An Unsolicited/Gracious Email From One of Our Customers...

This unsolicited and gracious email below was received on September 23, 2015, from one of our customers who had worked with All That Glitters in the past (a Burmese Ruby Ring was created), and who recently was interested in a gemstone/ring for himself as well as fine quality colored gemstones for his four daughters. For those interested in what gemstones were chosen, they included: Blue Sapphire, Red Zircon, Tanzanite, Padparadscha-Colored Spinel, Matched Pair of Sapphires

"Recently, I worked with All That Glitters to get something very special for my daughters. I gave them each a set amount, and let them look through the All That Glitters Website and pick a fine gemstone of their own choosing. I have to say, that I got as much pleasure out of watching them decide on something as they did! And the end results were very interesting! They all chose something very different from each other. What some of them saw on the website changed when they saw them in person. All That Glitters was very patient with the whole process, and everyone was extremely pleased. I must say that the colors on the site are nice, but seeing the stones in different lights makes A Big Difference! If you're a father looking to do something very special for your daughters, to give them something real, an heirloom for them, not some trinket you get at the mall, then All That Glitters has the answer. Long after I'm gone, my girls will Remember the time we had picking out gems from All That Glitters. Many thanks go to Allen Brown for his expertise and patience!

TMN - Massachusetts