PayPal Introduces Fast/Easy Way to Pay Using Custom QR

Save "Possible" Fees Using All That Glitters PayPal QR Code Until 2021!

PayPal Not Charging Fees to Business until the End of December - IF: PayPal stopped refunding businesses a year ago for any returned purchases by customers. Businesses, including All That Glitters, have had to also adopt a policy where returns will not be reimbursed for any fees incurred with the use of PayPal. (See our policies page: PayPal Fee Policy) However, PayPal has announced a new easy and fast way to pay (verified by two All That Glitters customers recently) using PayPal - that is by using a special QR Code (provided by All That Glitters) that we can send to our customers, and all they have to do is scan the QR with their phone and send payment through their PayPal account; it is most likely possible to send funds also if you don't have a PayPal account, and just access a bank account or credit card - the same way you would use PayPal if you didn't have an account already - without having to establish an account. For customers making purchases through the end of the year, we recommend this payment form (and possibly in the future too), to avoid any fees if an item is returned. Though we have an incredible record of not having a large number of returns over our 40 year selling history, it can happen; with this fee forgiveness until the end of December, this is just an added bonus to making a purchase prior to 2021. The owner of All That Glitters feels that he deserves something special for himself as this has been a trying year - and is looking forward to some special gift to himself in the near future! (We are sure that others feel this way too - and purchasing something that makes one feels good is such a special thing in these stressful times...Saving possible fees is also a plus.)

When you wish to make a purchase prior to 2021, just use our Contact Us link (top/bottom navigation banner) on all our webpages to send an Email, or use the Intent to Purchase Form (located on pages where items are listed for sale or on the Purchase/Buy Info link found at the very top of the left hand navigation column or the top/bottom navigation banner). Let us know what item you are interested in and we will provide the shipping costs (which also includes full insurance!) and send you the All That Glitters PayPal QR Code for scanning with your phone.