gem is under 4cts. One frequently is forced to purchase much larger sizes in order to see this color saturation. Finding smaller gemstones with good saturation in Morganite, Kunzite, Aquamarine and similar gemstones is very difficult - but this is All That Glitters' forte. This pair is various shades of orange depending on the lights. Said to be from Brasil and only heated. Most of the material we have seen from Brasil is typically irradiated, and one still needs a very large sized gemstone to show off the color. We are selling this at the wholesale price we've seen from a company that sells calibrated gemstones and settings/castings. They are stocking smaller calibrated pieces and the likelihood that the color is similar to these, is not very likely. (ssgems-17-01p) $967
SOLD! (Well-known Jewelry Manufacturer/Custom Designer)
unique tourmaline slice unique 'watermelon' tourmaline slice
A - 11.22ct Tourmaline Sllice. Unique colors and unique habit due to the fact that a crystal seems to have grown with various colors and then it was incorporated by overgrowth or another crystal. (kimpx-17-01b) $450
B - Another unique Tourmaline Slice. Intially looks like a watermelon slice, but look closer. It seems to initially be a watermelon crystal growing within another crystal or a watermelon crystal with overgrowth as the pocket composition changed. BUT, it also seems to be an inverse watermelon or perhaps it is a slightly different watermelon slice with overgrowth. A watermelon slice within a watermelon slice? Nature can be very confusing at times, creating some very beautiful and unique items. 15.09ct (kimpx-17-01a) $500
deep blue aquamarine
A 1.71ct Cushion Aquamarine (Brasil), of a decent saturated blue for such a relatively small Aqua. Typically require very large sizes to show decent color. Color of this piece is better under incandescent or other light sources; office fluorescents seemed to show a lighter saturation. ((ssgems-17-02) $513
SOLD! (Well-known Jewelry Manufacturer/Custom Designer)
color shifting unheated green sapphire
A 6mm Round Green Sapphire weighing 1.12cts. Unheated and Certed. A very difficult color to describe as it seems to color shift depending on the lighting/wavelengths available. Have seen green, sage green, bluish green and an odd color that is simply difficlut to describe! The camera saw different colors than what the eye was seeing under the office lighting conditions - however, it hints at the origin of the green color. Many sapphires are parti or multi-colored. This seems to be a mix of both blue and yellow, so the colors mix producing a green. The multiple colors are caused by the elements that were present during the growth of the crystal/gem - those elements will absorb and transmit differently depending on the wavelengths available. This would also explain why it is a very nice green under certain lights and various other colors and greens under other lighting conditions. Unusual to find nice green Sapphires and Unheated Sapphires are not very common. Round shape is in high demand and this can be set and used in many different applications and settings. (ssgems-17-03) $1,120
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demantoid and diamond men's ring
We wanted to share this special ring that All That Glitters just completed - set with a recently sold GIA Certed 2.02ct Demanotid Garnet. Set with 18 white diamonds and a green diamond on each side! To view the original unset Demantoid next to the ring, or to view more custom jewelry made with All That Glitters gemstones, visit our Design Gallery: Design Gallery
Fancy Blended Ametrine Kite
A 34.56ct Blended Grooved Ametrine Kite completed by our specialty cutter. (ajml-16b-01a)
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We are trying out new cutting designs and using some of our existing unique rough from Synthetic Alexandrite to 40 year old Color Changing Russian YAG. Below you will find some of these pieces...

synthetic alexandrite faceted - laser rod material
12.67ct Synthetic Alexandrite (U.S. Grown as laser rod material for the cosmetic industry) faceted in the U.S. Color change is purple, to purple/lilac with teal/green highlights to bright reddish pink. Photographed by a large window - diffused daylight. (laser-17-01) $1,267
russian color change YAG
Large faceted Color Change Russian YAG (material is about 50 years old)and has a very unique color change from essentially clear to pink. Some might describe it as silver, grey, pewter or lilac depending on the lights, but many would just indicate clear. The pink is a darker version of 'pink ice', a color that many are familiar with. One larger piece exists and was featured in Gem-A Magazine (trade magazine - UK) where it amazed those UK gemologists who saw the piece in person. An under 5 carat faceted round also is available and one can see both the larger and smaller faceted gem, read the article and view a video of the color change by visiting our Published Gems Page!
(Published Gemstones)
This recently faceted piece is similar in all aspects to the large published piece - color change, clean, large, etc. As noted in the article, it is a unique and fascinating color change. This piece was faceted in a design called Pines of the Janiculum and weighs over 76cts. Measures approximately 22.2x16.8mm (alxb-14-01b) $1,500
All That Glitters Faceted Large 38.65ct Synthetic Alexandrite
U.S. Lab Grown Genuine Syn Alex Laser Rod Material
large fine U.S. faceted synthetic alexandrite
large fine U.S. faceted synthetic alexandrite
large fine U.S. faceted synthetic alexandrite
A very large Synthetic Alexandrite in a fancy custom emerald shape, faceted by the owner of All That Glitters from All That Glitters rough. Gemstones custom faceted from this rough are typically priced at $100ct - a cutter in the mid-west familiar with this material, has faceted it and has sold it, thought that the price for a fine and/or large gem from this rough should be priced at $125/ct. The retail price on another U.S. grown lab Alexandrite is $360/ct; wholesale is $120/ct, but that material is too dark to produce anything larger than about 4cts. The color change between the two different lab grown material is slightly different, as there are two different applications for the final product - jewelry vs. laser rod material for the cosmetic industry. The laser rod material can be faceted into gemstones as well, and as you can see, can produce some stunning results. (We have both types, with our material coming from Russia in one case and the company that produces the laser rod material is within the United States.)
The color of this particular gemstone can be described in the following way:
1.) First photo shows the gemstone by a window in diffused light - body color is purple with teal highlights reflecting off the internal facets. Our camera captured more bright blue, but the color is more of a teal. In different window lighting, we have seen this teal be more green.
2.) Middle photo was under our office fluorescent lights - shows a body color of purple with a glowing blue off the internal facets. These colors remind us of some of the fine bluish Amethyst that is available on the market. Look through the very center, the table facet, and in the back in two sections, one can see a more green color.
3.) Bottom photo is under incandescent light. It literally glows a bright pink with red flashes.
4.) We have viewed this gemstone under indoor flood lights and the body color seems to take on more of an orangy pink or perhaps orangy purple.
Various body colors will be seen depending on wavelengths available in the existing light source. This gemstone and material would make a great pendant and when worn where the light source is changing as one walks from room to room, will change color depending on the wavelengths available in the light sources as noted. For those admiring the piece of jewelry, it will receive comments and stares as people notice the gemstone looks dramatically different than it did previously. The 100,000 diamond polish adds scintillation on the surface as it is a mirror finish; one has the internal life due to the brilliance itself. You may note the interesting facet pattern on the top and bottom of the gem in the first photo (star burst pattern); this is due to the unique facet arrangement on the back. We have other photos that show this much better, but we chose this photo to represent this gem over the many that were taken. Please excuse dust and fingerprints that may be seen in the photos. At only $100/ct vs. the suggested $125/ct, the price is $3,865. Includes Shipping/Insurance! (synalex-17-01)
To View a Video of this Gem: Video Clip

