Gemstones - Star Sapphire

blue star sapphire light-medium blue star sapphire
A - 2.53ct Round Deep Blue Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-24) $2,406
B - Light to Medium Blue Star Sapphire weighing 2.80cts. (egaj-15-17) $1,615
blue-grey star sapphire blue-grey star sapphire
A - Blue-Grey 3.22ct Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-64) $1,475
B - 3.65ct Blue-Grey Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-71) $1,450
round purple star sapphire blue grey star sapphire
A - Purple Star Sapphire (3.84cts). (egaj-15-02a) $2,660
B - Blue Grey Star Sapphire, 4.36cts. (egaj-15-35) $2,394
blue grey star sapphire violet blue color shifting star sapphire
A - 4.47ct Blue-Grey Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-06) $2,235
B - 4.65ct Violet to Blue Color Shifting Star Sapphire. Transparent which is desirable; the photo shows inclusions within the gem, but the gems looks far better in person when viewed with the nakeed eye or even with glasses. These photos are similar to viewing gemstones under magnification. For more information about this gemstone, feel free to contact us. We obviously thought this gem was worthy for inventory, due to color, size, transparency, a nice star that is also centered, etc; it just didn't photograph well! A poor photo, as it has difficult to obtain a good photo of the star. It seems that those Star Sapphires which are more transparent, are difficult in capturing the star that when seen in person, are really nice... (egaj-15-05) $1,529
grey-blue star sapphire blue star sapphire
A - Grey-Blue Star Sapphire - 4.69ct. (egaj-15-13) $3,029
B - 5.02ct Blue Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-79) $3,405
round lavender star sapphire purple-blue star sapphire
A - Round 6.32ct Lavender Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-19) $3,565
B - Purple-Blue 2.63ct Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-29) $1,200
5.79t Star Sapphire
certed star sapphire mult-colored
This 5.79ct Star Sapphire hails from Thailand and has a very decent star as can be seen in the photo and the video. It is multi-colored, being deep blue, greenish, greyish and other subtle colors. Great for a man's or woman's ring - other possibilities exist too! Gem was not tested for heat or other enhancement, but we were told that it had been heated. Usually heat dissolves the inclusions that cause the star; one can see the typical pattern of some banding internally, which is typical of Star Sapphire. The star is evident under the typical pinpoint light source, but is it sharper when the light source is closer to the gem. Great Price for what it is. (kwrt-14-01) $1500
Where can one obtain an almost 6ct Sapphire for less than $260/ct, that is a unique multi-colored gem, a star gem and is displayed on the International Gem Society's Sapphire Buying Guide page???? IGS Sapphire Buying Guide Page
View Cert
large 9+ct grey star sapphire
Large 9.65ct Bluish Grey Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-39) $3,834
purple star sapphire
Large Fine Transparent 6.26ct Purple Star Sapphire. (egaj-15-23) $13,275
In looking over inventory of gemstones to take to a Jewelry Designer/Manufacture, this gem was pulled and we initially questioned the price, until our records were reviewed and the price paid was verified. It is essentially transparent, a great star that is sharp and well centered, and the color is not often seen with a star. This was the most costly Star Sapphire purchased on this trip abroad or any time during our many decades in business. When examined in the proper light, the shape, the color, the transparency, the color, the eye, etc. all point to the fact that pricing was right and it was based on what we paid for it.... This is a must see for those who seek a piece like this and have the funds. Photo doesn't do the color justice, but depends on the light. Under a flashlight to view the star, it appears to be a deep lilac/nice purple - not as much blue as pictured here.
blue star sapphire
4.26ct Blue Star Sapphire!
A wonderful medium dark blue, Translucent which is what you want and it has a nice star when in the proper light. Since the star is also centered in the middle of this gem (and this is usually not the case!), it was difficult to photograph the star looking down on the stone. For those who understand Star Sapphire, you will be amazed at the color, the size, the star, the translucency and the price! Approx 8.0x7.2x7.1mm (aw-04-01) $6,390

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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