An Email From One of Our Customers...

The email below was received on January 28, 2009, just prior to our trip to Tucson. It is from one of our customers who keeps in touch and has purchased some fine, high end colored gemstones from All That Glitters for use in not only his jewelry, but his wife's also:

"I have purchased several gems from you, including one of your first offered large faceted Turkish diaspore. It is one of my favorites!!!.

I am Emailing you to let you know I am still alive, and even more importantly to congratulate you on your excellent blog site as well as the updates on many pertinent events occuring around the world and challenging the gemstone business. I read all of the information you publish on your updates as well as your blog; I wanted to make sure that you know I and hopefully others appreciate the work you do and your proven record of honesty and asuring what you have before you sell it. Keep these qualities up, as I am sure you will.

I have not bought any gemstones in almost 2 years now, but try to keep up with the field. I appreciate all you do for the colored gemstone industry worldwide, and when i return to being a buyer, will certainly interact with you. I still have not obtained a neon vibrant Purple tourmaline(natural) nor a treated vibrant neon blue. I follow and agree on the nomeclature hassles of this stone, have looked at several "deals" but have not bought largely on what you have brought to my attention. You get what you pay for... I need to wait until I have he money to buy the best...from you.

I read with interest the issue occuring in Africa.....I am planning to go to Africa with my wife for our 40th yr annivesary in 2010, and plan to go to South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nambia, Mozambique for a once in a lifetime trip to see this beautiful continent. I am planning it with several experts, and expect to be their about 1 month and do it right!!!! It will not be for gems, but for memories....

I know Tucson is coming up...and wish I could join you there as well. Let me know how it goes, and I am very interested in the pink Zircon issue once it is solved...I agree with you that the bright pink is likely heated (at least) and may not even be Zircon. I am sure you will be instrumental in getting to the bottom of this issue.

Lets keep in touch, and keep me on your distribution list. I would still love to interact professionally with you some time, and meet you in person."

The above is from one of our customers who lives in California. I would like to personally thank him for his input. Though I write and post a Monthly News page, Monthly Special, and update our Blog, we typically don't receive feedback. During this years Tucson show(2009), I did dinner with the previous colored gemstone editor for JCK (I say previous, as just prior to leaving for Tucson, JCK had a layoff of employees). The ex-editor indicated that he also checked the All That Glitters Blog, and I had been working with him on attempting to find out more about the 'pinkish' Zircon that was being seen in the market. There was also discussions of publishing photos and an article on our October 2008 trip to mine for Sunstone in Oregon, but unfortunately, this is currently on hold, though I had quickly written what could be considered a draft and that is currently active on our website.

L. Allen Brown (Owner/Gemologist (GIA)
All That Glitters