blue green tourmaline US cut sage green sapphire
A - 3.84ct Tourmaline believed to be from Afghanistan and faceted in the U.S. by one of our cutters. A nice bright green with some blue and large carat weight. (jeg-17-01) $1,344
B - Large 3.50ct Oval Green Sapphire from Australia faceted in the U.S. by one of our cutters. Believed to be unheated. Slightly sleepy and described as being a Sage Green by the cutter. A darker gem in general, but a large Green Sapphire priced to move. It is possible that the color could improve with heat, and that the sleepiness will dissipate and disappear. (jeg-17-02) Only $500/ct - $1,750!
Below is an image of the rough that produced these two gems,
as well as our orignal comments on the rough prior to cutting.
Rough Tourmaline and Sapphire - Future Faceted Gems
Nice Afghani Blue Tourmaline on the main cutting axis and nice bright green down the opposite axis. Will probably cut about a 3ct gem with a main body color of a blue and hightlights of bright green. The Sapphire has a nice color for a Green Sapphire - currently unknown what it will produce in shape, weight or even final color - believed to be natural(Unheated) and from Australia.
Fancy Cut Ametrine (Natural Light and with Light Ring)
fancy ametrine with optical dishes
fancy ametrine with optical dishes
Another Wonderful Fantasy-Style, incorporating all cutting styles - Grooving, Flat Faceting and Optical Dishes! Just back from one of our Award Winning Cutters, this 34.80ct Ametrine is sure to please. Would make a gorgeous custom-designed pendant. As noted previously, this cutting style can take our cutter about one week to finish, but he might not complete the piece for approximately one and a half months, as he puts it aside to work on other pieces that are not as complicated or time-consuming. (ajml-16b-01c)

Back From Cutting -
Three Large Mahenge Garnets (two pinks and one orange) weighing: 8.59ct, 4.27ct and 5.72ct
Neony Green Tourmaline 2.72cts
6 Montana Sapphires weighing: 0.98ct, 1.07ct, 1.32ct, 1.94ct, 2.34ct and 2.50ct
All of the following newly faceted gemstones were faceted by one of
All That Glitter's Fine Cutters from our rough!
See below:

neon green US faceted tourmaline
2.72ct Neony Green Square Radiant U.S. Cut Tourmaline. Some inclusions as it expected in this color, but brilliance tends to hide them. $1,768 (ctmc-17b-02)
color shifting mahenge garnet, US faceted
Oval Color Shifting Mahenge Garnet weighing 4.27cts, Oval. In diffused daylight, it is a deep rose, and under various other lights, can look more salmony taking on more orange. Faceted in the U.S. $2,135 (ctmc-17a-01c)
orangy mahenge garnet, US faceted
5.72ct Orangy Mahenge Garnet, Square Cushion, U.S. Faceted - some inclusions but not noticeable due to the incredible sparkle, polish and brilliance! The orange Mahenge is not common, nor is this size.... $3,718 (ctmc-17a-01b)
large mahenge garnet, US faceted
Large Beautiful Magenta 8.59ct Square Cushion Mahenge Great - huge for this material! Color is gorgeous and could also be described as a reddish purple going to a reddish pink depending on lighting. U.S. Faceted. $6,872 (ctmc-17a-01a)

All of the Montana Sapphires below (6) are faceted in the US by one of our cutters. All have inclusions to some extent, but they might not be visible depending on one's eyes, lighting, etc. Sparkle and depth of color can hide the inclusions also. With close-up photography, one might see things within a gemstone that one wouldn't see under most conditions or perhaps at all. Inclusions can help to determine natural origin, heat, etc.
Priced to Move!

Compare All That Glitters Pricing and Quality to other MT Sapphires Found On-Line:
ATG Price/Quality Comparison

View the existing inventory of All That Glitters Montana Sapphire immediately below...

Montana Sapphire Montana Sapphire
A - 0.98ct Round Shaped Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. $1,470 (Only $1500/ct) (jkiln-17b-01d)
B - 1.07ct Round Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. $1,873 (Only $1750/ct) (jkiln-17a-01)
Montana Sapphire Montana Sapphire
A - 1.32ct Round Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. A round faceted top but no real pavillion nor a culet expected in a round. We could call this a round tablet. Color is a light blue or greyish. Interesting piece to create with or for a collection for those seeking a Montana Sapphire. $200 (jkiln-17b-01b)
B - 1.94ct Oval Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. Blue is reminiscent of Sapphires from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). $4,850 (Only $2500/ct) (jkiln-17b-01a)
Montana Sapphire Montana Sapphire
A - 2.34ct Square Cushion Part-Colored Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. Really nice piece and has interesting play of color and a great shape to work with. $5,850 (Only $2500/ct) (jkiln-17b-01c)
B - 2.50ct Elongated Emerald Cut Montana Sapphire, U.S. Faceted. $5,000 (Only $2000/ct) (jkiln-17b-01e)

