Certified Gemstones

We have several thousand fine quality colored gemstones for sale, many of which are unique, one of a kind or perhaps are unusual for some reason. Very few have been certed; frequently, there is no reason. We stand behind our gemstones and have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee (10 Days) and a LIFETIME GUARANTEE - see our policies page: Guarantee

Just because a gemstone in our inventory is not certed, actually has no reflection on the quality. Some of our gemstones were purchased already with certs, or we were traveling abroad and felt more comfortable obtaining a cert. Perhaps we were told it was unheated and we wanted to do a check upon our return from abroad (note that regardless if it were heated or not heated, we would be keeping it - heating is standard in the trade for certain gemstones, and we accept that as long as that is all that was done; there are also some purists or collectors who seek non-heated gemstones). We have also certed a few gems because we wanted another opinion on whether a gemstone was to perhaps be called a Ruby vs. a Sapphire (Pink, Magenta, Fuchsia, etc.). Many times we purchase as Ruby and sell as Sapphire (yes, Ruby and Sapphire are the same gemstone, the mineral Corundum, it is just the percentage of red that causes the differentiation. Europe and Asia identify Ruby as what most Americans in the business would call Sapphire.

madagascar deep blue aquamarine
madagascar deep blue aquamarine
4.76ct Very Saturated Blue Aquamarine from Madagascar. Incredibly Deep Color and expected to be Unheated! In the trade, a darker color of Aqua may be called Santa Maria Afrique, with the original Santa Maria color being found in Brasil; those found in Africa have the Afrique nomenclature to distinguish origin. Very lively, brilliant, nice polish - just an incredible gemstone. There is an inclusion running the best way in the gem which when looking down through the table, cannot be seen with a 10x loupe; from the side, if it is tipped, one can find it. Shouldn't be an issue setting or wearing this gemstone.

Most retail/trade people would not guess this is Aquamarine and would most likely think it Blue Zircon or Blue Topaz. Small 1-2ct pieces of a nice deep aqua color like this were selling at $1000/ct wholesale at Tucson this year (2020). So a larger one is even less common and would sell for more per carat. Add more $$$ to the price above and one can have an idea of an expected wholesale price and what this might sell for in a retail setting - expect up to about a 300% markup. This is one of those gemstones, like a nice fine Alexandrite or Padparadscha Sapphire, that most appraisers or those in the business would be hard pressed to come up with an actual hard value for.. Since this is a VERY special Aquamarine in size/saturation/shape/brilliance, we took the liberty of obtaining a cert. From a few pieces of rough material we have seen in 40 years in the business, this is also unique in that this should be an unheated Aquamarine - most Aqua is heated to drive the yellow component off leaving a more pure blue. As noted in discussions with dealers and others, this is something that one may not see for decades on the market or in the trade. (spnnl-20-01) $7,140

This has also been published in an article on the International Gemological Society website. We have a link for those who wish to access it, but one must be a member in order to view all the info and photos. We have done a screen grab pertaining to our Aquamarine and you can view this using the following link: IGS/All That Glitters 4.76ct Super Blue Aqua!

For those who collect Published Gems, this can be added to your collection. All That Glitters has MANY Published Gemstones and they can be viewed on the following page: All That Glitters Published Gemstone Page

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unheated ruby
1.60ct UNHEATED Fancy Cushion Ruby of a Magenta Red color. Difficult to obtain good photo with accurate color. (awa-20-01) $9,600
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certed pad sapphire
Unheated 1.17ct Sapphire, certed as a Pad from foreign lab. (Poor color rendition in photo) (emgex-20-01) $2,100
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natural alexandrite - green natural alexandrite- purple
A Brasilian Alexandrite Oval weighing 0.57cts and having a great green to bluish green color, turning to various colors depending on the lights, but have seen a sort of green/blue/grey purple which is difficult to describe. Of course, both colors will be vary depending on the type of lights and the wavelengths available. The photo showing the green color is acccurate, but the other color had to be modified as the camera wasn't picking up what the eye was seeing. GIA described the color change as Blue Green to Grey-Purple. For what this is and the current market on material which isn't as nice as this, this is a good time to add this to your collection or jewelry if you have wanted a nice Natural Alexandrite. (ggc-19-03) $2,300
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color change garnet - green color change garnet - sage green
color change garnet - reddish bronze color change garnet - purple
This unique large GIA Certed 2.51ct well cut color changing garnet hails from Madagascar. The color range varies depending on the light source and wavelengths found in those lights. We have viewed the piece under incandsccent, fluorescent, white/yellow LED as well as natural and some jewelry store lights and the colors are across the board. It really has some unique colors/flashes when there is more than one light source. The photos here show it being a really nice green, a sage green, a reddish bronze as well as a purplish color. We can see this in a ring surrounded with white diamonds and with more than one light source, the colors displayed will dazzle the viewer and of course, we don't believe that the public or even those with gemological knowledge would immediately know what species of natural gemstone this would belong too! GIA has determined this garnet to fall into the Pyrope-Spessartine Garnet Group, with a color change they described as Green to Pinkish-Purple. It really changes and varies quite a bit depending on the lights/wavelengths available, with an incredible green being seen under a small LED light that is in the All That Glitters office. (mfg-19-02) $4.518
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reddish pink sapphire
1.25ct Squarish GIA Certed Purplish Red Ruby! (btree-19-03) $4,375
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orangy pink sapphire
1.83ct UNHEATED Oval Sapphire (GIA Certed) of a unique color that would best be described as a pink with just some orange overtones, salmony to some extent. (The dichroscope does show both orange and pink, but the pink predomninates.) The photo does this gemstone no justice, as the color cannot truly be captured. GIA describes the color as a purplish pink, but depending on the lights, the secondary hue we believe varies either showing the slight purple in the cert as described or perhaps taking on that hint of orange. A great color regardless of how is it described AND it is also unheated! (Madagascar) (egpl-19-04) $5,490
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neon bubblegum pink sapphire
1.38ct Neony Deep Bubble Gum Pink with lots of pizzazz/sparkle. (btree-19-01) $2,175
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An Incredible UNHEATED LARGE RUBY weighing 5.67cts!!
5+ct UNHEATED Purplish Red Ruby - GIA certed
Many gemstones (Sapphire, Ruby, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Tanzanite and others) are routinely heated. This partciular Ruby is Unheated and well cut with no blemishes on the surface due to voids, scratches, etc. - also unusual in most Ruby/Sapphire unless faceted in the U.S. This is a very fine large Ruby and a very important gemstone, something that has taken us four decades to find in our travels abroad and was thought to be very worthwhile to have in inventory.

