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We have far more Unusual and Rare Color Change Garnets in Inventory that are not photographed below. Refer to our Inventory Lists to see what Color Change Garnets are currently in stock. When in these text files, look under Species: Garnet; Type: Color Change, Color Shift or Alexandrite

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Also, visit our web page that discusses Alexandrite-Like Color Change Garnet in more detail:

Alexandrite-Like Color Change Garnet

color change garnet - green color change garnet - sage green
color change garnet - reddish bronze color change garnet - purple
This unique large GIA Certed 2.51ct well cut color changing garnet hails from Madagascar. The color range varies depending on the light source and wavelengths found in those lights. We have viewed the piece under incandsccent, fluorescent, white/yellow LED as well as natural and some jewelry store lights and the colors are across the board. It really has some unique colors/flashes when there is more than one light source. The photos here show it being a really nice green, a sage green, a reddish bronze as well as a purplish color. We can see this in a ring surrounded with white diamonds and with more than one light source, the colors displayed will dazzle the viewer and of course, we don't believe that the public or even those with gemological knowledge would immediately know what species of natural gemstone this would belong too! GIA has determined this garnet to fall into the Pyrope-Spessartine Garnet Group, with a color change they described as Green to Pinkish-Purple. It really changes and varies quite a bit depending on the lights/wavelengths available, with an incredible green being seen under a small LED light that is in the All That Glitters office. (mfg-19-02) $4.518
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US faceted 12+ct Umbalite Garnet
A Wonderfully Fine Colored Large Umbalite Garnet, facetd in the US by one of our cutters. Weighs 12.68cts and has the color expected of an Umbalite, which some call the King of Rhodolites. The color varies from Burgandy, Maroon, Purple and Magenta depending on the lights being used. The color change is very similar to a 7+ct Umbalite we have seen from an exclusive company on the West Coast. Their retail price was $1,100/ct. We posted the photo of this Umbalite on Facebook to share it prior to publication here, and one person in the know thought that the price of this large 12+ct gem would be in the $20,000 range. Thus is the reality today in pricing, where the new find of purple garnet is selling at about $450/ct (wholesale in Tucson 2016). Though our Umbalite is almost twice the size of the 7 ct piece, we are offering it at what we feel is a fair price based on the cost of rough, cutting, beauty, cutting, color, etc. and for the time being, only $550/ct or $6,974. As the size for rare gems increase, the price per carat also goes up, sometimes expotentially. Again, our pricing is based differently, allowing unexpectedly low pricing on most of our gemstones. (then-16-03)
Two Fancy Imperial Garnets from Africa. We are not sure what to call this material, as garnets can be comprised of many different elements and may not fall exactly into one garnet group. Many have characteristics of a few groups. There is some color shifting seen under different lights and the pear shape seems to show some red on the ends, like a dichroic gemstone, but garnet is not dichroic, so this is an interesting unique feature.. Whatever garnet group this belongs to, it is unique and we only have two to offer. The two photos above were with slightly different light sources. Under fluorescent lights, we believe that we could call the body color a medium orange with maybe some yellow. However one wants to describe them, we think that most people would say - Beautiful...
1.55ct Oval (minco-08-02a)
2.79ct Pear/Shield (minco-08-02b)
Two Imperial Garnets from Africa photographed under different lighting conditions. In the top photo, the oval had to be modified to show more of the real color. We would call the body color a dusty rose or beige color under fluorescent and under incandescent light, the color turns to more of a pink . This is what we have seen in the past when we have had similar material. Note that this material is not common and can be quite costly. Larger pieces cost more and have the likelihood of having more black platelets. We choose these two pieces from maybe 10 or so pieces. They were chosen for not only color, but for cutting and clarity. They are eye clean and in louping them, we don' recall seeing any black platelets, but if they are hard to find and are there, it indidates natural origin and perhaps even the location from where they were found.
1.95ct Cushion (cf-08-01) $450/ct
2.28ct Oval (cf-08-02) SOLD!
4.18ct Color Shifting Garnet, dusty beige/rose to bright pinkish red Certified as Rhodolite ; dimensions 9.90x7.68x6.24; Color described as Purple, but we think our description is more accurate (kaek-07-01) $2,508
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2.12ct Color Changing Garnet
The color change is from a smoky orange to a bright reddish orange dependiing on the lights. This unusual piece is from African. (sco-06a-01) $848
9 pieces, 4.00cts of Color Shifting Garnet - The color is a nice pleasing light organge to orangy brown and under incandcescent lights the color comes alive even more. $800 (eagt-95b-08p)
0.36ct Oval Natural Alexandrite-Like Color Change Garnet
Very nice color change garnet going from an amethyst purple to a green with a hint of blue.
This one is SOLD! But we have others!...
Note that we have a decent amount of this material stashed away from the early 1990's. They range in weights from about 0.14cts up to about 0.75cts. The color change is exactly like Natural Alexandrite.
Please visit our Inventory to see what is available!
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Unique Color Shift/Change Garnet - Madagascar