GIA Certed Fine Natural Alexandrite
1.00ct Oval Natural GIA Certed Alexandrite - We were fortunate to find one Alexandrite that met our criteria for inventory: Clean, Decent Cut, Sparkle, Eye Clean, Very Fine Color Change and an Affordable Price! This changes from a Green/Bluish Green to a Purple as noted in the accompanying GIA Cert. In 36 years in the gemstone business, we have only had a handful of larger fine quality Alexandrite such as this. Again, the 2017 Tucson Show had very dark (almost black) Alexandrite, very poorly cut or included material, selling at high prices. Similar Alex to this newly acquired piece were non-existent and we wouldn't consider obtaining that lower quality for our inventory; plus the pricing was incredibly high, making this Alex not only an outstanding example, but also outstanding in price (way below the wholesale asking price of those we didn't look twice at). Alexandrite is one of those gemstones that is difficult to obtain accurate color photos. We obtained a good photo of the blue green, but decent photos of the purple were difficult. We've tried out best to be accurate in color as best as possible - one can have an idea of the color description and change by viewing the GIA Cert also. As always, should you purchase this Alexandrite, if you are not happy for any reason, you have our 100% Customer Satifaction Guarantee as well as our Lifetime Guarantee - see our 'Our Guarantees' link on the banner that appears on the top and bottom of all our pages! Priced very attractively - like most of our gemstones, below the wholesale listed in The Guide. (strshn-17-01) $6,500
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GIA Certed Unheated Ruby
1.03ct UNHEATED Ruby, certs indicates red with a modifier of purple. Unheated Ruby is not common and this is priced way below what one would expect. (awa-17-06) $4,200
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GIA Certed Ruby
1.05ct Bright Red Ruby - can be seen from a long distance! A give-a-way at $3,200. (awa-17-07)
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GIA Certed Orange Sapphire
1.50ct Very Lively Orange Sapphire (Certed). Many people, as well as labs, might call this a Padparadscha Sapphire, but it needs just a hint more pink. It is predominately orange. (awa-17-04) $3,750
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GIA Certed Unheated Padparadscha (PAD) Sapphire
1.13ct GIA Certed UNHEATED Padparadscha Sapphire (Orange Pink) Photos cannot capture the real color or beauty of this gemstone. (jwlqdi-17-01b) $5,100
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GIA Certed Unheated Padparadscha (PAD) Sapphire
1.40ct GIA Certed UNHEATED Padparadscha Sapphire (Orange Pink). We did not capture the true color of this gem, and photos on the certs tend not to be very accurate either. Seeing in person is always the way to go....A very nice Pad, with some inclusions which are not visible to the naked eye. The inclusions help to identify it's natural origin as well as the fact that it is Unheated! (jwlqdi-17-01a) $5,640
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GIA Certed Padparadscha (PAD) Sapphire
An incredibly beautiful, large, lively and colorful 1.61ct Oval GIA Certed Padparadscha Sapphire. Color is exactly what one expects for a true Pad, a pinkish orange, with the correct saturation without being too light or dark. A neony bright color that gets your attention immediately. A must for someone who wants an outstanding Genuine Padparadscha, certed by a well-respected Gem Lab; therefore, there is no question as to the identity of this particular gem! Unfortunately, the true beauty and color cannot be captured in a photo, but one has a hint of the sparkle/brilliance. (awa-17-01) $10,700
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GIA Certed color change sapphire
This 2.46ct Color Change Sapphire got our attention. It was glowing a blue with strong ultraviolet hues. Depending on the lights, this does indeed change from a blue to a purple as noted by GIA. (minco-17-02) $6,150
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Original Photo Didn't Do This Ametrine Justice - So Rephotographed...
special Ametrine - custom faceted
special Ametrine - custom faceted
A beautiful 30.82ct Ametrine. This has a lighter saturation than some of our other Ametrines. In the center of this piece is a wonderful flower-like design. We have taken two photos, one directly looking into the center and another where the gemstone is tilted slightly showing more mixing of the colors. Rough came directly from the only mine producing this material and faceted by our special cutter in this wonderful style. The cutter requires about 5 days or so from the time he begins to work the rough until he completes the finished gemstone; that is 5 days of a persons time...He is also scheduled to undergo shoulder surgery as a direct result of the pressure required to apply to the gemstone while fashioning. Due the difficulty and time involved in this method/style of cutting, this grooving technique might be put on hold. (ajml-16-01d) $1,849
Concave Faceted 34.58ct Half Moon Shaped Ametrine
concave faceted ametrine
Concave Faceted 34.58ct Half Moon Shaped Ametrine. Rough came directly from the only mine producing this material and was hand-selected for our specialty cuts. Faceted by our award winning concave cutter in this wonderful complicated and time-consuming style. The cutter requires about 5 days or more from the time he begins to work the rough to completion of the final gemstone. The process is not typically completed over a 5 day period, but usually a month, as the artist takes a break and works on other material as this particular cutting style is labor intensive, requires total concentration and quite a bit of pressure to obtain a final high polish. Issues and unforseen problems can occur at any time, and therefore, more time, energy and effort extends the timeframe before a gemstone may be finished. (ajml-16b-01d)
56.64ct Kite Shaped Concave Ametrine.
concave faceted ametrine
Concave Faceted 56.64ct Kite Shaped Ametrine with Optical Dishes and More! Rough came directly from the only mine producing this material and was hand-selected for our specialty cuts. Faceted by our award winning concave cutter in this wonderful complicated and time-consuming style. The cutter requires about 5 days or more from the time he begins to work the rough to completion of the final gemstone. The process is not typically completed over a 5 day period, but usually a month, as the artist takes a break and works on other material as this particular cutting style is labor intensive, requires total concentration and quite a bit of pressure to obtain a final high polish. Issues and unforseen problems can occur at any time, and therefore, more time, energy and effort extends the timeframe before a gemstone may be finished. This exceptional design is another possible contender for a cutting award. (ajml-16b-01i)
indonesian agate with double eyes
Indonesian Agate with Double 'Eyes', weighing 11.09cts. Haven't seen a similar cab so this was a must for inventory! (rstvns-17-01b) $500
peachh-pink malaia garnet
3.25pt Cushion Malaia Garnet of a Peachy-Pink color depending on lighting. Very good polish so not only does it have internal life, but a mirror finish. (kjcl-17-01) $1,462 SOLD! (Germany)
quartz with reddish brown multi-branched needles
Large 130+ct Quartz cab with reddish brown multi-branched needles. A beautiful interesting piece that is far better in person. (rstvns-17-02) $1,300 Click on the above image to view a closeup of the needles...
large quartz cab with epidote crystals
Large 485+ct Clear Brasilian Quartz with numerous well-defined Green Epidote Crystals. This material is available in smaller sizes out there on the market, including in All That Glitters inventory, but to have such a large water clear piece with transparent green crystals, is very uncommon. (The price per carat for smaller pieces is far higher than the price per carat of this piece - to be marked at the same price per carat would mean this piece would have a price tag of just under $3,500 - and that price could be more of the expected price if one were to find a similar one for sale.) Great for display in a curio cabinet or as a paperweight. (mpnto-17-01) $1,455 (Only $3/ct!) Measures approximately 75x35x26mm (about 3" long!) (West Coast Office Only) Click on the above image to view a closeup of the needles...
2+ct Glowing Blue Round Sapphire
7mm Round Glowing Blue Sapphire (Ceylon) weighing 2.16ct. Great piece for an engagement ring or even every day wear for those who love a velvety-blue. This is a darker piece but under good lights, it does indeed glow and is a very fine blue Sapphire in a larger size for this particular shape which is difficult to find. (blgj-17-01) $6,480
unique 'blue' colored sapphire
2.34ct UNHEATED Greenish Blue Sapphire, a unique color - we have had only one of this color over the past 36 years. Origin is Ceylon (Sri Lanka) where they call this color 'green'. For those who wish a unique gemstone/color, this seldom seen variation would make a great ring, pendant or as part of a collection of various colored Sapphires. The color is difficult to capture accurately and may also shift depending on wavelengths in the available light, showing off the unique color at different times. (nshgm-16a-01) Priced to move at $6,084.
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beautiful red vietnamese spinel
Beautiful Red Oval Vietnamese Spinel weighing 1.65ct. Vietnam has been producing some incredible colors of Spinel over the past decades, but the fine material is still far and few between! This is one of the finest reds we have had in inventory over the past 36 years. (goni-17-01) $3,330
vivid salmon colored spinel
Vivid Salmon Colored 1.74ct Spinel. A unique and very pretty lively piece. (awa-17-03)
SOLD! (Well-known Jewelry Manufacturer/Custom Designer)
fine recut blue spinel