Color is always difficult to capture correctly and even attempts to correct color can fail as the camera doesn't capture the color the eye sees. Then there is color rendering on various mobile devices which adds another layer and possiblity of incorrect color display. The color as described by GIA is Purplish Red. Depending on the lights one sees magenta (or purplish) body color but also red - all dependent on the lights available and the wavelengths found in those lights. This is one of those gemstones that one has to be seen in person, as that way the color is correct for one's vision/color perception, one can appreciate the cutting, brilliance, polish, sparkle etc. in real time as the gem is tilted, producing life, sparkle and various colors. A nicely cut, better than eye clean, 5.67ct GIA Certed Ruby, that is Unheated...very uncommon indeed.

Origin is the land/country of Sapphires and Rubies...Ceylon. The most costly Rubies have been from Burma, with a fine red color, unheated and frequently seen as being sleepy due to fine inclusions. The Graff Ruby - an 8.62 carat Mogok Burmese Ruby set in a Diamond Ring, by Graff, sold for $8,600,410 ($997,727 per carat - Sotheby's Geneva, November 2014).

The All That Glitters 5.67ct Purplish Red Ruby, very clean, well cut, unheated gem is not exactly in the same category as the Graff Ruby, but it is in a category of its own as gems like this are just tyically not seen on the market.
(Yes, we have a nice selection of Fine Burmese Rubies also!)

Measures approximately 11.71 x 8.92 x 6.75mm (essentially a 12x9mm) (egaj-15-54) Price Upon Request.

