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Current Trends and The Near-Term Outlook for the Gemstone Market

-- A Few Slides Shown During a Discussion on Trends/Outlook for Colored Gemstones Held in Tucson 2024!

L. Allen Brown, owner of All That Glitters, attended a number of dicussions/lectures at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show recently and wanted to share some of the important and relevant trade information with All That Glitters Customers. Note that Trade Prices in the Slides are Similar to Pricing on the All That Glitters Website - our goal is to provide pricing from below wholesale, at wholesale or somewhere between wholesale and retail depending on the item and the price paid. Since we attempt to travel as close to the source of the rough and/or cutting facilites (or frequently use Award Winning American Cutters to facet our rough), the many layers of the typical 'changing of multiple hands' has been removed between the rough, the faceted gemstone and All That Glitters customers. Our customers not only have access to fine quality colored gemstones that are typically not to be found in the average retail jewelry store, but the Savings for our customers is Tremendous!

Market Drivers
Gem Trends for Garnet
Gem Trends for Sapphire
Gem Trends for Sapphire (Montana)
Gem Trends for Ruby
Gem Trends for Zircon
Expected Trade Prices - Aquamarine
Expected Trade Prices - Paraiba
Expected Trade Prices - Ruby (Burma - Unheated)
Expected Trade Prices - Spinel (Red)
Expected Trade Prices - Tanzanite
Topaz Gemstones by Color(Increasing Demand for Fine Colors!)
Five Predictions
In Closing