Originally a 5.11ct Sri Lankan Blue Spinel, the pavilion was partially recut, a few facets on the crown were tweaked and re-polishing in general was performed by an a very well-known respected award-winning cutter, yielding a 4.39ct finished gemstone. The cert below is prior to reworking; should a customer wish to resubmit it for certing, the original cert indicating that it is a natural Blue Spinel is guaranteed and accompanies the purchase. Also, we will devulge the cutter to the new owner. The color of this piece shifts under most lights so very difficult to describe the color blue. The photo does seem to show a more saturated blue. The light ring used on the lense of the camera and at a distance away from the gemstone without being overly close, allows full illumination of the gem, showing off the brilliance as well as the fine polish. A fine large Natural Blue Spinel... (nshgm-17a-01)
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certed cobalt spinel
1.46ct Certed Oval Cobalt Spinel, blue with a hint of violet. (nshgm-17-01)
Rare to find Cobalt Spinel and even more rare to have a cert. The cert is based on containing the element cobalt in this case, and not soley based on the color. We verified that the lab did an elemental check vs. basing their definition on color. We have seen small under 1/2 carat Cobalt Spinels selling for about $2,500/ct (and not certed) and one ice blue 2+ct at $5,600/ct (with cert) - though this ice blue Spinel contains cobalt, the color is not attractive and we feel the price is unjustified. We believe a cobalt Spinel should contain cobalt, be certed to verify this fact and be a pleasing blue without being overly light or dark. Our 1.46ct Certified Cobalt Spinel falls into our category of a fine example and at an extremely affordable price...
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1.32ct mahenge spinel of a neon reddish-orange-pink color
1.32ct Mahenge Spinel of a Neon Reddish-Orange-Pink color. Vivid color and just a beautiful gem. Eye clean and very well priced for Spinel of this color. (ctmc-17b-01) $3,036
large 2+ct mahenge neon padparadscha orangy pink
A large 2.26ct Oval Mahenge Spinel of a NEON Padparadscha Color - Neony Orangy Pink. A must see in person - of course, one can also see this from across the room. Color is everything in colored gemstones, and this has it! Well cut, brilliant, eye clean, large and a color that is just incredible. Really nothing else in color looks like this out there in the gem market. The photo is not capturing the true color and is showing more red and more saturation. A true must see and for anyone who wants a one-of-a-kind color or fantastic Spinel, look no further. (ctmc-17a-02) $7.910 We have seen prices for Mahenge Spinel of similar size but without this fine unique color selling at the same wholesale price per carat... (That being said, the colors of those other Spinels were still drop dead gorgeous, bright, etc. but just not exactly the same color that All That Glitters has been so fortunate to encounter, negogiate and actually purchase for inventory.)
seafoam tourmaline in a fancy oval
A Uniquely Shaped Oval 4.04ct Tourmaline of a seafoam blue to seafoam greenish blue depending on the lights. Light to medium saturation, very high polish, very brilliant, eye clean and a unique color make this an interesting Tourmaline in general. Difficult to capture the true color or the polish/sparkle in a photo. Have been seeing the greenish seafoam Tourmalines wholesaling in Tucson (2017) for $1000/ct but can be had at just below that. (awa-17-05) $3,838
round yellow zircon with dispersion
4.39ct Round Yellow Zircon which looks like a Yellow Diamond under certain lights. Zircon is every more dispersive, so expect to see more fire/colorful highlights than diamond! This is a great example to show off dispersion/fire in a gemstone and most people who see this will feel that it is a canary yellow Diamond. Color shifts under some lights, making it more interesting, but very yellow and very dispersive under the right lights. Big bang for low money.... (jdbkk-17-03)
rosy pink fancy cut zircon
6.29ct Rosy Pink Fancy Square Cushion Zircon. As some customers have said when they have received their All That Glitters' purchase - Holy Moly... This WILL cause the same reaction. The polish and sparkle on this piece is really incredible, and you have the great dispersion/fire that some Zircons show. This is just a superb dazzler. The first store or person who sees this in person will be the next owner. A famous line in a Frankenstein movie literally speaks to what many will think upon seeing this gem - IT'S ALIVE..... (jdbkk-17-02) $1,887 SOLD!(KJM)
Dalan Hargrave Carved/Sculpted Oregon Sunstone with Heavy Schiller
oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave
oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave
oregon sunstone with schiller - carved by Dalan Hargrave oregon sunstone rough with schiller
49+ct Oregon Sunstone from the high desert area of Plush, Oregon. Mined by All That Glitters in 2009. Large piece of rough with very heavy schiller, which is not common. Carved/Sculpted by the multi-award winning Dalan Hargrave. Another fine work of lapidary art by Dalan. Photos above represent tilting the work of art to show off the schiller or showing the copper platelets that cause the copper/gold reflections. The original piece of rough is the last photo. Clicking on any of the photos above will open a new page with an enlarged version of the photo. Another unique U.S. Gemstone from All That Glitters and a Texas-based Lapidary Artist. (dd-17-01)
We are offering this piece at approximately 20% BELOW the calculated wholesale price (based on a wholesale guide created by those directly involved in activing mining and selling of Oregon Sunstone over decades). For those considering this unqiue and beautiful purchase, we are willing to share the wholesale list, as well as our calculations to show how we arrived at our pricing. For a retail markup, we anticipate the price to be up to 100% more. Our goal has been to provide our customers exquisite fine quality colored gemstones at the best price possible. With 36 years in the gem trade, access to the source for rough and cut gemstones, as well as to many award-winning facetors/artists, allows All That Glitters to offer unexpectedly low pricing on most of our inventory. Contact us for a price quote!
russian ural mountains mineral slab
russian ural mountains mineral slab framed
Russian Mineral Slab most likely from the Ural Mountains, measuring approximately 7-5/8"x5-3/8" - with the frame measuring 10-3/4"x8-1/2". Aesthetically beautiful and entirely natural. Note the incredible symmetry which seems almost too perfect to have been created by nature! This contains Azurite (blue) and some Malachite (green), but the other colors/minerals are currently unknown - the colors blend harmoniously. Excuse the reflections which are present in the photo due to the high gloss of the slab. If you click on the upper image, a larger image will display. This piece of natural artistry is housed in a custom cut/joined frame, matte black, with two borders of a reddish color which pick up the reddish orange in the slab itself - a wonderful marriage of the art and frame! (This piece is ready to hang, having all the hardware/wire on the back) Truly a piece of art that, if more common and available, perhaps some art galleries would hang on their walls. This is a piece of natural art that can grace someones home and one doesn't have to worry about the same issues as a standard piece of art on canvas, paper, etc. (minruss-17-01) $900 (West Coast Office Only) (Note that we saw some slabs from Russia in Tucson (2017) of about the same size, housed in a non-custom inexpensive frame from most likely a bargain outlet. The colors were more of the blue/green that are common when one indeed finds a 'similar' item but the symmetry and design was not present. If that particular piece were priced based on retail markups, it would be selling for $1400-$2100. In an email conversation with a well-known on-line auction house, they estimated this piece would sell for between $1000 - $2000, without the frame.)
ancient Sri Lankan coin
Ancient Sri Lankan Coin found in the gem pits of Sri Lanka. It has a gold color, but believed to be gold-plated. To pass on all the current information we have - "found in an old gem pit...There had been several crystals & beads with a hole inside which they believe are from Mukkaru...Mukkaru is a group of people lived here (Sri Lanka) several centuries believes to be from 12th c. A.D." (minco-17-01) $200
mozambique terminated green-blue tourmaline crystal
mozambique terminated green-blue tourmaline crystal
Very lucky to find and purchase this beauty from Mozambique. Crystals from the mines in this locality of the world just aren't often seen. From the Naipa Mine, Zambebia Province, Mozambique - Terminated Green-Blue Tourmaline Crystal - 57.75cts. Color is predominately a very nice blue but depending on the lights we see a greenish blue color also. Transparent, terminated, with striations, other small parallel crystals on the side, just a beauty in general. These mines in Mozambique are known to produce Tourmalines containing copper (Cuprian Tourmaline). Some colors can be an indication of copper bearing gems/minerals, but many times it must be tested in a lab to determine the elemental make-up. We have seen neony Tourmalines that everyone would think contains copper and doesn't, and others that are pretty and not very bright, but do contain copper! (and many colors such as the purples and pinks from this area of the world do indeed contain copper....) (ftgu-17-01) $2,700 (West Coast Office Only)
smoky quartz with terminated tourmaline crystal - cruzeiro mine
smoky quartz with terminated tourmaline crystal - cruzeiro mine
Smoky Quartz Section with Terminated Blue Tourmaline Crystal growing from the Quartz. The Tourmaline essentially looks black, but if illuminated from behind, the edges do show blue. From the Famous Cruzeiro Mine, Minas Gerais, Brasil. (mincol-17-01) $1,275 (West Coast Office Only)