GIA Cert
Gem/Mineral Photograper Jeff Scovil Photographs All That Glitters LARGE Ruby!
Jeff Scovil photographs All That Glitters large ruby
Jeff Scovil photographs All That Glitters large ruby
The talented Gemstone/Mineral Photographer Jeffrey A. Scovil at the Big E in Springfield, MA (08/10/18) photographing our incredible 5.67ct, GIA Certified UNHEATED Purple Red Ruby. Incredible size, cutting, clarity, etc. One of the most important gems in our 37+ year inventory! See image above.
GIA certed purplish red ruby
GIA Certed 1.49ct Square Cushion Ruby - UNHEATED! Nice size, sparkly and priced to move at only $5000/ct!
Photo doesn't do this gem any justice as it doesn't show the sparkle or a true color rendition. (egpl-18-02) $8,195
GIA Cert
GIA Certed Fine Natural Alexandrite
1.00ct Oval Natural GIA Certed Alexandrite - We were fortunate to find one Alexandrite that met our criteria for inventory: Clean, Decent Cut, Sparkle, Eye Clean, Very Fine Color Change and an Affordable Price! This changes from a Green/Bluish Green to a Purple as noted in the accompanying GIA Cert. In 36 years in the gemstone business, we have only had a handful of larger fine quality Alexandrite such as this. Again, the 2017 Tucson Show had very dark (almost black) Alexandrite, very poorly cut or included material, selling at high prices. Similar Alex to this newly acquired piece were non-existent and we wouldn't consider obtaining that lower quality for our inventory; plus the pricing was incredibly high, making this Alex not only an outstanding example, but also outstanding in price (way below the wholesale asking price of those we didn't look twice at). Alexandrite is one of those gemstones that is difficult to obtain accurate color photos. We obtained a good photo of the blue green, but decent photos of the purple were difficult. We've tried out best to be accurate in color as best as possible - one can have an idea of the color description and change by viewing the GIA Cert also. As always, should you purchase this Alexandrite, if you are not happy for any reason, you have our 100% Customer Satifaction Guarantee as well as our Lifetime Guarantee - see our 'Our Guarantees' link on the banner that appears on the top and bottom of all our pages! Priced very attractively - like most of our gemstones, below the wholesale listed in The Guide. (strshn-17-01) ONLY $10,750
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Comments: Small photo above shows a line that may be visible to some customers. We currently do not have our GIA microscope to determine what is it, but it doesn't affect the value or integrity of the gem, and the owner of All That Glitters can't see it with 2.75x glasses. For those with 20/20 or better eyesight, this might be seen under the right lighting conditions and angle. We did note that if the issue is on the right hand side of the gemstone when viewed, we can see it under magnification; if the gem is rotated so that it is on the left hand side, we couldn't see it. (Magnification would be using glasses, a loupe, a microscope, camera or even a phone when talking a macro photo or a video.) Alexandrite is a Type II gemstone, which means that it usually contains some inclusions. This did not stop the purchase of this gem as it is the perfect size, a super color change, well cut for Alexandrite, well priced and has everything going for it. Just wanted to bring this to the attention of the retail public as the trade would not give this a second thought - we do hope to move most if not all of our Natural Alexandrite when we exhibit in Tucson for the first time in about 30 years. For 2022, those who would like to see certain gemstones in person, should contact us prior to the show to set up an appointment for a viewing of their favorite gems - they are ALWAYS better in person!
GIA Certed Unheated Ruby
1.03ct UNHEATED Ruby, certs indicates red with a modifier of purple. Unheated Ruby is not common and this is priced way below what one would expect. (awa-17-06) $5,099
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GIA Certed Ruby
1.05ct Bright Red Ruby - can be seen from a long distance! (awa-17-07) $3,465
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GIA Certed Orange Sapphire
1.50ct Very Lively Orange Sapphire (Certed). Many people, as well as labs, might call this a Padparadscha Sapphire, but it needs just a hint more pink. It is predominately orange. (awa-17-04) $3,750
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GIA Certed Unheated Padparadscha (PAD) Sapphire
1.13ct GIA Certed UNHEATED Padparadscha Sapphire (Orange Pink) Photos cannot capture the real color or beauty of this gemstone. (jwlqdi-17-01b) $5,100
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GIA Certed Unheated Padparadscha (PAD) Sapphire
1.40ct GIA Certed UNHEATED Padparadscha Sapphire (Orange Pink). We did not capture the true color of this gem, and photos on the certs tend not to be very accurate either. Seeing in person is always the way to go....A very nice Pad, with some inclusions which are not visible to the naked eye. The inclusions help to identify it's natural origin as well as the fact that it is Unheated! (jwlqdi-17-01a) $5,640
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GIA Certed Padparadscha (PAD) Sapphire
An incredibly beautiful, large, lively and colorful 1.61ct Oval GIA Certed Padparadscha Sapphire. Color is exactly what one expects for a true Pad, a pinkish orange, with the correct saturation without being too light or dark. A neony bright color that gets your attention immediately. A must for someone who wants an outstanding Genuine Padparadscha, certed by a well-respected Gem Lab; therefore, there is no question as to the identity of this particular gem! Unfortunately, the true beauty and color cannot be captured in a photo, but one has a hint of the sparkle/brilliance. (awa-17-01) $10,700
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GIA Certed color change sapphire
This 2.46ct Color Change Sapphire got our attention. It was glowing a blue with strong ultraviolet hues. Depending on the lights, this does indeed change from a blue to a purple as noted by GIA. (minco-17-02) $6,150
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unique 'blue' colored sapphire
2.34ct UNHEATED Greenish Blue Sapphire, a unique color - we have had only one of this color over the past 36 years. Origin is Ceylon (Sri Lanka) where they call this color 'green'. For those who wish a unique gemstone/color, this seldom seen variation would make a great ring, pendant or as part of a collection of various colored Sapphires. The color is difficult to capture accurately and may also shift depending on wavelengths in the available light, showing off the unique color at different times. (nshgm-16a-01) Priced to move at $6,084.
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fine recut blue spinel
Originally a 5.11ct Sri Lankan Blue Spinel, the pavilion was partially recut, a few facets on the crown were tweaked and re-polishing in general was performed by an a very well-known respected award-winning cutter, yielding a 4.39ct finished gemstone. The cert below is prior to reworking; should a customer wish to resubmit it for certing, the original cert indicating that it is a natural Blue Spinel is guaranteed and accompanies the purchase. Also, we will devulge the cutter to the new owner. The color of this piece shifts under most lights so very difficult to describe the color blue. The photo does seem to show a more saturated blue. The light ring used on the lense of the camera and at a distance away from the gemstone without being overly close, allows full illumination of the gem, showing off the brilliance as well as the fine polish. A fine large Natural Blue Spinel... (nshgm-17a-01)
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purplish pink sapphire
3.06ct Cushion Shaped Purplish Pink Oval Sapphire (egaj-11-16) $11,939
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fine large glowing blue sapphire
Glowing Blue 3.18ct Oval Sapphire Approximately 9.51x7.17x5.57mm (egaj-11-53) $14,355
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