(Stocknumber: vista-04b-01p)
Unique Color Shift/Change Garnet - Madagascar
We have a small parcel of hand picked color shifting or color change garnet from Madagascar. The color goes from a smoky orange to a bright reddish orange. When more than one light source (both incandescent and fluorescent) is available, one will see numerous colors flashing from the gem. It looks something like a fine Orangy Andalusite. There are a total of 9 pieces totalling 21.80cts - the shapes are ovals, cushions, etc. The price is $450/ct - the average weight is about 2.4cts and therefore, the average price per stone is approximately $1,310 This is something that is unique and it is always unknown how long this material will be available. Don't miss out - you will NOT see these in stores, tv, etc. (but then again, many of our exclusive stones cannot be offered due to their rarity).
(The above example, 2.91cts is SOLD but others available - see below)
Color Change Garnet - Example seen above. The photos below are with a mix of lights showing off unique colors of this material! $450/ct (vista-04b-01p)
A - 1.86ct Square Cushion
B - 2.18ct Oval
C - 2.20ct Oval
D - 2.44ct Oval
Color Change Garnet - Example seen above. The photos below are with a mix of lights showing off unique colors of this material! $450/ct (vista-04b-01p)
garnet_cc_269pt_cush_smky-orang_red-orange garnet_cc_273pt_oval_smky-orang_red-orange
A - 2.69ct Cushion
B - 2.73ct Oval

Color Change Garnets - East Africa - U.S. Faceted This material is from East Africa and has been U.S. Faceted. Some of the stones might have small black platelets but they are usually not eye visible. These inclusions indicate a gemstone of natural origin and since this material is so unique and rare, it is actually better to have them so a gemologist will not initially think this is some sort of a man-made material with very unique properties! The colors displayed depend on what type of light is available. A number of colors may be observed if more than one light source is available. Some of this pieces look similar to Andalusite with bright reds, oranges, green and brown flashes. We do have some similar material to this. You can search our text database/inventory list for these stones: Species = Garnet; Type = Color Change For other color changing Garnets, you can search the inventory list for: Species = Garnet; Type = Alexandrite-Like or Alexandrite or Species = Garnet; Type = Color Shift(ing)
Inventory List - Single Stones

garnet_cc_132pt_oval_dusty-rose_brt-red_1 garnet_cc_132pt_oval_dusty-rose_brt-red_2
1.32ct Color Shifting Garnet
This particular garnet has more of a color shift, changing from a dusty rose color to vivid red. Origin - Kenya, specifically, Chafeia. Faceted by our cutters from the rough. $330 (eagt-99-01a)
color change garnet color change garnet
Incandescent Fluorescent
2.26ct Color Change Garnet, Oval , some small inclusions (eagt-03-02h) $2,300
color change garnet color change garnet
Incandescent Fluorescent
2.95ct Color Change Garnet, Oval (EAGT-03-02I) $1,623
2.17ct Color Change Garnet, East Africa, U.S. Cut - $977 Note - the photos do not do the color change justice - not vivid color change, but noticeable, from burnt orange to red.

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Note: Magnification and bright lighting is required to photograph gemstones.  Some inclusions may be visible under these circumstances. You are viewing photographs as if you were using a loupe or microscope - not your unaided eye.  Under normal conditions, these inclusions may not be visible.

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