Purplish Pink Burmese Spinel Cab with Crystal Inclusions!
pinkish burmese spinel with crystal inclusions
pinkish burmese spinel with crystal inclusions
5.55ct Purplish Pink Burmese Spinel Cab with nicely formed crystal inclusions, some with a black center and called "Belly Button" inclusions. Many other crystals of different shapes and forms present. The crystals are not all that evident unless the light is right and it also depends on ones eyes - but this would make a nice ring with a plus of having a world of natural crystals that have grown inside this very clean cab. Another important fact is that this gemstone came from Burma, which is a very collectible location! Measures approx 10.3x8.9x6.9mm (klmngo-16a-01)
$475 includes shipping/insurance within the U.S.
SOLD! (United Kingdom)

The following 4 Sapphires have recently been certed by GIA:

purplish pink sapphire
3.06ct Cushion Shaped Purplish Pink Oval Sapphire (egaj-11-16) $11,939
View GIA Cert
fine large glowing blue sapphire
Glowing Blue 3.18ct Oval Sapphire Approximately 9.51x7.17x5.57mm (egaj-11-53) $14,355
View GIA Cert
deep bright pink sapphire
A Large 3.22ct Cushion Deep Bright Pink Sapphire (egaj-11-59) $14,089
View GIA Cert
blue sapphire
A very large nice 3.82ct Cushion Shaped Sapphire of a Glowing Blue (egaj-11-39) $18,145
View GIA Cert

One says WOW when viewing this Fancy Blended Ametrine!
gorgeous one-of-a-kind oval ametrine
Click on the above photo for a larger image.
A 45.60ct Concave Cut Blended Ametrine in a uniquely shaped oval, showing the Amethyst and Citrine as separate areas within the gemstone, but also causing some blending which adds interest and beauty. This was photographed with a ring light which allows proper even lighting to see the color patterns/cutting throughout the gem. Our connections to the mine that produces this material, allows us to obtain the unique pieces of rough we require to produce such beautiful treasures. The rough is personally selected for All That Glitters. We do anticipate (or perhaps better said - we 'hope') beautiful gemstones will result from our rough by our cutter, but sometimes the custom design the cutter has chosen and the one-of-a-kind rough we supply him, turns into something far beyond what was originally expected, as is the case of this piece as well as a custom created fancy fan shape (incorporating grooving, faceting and even optical dishes in the design shown below). So unique and beautiful are these, that we have been comtemplating entering them into the ATGA Cutting Edge Competition when that is held in the future. The negatives to entering these gemstones into this contest include waiting for the contest to begin, the high entrance fees ($300, not to mention the cost of shipping and insuring the gems in full) and the fact that if the judges agree about the uniqueness of the cutting/shape/color, etc. the gemstones are not returned to the owner for quite a long time as they go on tour to be admired by others in the trade. We do have a price in mind per carat for these pieces, and we feel due to the size, the uniquenes, the rarity of the starting material as well as other pluses, that our price is a very good buy and far less the retail price we have seen for smaller Ametrines with less interesting cuts and where the color zoning is more of the norm of what one sees in 'everyday' Ametrine. Feel free to email us to inquire about the price. Measures approx: (ajml-16-01f)
We decided to post a photo of this piece on Facebook, and below are the accolades within the first hour or so...we posted in a group that knows colored gemstones, cutting, unique and beautiful gems:
Okay....(pause).....I don't even know what to say. I've never seen anything like it??
This may be THE most amazing Ametrine faceting I have ever seen...
Breath taking
oh. my. goodness. That is seriously stunning work.
All I've got is gibberish and odd noises. Wow. Wow, wow and more wow. Seriously beautiful.
I want this!
Wow! !!
it's ridiculous
wow wow wow wow awesome awesome awesome speechless actually beautiful beyond......
Hats off .... a gem made by a gem. :-)
how ? ...
This may be THE most amazing Ametrine faceting I have ever seen.
oh. my. goodness. That is seriously stunning work.
Yes, Another WOW in a Fancy Blended Ametrine!
fancy carved faceted ametrine with optical dishes
fancy carved faceted ametrine with optical dishes
A 70.20ct Concave Cut Blended Ametrine in a custom created fancy fan shape, showing the Amethyst and Citrine as separate areas within the gemstone, but also causing some blending which adds interest and beauty. The first photo was taken under office fluorescent lights. The second photo is partially backlit which allows details to clearly be shown as it is transmitted light vs. reflected light. Our connections to the mine that produces this material, allows us to obtain the unique pieces of rough we require to produce such beautiful treasures. The rough is personally selected for All That Glitters. We do anticipate (or perhaps better said - we 'hope') beautiful gemstones will result from our rough by our cutter, but sometimes the custom design the cutter has chosen and the one-of-a-kind rough we supply him, turns into something far beyond what was originally expected, as is the case of this piece as well as the fancy oval shape above. So unique and beautiful are these, that we have been comtemplating entering them into the ATGA Cutting Edge Competition when that is held in the future. The negatives to entering these gemstones into this contest include waiting for the contest to begin, the high entrance fees ($300, not to mention the cost of shipping and insuring the gems in full) and the fact that if the judges agree about the uniqueness of the cutting/shape/color, etc. the gemstones are not returned to the owner for quite a long time as they go on tour to be admired by others in the trade. We do have a price in mind per carat for these pieces, and we feel due to the size, the uniquenes, the rarity of the starting material as well as other pluses, that our price is a very good buy and far less the retail price we have seen for smaller Ametrines with less interesting cuts and where the color zoning is more of the norm of what one sees in 'everyday' Ametrine. Feel free to email us to inquire about the price. (ajml-16-01e)
large concave cut chrome tourmaline
large concave cut chrome tourmaline
A gorgeous glowing green concave cut 4.99ct pear shaped Chrome Tourmaline. Large for Chrome Tourmaline and a great shape for a ring, pendant and more. The first photo was taken using a light ring which provides consistent illumination and the second photo is just under office fluorescent lights. The saturated color of the second photo is more of what the eye sees, being a rich what we would call, chrome green. True Chrome Tourmaline is not that common and larger gemstones in this size are even less common. Based on what we've seen as well as our cutter as far as wholesale pricing of Chrome Tourmalines of this size and smaller, we would expect the price for this size in a retail store to be about $1,500ct - and for a unique gemstone which is concave cut and by an AGTA Cutting Competition multi-award winner, this price would be low and would be expected to be actually much higher. The rough for this piece was very similar to rough we gave to Dalan Hargrave, with which he created a 5.05ct finished finished gemstone in his Starlight Cut. The pear shape pictured here is approximately 13.17x10.15ex6.33mm. (then-16-02b) $4,491
(Both of these recently faceted Chrome Tourmalines are a good value due to size, color, clarity and those credited for their expert cutting skills/talent.)
carved oregon sunstone with copper schiller
7.21ct Custom Carved Oregon Sunstone with HEAVY Copper Schiller. This piece just shines with reflections from the copper schiller in the light. Unique shape will allow designers to create a wonderful piece - there is no other piece on the market currently or in the past, which would be similar. A True One-of-a-Kind! (dd-16-04) $721
We missed the GIA Cert on this Sapphire, so reposting here temporarily.
gia certed large blue sapphire
2.97ct Cushion Sapphire of a nice deep Glowing Blue. Approximately 7.70x6.69x6.24mm (egaj-11-60) $12,110
View GIA Cert
faceted amethyst(morocco)enhydro close up of enhydro in faceted amethyst from morocco
A real rarity: In walking around Tucson and telling dealers/gemologists about a faceted Amethyst from Morocco with an enhydro, people were not only surprised to hear that an Amethyst with water/gas existed, but even more surprised to hear that it was faceted, as well as from Morocco! Even the owner of All That Glitters hadn't heard of Amethyst coming from Morocco, but it does - and some of the colors are really fine, including this fine piece with a rare enhydro just under the table. Normally one seeks inclusions that are not eye visible, but some gemstones/minerals might be purchased because of their inclusion(s)! This rarity displays a hidden treasure within, as witnessed by the photo or with a low power loupe/magnifying glass - and for those with decent vision, one can readily see what all the talk is about! What one notices when viewing this gem, is that the color is purple with blue overtones (a fine color), and that there seems to be something just below the center of the table. When viewed closely, it is an enhydro inclusion! The bubble actually has a very good traveling distance when tilted. We did have another one of the same size but it was a polished point with an enhydro. That quickly sold for $2,300 in Tucson (2015). Though we feel this is a nicer piece all around, and the fact that it is a published piece in Gems & Gemology, the price of $3,000 seems very reasonable for such a unique and published gemstone! This is a fairly large gem weighing 15.53cts and because it is a trilliant, it looks larger than 15cts. (ggc-15-01)

This gemstone was studied by GIA appears in the Fall Edition of GIA's Gems & Gemology Magazine (2016)! View the GIA article as well as see photos:
Large Aqueous Primary Fluid Inclusion in Amethyst

pad colored spinel; orangy pink spinel
pad colored spinel; orangy pink spinel
2.54ct Padparadscha Colored MAHENGE Spinel from Tanzania. A Great Color - Not Usually Seen in Spinel.
Believe this is the second of this color we have ever had in our 35 year history. Color will vary depending on the lights/wavelengths available. Hard to describe, but under fluorescent lights it is a medium bright orangy pink, perhaps slighly more orange; under incandescent, it tends to be more pink with a slight glow. It is neither fully pink or fully orange. We are displaying two different photos, neither of which really capture the color, however, the color is very attractive. We can see this in a setting with white diamonds and perhaps even with other colored gemstones like blue Sapphire as accents. A photo from GIA was available decades ago that showed a Padparadascha Sapphire in a ring and surrounded by both white Diamonds and blue Sapphire - it was stunning and it is still remembered to this day! (Actually, we found the photo on line and thought we would share it - our Pad Spinel is slightly more saturated in color, another plus for this fine unique Spinel!) Measures approximately 8.7x7.0x5.4mm (crtzn-16-01) $4,445
Fine Herkimer Diamond Cluster
Fine Herkimer Diamond Cluster Fine Herkimer Diamond Cluster
Click on the above photo for a larger image
When a fine specimen like this is discovered in a collection, one has to try to purchase it. Took some negotiations and lots of thought on the sellers side... Don't see many of these in such a nice cluster/formation, clear, large, etc. Collected in the 1980s - Quartz, Var. Herkimer Diamond, Ace of Diamond Mines, Middleville, Herkimer Co., New York. Measures about 2.5" on one side. Nice curve, sort of looks like a question mark. Nice typical Herkimer inclusions. Seven crystals make up this piece - mostly water clear as you can see, with the beautiful contrasting inclusions. The second largest crystal seems to have a hint of color when on a white surface. (tcc-16-01) $2,200 (We have seen another cluster at a mineral show with fewer crystals, not as clear as these, not as sharp or as well-defined but with a price tag was $3,600! For the size, the clarity, the shape, the inclusions, etc. this has got to be a very good buy for such a unique piece!)
Chrome Tourmaline Freeform Faceted by Dalan Hargrave
chrome tourmaline faceted by Dalan Hargrave
Our Chrome Tourmaline Rough faceted by Multi-Award Winning Dalan Hargrave! Weighs 5.05cts. This design and low profile will make this easy to set as it won't be high in a ring pendant, etc. The shape will allow goldsmiths to create something very unique and incorporate their designing skills. (then-16-02a) $5,100 (Considering the cost of Chrome Tourmaline, the unique design as well as the cutter, this shouldn't last long! And if it isn't scooped up, prices of fine important gems like this, only go up!...)
We have multiple photos of this piece; click on the links for the desired photos:
Grey Background
In Tweezers
Dalan discusses this particular cutting design and his philosophies:
"StarLight Cut Chrome Tourmaline - cut for L. Allen Brown(All That Glitters). This is a style of cutting I began doing in 1999 because it is my artist creed to never copy the work of others. It's my belief all true artist would never want to since they have so much pride in their own creative expression to even want to come close to the body of work others are doing. Ethics and optics are the first thing each of the people who come here to Shepherds Ranch study before we even start classes on cutting. I have enormous respect for the true innovators in this modern day fantasy cut gemstone movement and I always strive to be original."
Over the years, Dalan Hargrave has garnered over 80 awards for his cutting. His talent has been recognized by numerous awards including the AGTA Cutting Edge Competitions of the past, as well as recently in 2016! All true artists pay special attention to the fine details as a matter of pride in their own work. That crisp detail cannot be matched by mass production lapidaries. To own a genuine Dalan Hargrave creation is to own a piece initially created by a higher power in nature and then fashioned with care, attention and experience to produce a treasured 'gem' for the ages.
group of fancy ethiopian opal
Four pieces believed to be from the same rough, with very different characteristics - all unique and priced to sell. Photo was taken using a flash, which is the norm when photographing Opals for us. It allows the capture of some of the play of color, but the predominant colors might be different due to angle and wavelengths within the light source vs. overhead lights.
From left to right, they are as follows:
14.80cts: A large white bodied Opal with lots of reddish orange, green and some yellow. Not as intensely flashy as the two smaller gems here, but evident. Lots of color and very well priced for such a large Opal. (opal-16-01a) $1,480
5.93cts: An elongated oval with an unusual bluish grey body color. Not the most lively play of color, but orange, green and yellow are evident. (opal-16-01b) $445
3.75cts: Neon green is the most predominant color seen in this Opal, with some orange and yellow. (opal-16-01c) $575
1.50cts: A smaller Opal with a grey blue body color and lots of color play with orange and yellow being more predominate but great flashes of neon green too! (opal-16-01d) $375
14.36ct Oregon Sunstone - Custom piece!
Newly Photographed Images with better lighting, resolution, etc.
oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone oregon sunstone oregon sunstone
oregon sunstone
Original Rough!
This unique piece was created using facets, sculpting as well as optical dishes.. A super interesting piece for someone who wants something unique - reminiscent of Munsteiner, Dyber and others! This is exactly what one expects from an Oregon Sunstone - one sees a red surrounded by clear, and of course, what many look for - Schiller (copper platelets). You can see all of this in the photos above - a variation of red, clear, and schiller in parallel lines. (osi-08-01) $2,154
An incredible price if one considers the cost to facet/create this, the size, the uniqueness, etc.
nuristani blue green concave cut tourmaline
2.65ct Green Blue Tourmaline, concave faceted. You can see the dichroic property of Tourmaline, showing a nice light blue and a deep green on the different axes. This was shot with a fluorescent ring light and though there is sparkle/brilliance when this gemstone is viewed, the color saturation is deeper/darker than the photo. Should this gemstone not be what the new owner was expecting or likes, we have our unique 7 Day Return Policy (for any reason) as well as our Life Time Guarantee. (nrstngm-97a-4) $1,590
concave cut oregon sunstone
concave cut oregon sunstone
Oregon Sunstone, 3.37ct - Stunning Shape with really nice orange color. Photos are of the same gemstone, just rotated 90 degress to show the various play of light/color that one may see. (dd-16-01) $1,348
concave cut oregon sunstone
Oregon Sunstone weighing 4.37cts - unique curved shape which could be described as a crescent. Will allow some interesting designs for custom jewelry! Photos show the gemstone in two different positions - think it would be unique to set with the long axis running up/down vs. across as show in the photos....but anything is possible! Photos don't do the gemstone/shape justice. (dd-16-02) $1,311
concave cut oregon sunstone
An absolutely gorgeous color with sparkle and brilliance, this is an Oregon Sunstone weighing 4.88cts and is superb in color, clarity, cutting, size, etc. Typically doesn't get much better. Great for a ring for either a man or woman, or even designed as something else. Color is a nice autumn orange with highlights of red evident. If only all Oregon Sunstones looked this good!... (dd-16-03) $2,440
concave faceted ametrine
concave faceted ametrine
Another WOW when it comes to an Ametrine - weight is 28.31ct. Rough chosen for uniqueness of colored zoning and the cutting takes advantage of this fact. Great design with sparkle and brilliance as shown. Photos show the same gemstone just rotated 90 degrees to show the play of light/color when viewed at the different angle - and it can be set either way or as one sees fit... (ajml-16-01a) Only $60/ct, $1,698 SOLD! (Canada)

Direct from Sri Lanka, 4 very nicely cut Spinels all from the Nivitigala Mines in Ratnapura. Priced to move - for these colors, sizes, decent cutting, if we were to price them based on what we saw on the Tucson wholesale floors this year, they would be far more in price...
Spinel has been making the gemstone/jewelry trade news lately and is getting a second look by many.

sri lankan color shifting spinel
Lively Color Shifting 1.49ct Spinel Round (Sri Lanka - Ratnapura-Nivitigala mines) goes from Lilac Purple to Powder Blue. Approx 6.7mmx5.8mm (shlgems-16-04) $373 SOLD! (Canada)
sri lankan blue spinel
sri lankan blue spinel
Interesting Blue 3.00ct Square Cushion Spinel from Sri Lanka (Ratnapura-Nivitigala mines). This blue is reminiscent of what one sees at times in the Sri Lanka area; the term of "Cobalt" is frequently associated with this color, whether it contains Cobalt or not. It does color shift depending on the available lights, and the color shift is between two variations of blue. One could call this a Midnight Blue or Midnight Navy Blue. Some have also called this a green blue. One variation of the color is shown on the back of a hand and that color seems to be pretty accurate; the larger photo is close, but very difficult to capture the true color seen. Approx 8.0x7.8x5.8 (shlgems-16-01) $1,800
sri lankan purple spinel
sri lankan purple spinel
A very lively 3.52ct Purple Oval Spinel from Sri Lanka (Ratnapura-Nivitigala mines). Could be confused with a Sapphire as we have seen and currently have in inventory, Sapphires with this color. There is a wonderful crystal inclusion in about the center of the gem, below the table and hidden due to the sparkle/brilliance of the gemstone. With 2x glasses, we can't see it. Under very bright lights and when tilted, one can catch a glimpse of it using glasses, and we would assume that those with very good vision might be able to see it. Doesn't affect the beauty or integrity, and is a plus for those interested in inclusions and proves natural origin. Due to the high power of our photography, you can see the crystal in the photo if one looks closely. Approx 9.2x7.8x6.5mm (shlgems-16-02) $2,112 SOLD! (Japan)
sri lankan pinkish spinel
sri lankan pinkish spinel
Large 4.28ct Cusion Shaped Sri Lankan (Ratnapura-Nivitigala mines) Spinel of a color that is difficult to describe, and it also color shifts (like many natural gemstones) depending on available lights and the wavelengths in those lights. Under fluorescent lights, the color could be described as dusty pink with purple; under incandescent, it appears more reddish with purple highlights. For nice Spinel, this is large and we find the color to be interesting and the future owner will find that they will have a gemstone that looks differently from room to room, lighting condition to lighting condition, with the body color changing, as well as the highlights that display. Approx 10.3x8.0x6.3mm (shlgems-16-03) $2,568

Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

Not responsible for mismatches of prices, photos, stocknumbers, etc.

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